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Exocet Chair – Multifunctional Chair

Montreal-based designer Stéphane Leathead has created the Exocet, the first product for design studio Designarium. The chair works on identical slats assembled on a rotating cylinder, allowing users to change the its shape to maximize comfort while sitting in various position. With its carefully designed ergonomics, users can choose to sit in an upright position, or lay down on the back while having their knees properly supported, to resting face down without having strains on neck and shoulders.

Exocet-Chair-By-DESIGNARIUM-04-759x505 Exocet Chair / DESIGNARIUM


The typography was designed to express the smoothness of the chair and the combined “x” and “o” represent one possible configuration. Finding solution to limit friction as much as possible. To select the proper material to produce the cylinder and handles to avoid deterioration.

Exocet-Chair-By-DESIGNARIUM-05-759x505 Exocet Chair / DESIGNARIUM


It started with a simple questioning. Can we create a long chair offering more than 3 back positions? And can it rock as well? And can it be made of very few pieces? Could a chair be designed using smooth curves instead hard straight lines? And most importantly, can it be simple yet innovative & elegant? I started designing with one obsession using only one basic shape allowing a very efficient fabrication process.

Exocet-Chair-By-DESIGNARIUM-07-759x505 Exocet Chair / DESIGNARIUM


EXOCET is a new concept chair. Its unique & clever design allows to transform it in order to get the desired shape. The EXOCET is crafted from a single main piece, a slat. A series of identical slats assembly is simply rotated on a cylinder.

Exocet-Chair-By-DESIGNARIUM-08-759x505 Exocet Chair / DESIGNARIUM


You can transform it by releasing the pressure with the handle. You move the section around the cylinder to create the desired configuration and you tighten the handle.

Exocet-Chair-By-DESIGNARIUM-10-759x505 Exocet Chair / DESIGNARIUM


“Dusting off his garden furniture that had been stored over winter, the idea for a long chair that was at once beautiful, practical and comfortable came to Stéphane Leathead. A few sketches later, and the Exocet was born. Not bad for a graphic artist who had never designed a piece of furniture in his life! Finding his inspiration in nature—more specifically from the Exocoetidae family of flying fish that inspired the chair’s name-Stéphane wanted to create an aesthetically pleasing chair, which would mould to the lines of a human body and provide multiple functions of sitting and lying. Ingeniously simple, it is made from 21 parallel slats of Baltic birch plywood that rotate around an anodized aluminum cylinder.

Exocet-Chair-By-DESIGNARIUM-11-759x505 Exocet Chair / DESIGNARIUM


It allows one or two people to recline or sit, according to the mood. Each chair is hand made in Quebec, as one of a limited edition, and is available in various veneers, including white oak, cherry, walnut, maple and Mozambique. The design is patent pending, but this sculptural piece of furniture has already attracted the attention of art galleries and high-end furniture distributors. After winning awards in Canada, Italy and Korea, the Exocet also received raves from our jury, who remarked on its elegant geometry, original shape, versatility, imaginative design and exquisite use of materials.” – Comment / Grands Prix Du Design Awards

Exocet-Chair-By-DESIGNARIUM-13-759x505 Exocet Chair / DESIGNARIUM



First piece of furniture created by Stéphane Leathead, designer and creative director of Designarium. The design is patent pending. A distinguished look of unparalleled elegance, this fabulous chair is available in a limited edition.

Exocet-Chair-By-DESIGNARIUM-24-759x505 Exocet Chair / DESIGNARIUM


The project started in July 2014. The first hand made prototype was created in August 2014. The first public exhibition took place in Toronto at the Interior Design Show in January 22 to 25, 2015.

Exocet-Chair-By-DESIGNARIUM-26-759x569 Exocet Chair / DESIGNARIUM



Name: Exocet
Type: Chair
Materials: Available in various veneers, such as White Oak, Cherry, Walnut, Maple & Mozambique.
Materials Combination: Wood, Wood + Metal, Eco / Recycled / Green

  • Standard chair configuration: Width: 660 mm, Length: 1524 mm, Height: 1220 mm.
  • Rocking long chair configuration Width: 660 mm, Lenght: 2185 mm, Height: 610 mm.
  • Folded chair configuration Width: 660 mm, Lenght: 1524 mm, height: 460 mm. Weight: 68 kg

Colors: Natural Color
Year: 2015


  • 2015 – Grands Prix Du Design Awards – Category: Best Use of Wood award – Winner
  • 2015 – A’ Design Award and Competition – Category: Decorative Items and Homeware Design – Winner
  • 2015 – K-Design Award – Category: Product – Winner

The people:

Furniture Designer: Stéphane Leathead – DESIGNARIUM – Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Manufacturer: Self-production
Text Description: © Courtesy of DESIGNARIUM, Grands Prix Du Design Awards, A’ Design Award and Competition

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Exocet Chair / DESIGNARIUM
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