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Folk Art colourful Furniture

Folk Art colourful Furniture by Kare Design. Featuring bright colors and unique patterns, the collection is a mix between oriental with a light folk touch. All the furniture – tables, storage units and mirrors – is handmade from acacia and mango wood before being painstakingly hand painted.

Folk-Art-colourful-Furniture-By-Kare-Design-Arm-Chair-Mandala-01 Folk Art colourful Furniture / Kare Design

Arm Chair Mandala – © Kare Design

The furniture will make any dull space bright, colorful and attracts attention; any strict interior would look also great with these colorful accents. Green, pink, yellow – this furniture is for creative people and artistic interiors.

Folk-Art-colourful-Furniture-By-Kare-Design-Arm-Chair-Patchwork-Velvet-Colore-01 Folk Art colourful Furniture / Kare Design

Arm Chair Patchwork Velvet Colore – © Kare Design

Kare’s Idea:

Vintage-design furniture creates a feeling of home comfort combined with fleamarket charm for the web generation / vintage furniture means hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind pieces / recycled materials as a resource / elaborate production processes for solid wood, leather and metal.

Folk-Art-colourful-Furniture-By-Kare-Design-Bench-Peacock-01 Folk Art colourful Furniture / Kare Design

Bench Peacock – © Kare Design

Lifestyle diversity is one of the outstanding features of the policy behind the product range offered by trend furnishing specialists KARE Design. The lifestyle experts are currently presenting eighteen extraordinary trend worlds with more than 1300 new products at the Tendence Fair 2012 in Frankfurt . All around the world one furnishing style enjoys special popularity: vintage. Visible traces of wear on the surfaces of wood, wrinkled leather and metal with a patina of use give objects the flair of the flea market and the charm of a treasured family heirloom which has been handed down from generation to generation.

Folk-Art-colourful-Furniture-By-Kare-Design-Cushion-Maharaja-40x60cm-Assorted-01 Folk Art colourful Furniture / Kare Design

Cushion Maharaja 40x60cm Assorted – © Kare Design

Folk-Art-colourful-Furniture-By-Kare-Design-Cushion-Maharaja-40x60cm-Assorted-02 Folk Art colourful Furniture / Kare Design

Cushion Maharaja 40x60cm Assorted – © Kare Design

It’s a fact that when it comes to Kare’s Vintage furniture no piece is the same as any other. Their ‘lived-in’ finish is not something that can be produced industrially – it requires craftsmanship and above all elaborate processing. To create the authentic used look between three and eight working stages are needed, including both heat treatment and mechanical processes. However, the decisive element in creating this successful vintage look is the art of the cabinetmaker, who carefully files the edges and sands down surfaces. And even more complex processes are required to give leather armchairs the flair of an old club chair.

Folk-Art-colourful-Furniture-By-Kare-Design-Ibiza-Life-Table-160x80-01 Folk Art colourful Furniture / Kare Design

Ibiza Life Table 160×80 – © Kare Design

Folk-Art-colourful-Furniture-By-Kare-Design-Lantern-Ali-Baba-35cm-Assorted Folk Art colourful Furniture / Kare Design

Lantern Ali Baba 35cm Assorted – © Kare Design

To enhance the appeal of Vintage the product designers also recycle used materials. For example, in the stores of India’s state railways the Kare trend scouts some years ago discovered 2000 solid iron frames which had served as supports for desk tops at the start of the twentieth century. The frames are now being individually renovated and fitted with a table top made of dark old wood with authentic grooves and notches.

Folk-Art-colourful-Furniture-By-Kare-Design-Pouf-Mandala-01 Folk Art colourful Furniture / Kare Design

Pouf Mandala 01 – © Kare Design

Folk-Art-colourful-Furniture-By-Kare-Design-Pouf-Mandala-03 Folk Art colourful Furniture / Kare Design

Pouf Mandala – © Kare Design

  • Kare’s innovative an user-friendly service offers to our customers more than a pure range of successful products.
  • The Kare Lifestyle Point is the result of our long time experience in retail business, combined with a unique product mix and up to date merchandising and topical presentation.
  • Furniture, lighting, accessories and gifts – skilfully arranged in an outstanding presentation – create worlds of experience and scenes of living, that consumers are longing for.
  • The Kare Lifestyle Point is a perfect solution and shall stay a long-lasting centre of attraction.
  • A trendy product mix, an excellent price-performance ratio and a unique presentation generate more impulse purchases than usual. Kare knows how to create the desire of transporting something of this perfect world into the own home.
  • KARE works with a successful retail concept based on proprietary design lines, by which products are introduced directly into the market without any wholesalers. No other manufacturer offers this modern and consumer oriented range of furniture, lamps and gifts.
  • Trend items, which combine original style and reasonable price, are the tools to create extraordinary worlds of living. Furniture, lighting, accessories and gifts create an extensive sales mix that leaves nothing to be desired. All the items belong to different topics and styles and complement or contrast one another.
Folk-Art-colourful-Furniture-By-Kare-Design-SP-Paradise-2-Set-01 Folk Art colourful Furniture / Kare Design

S&P Paradise, 2 Set 01 – © Kare Design

Folk-Art-colourful-Furniture-By-Kare-Design-Taberna-Table-Blue-140x70cm-01 Folk Art colourful Furniture / Kare Design

Taberna Table Blue 140x70cm – © Kare Design

Kare Design:

KARE is a successful, tried and tested retailing concept which is based on the design lines developed by KARE. Its products are marketed directly, without the intermediate stage represented by the wholesaler. No other producer can offer such a modern and attractive product spectrum of furniture, lamps, furnishing accessories and gift articles. In the course of 25 years valuable experience has been gained on highly competitive retail markets in Germany and Austria, and the company has been highly successful.

Folk-Art-colourful-Furniture-By-Kare-Design-Tea-Light-Ali-Baba-41cm-Assorted Folk Art colourful Furniture / Kare Design

Tea Light Ali Baba 41cm Assorted – © Kare Design

Folk-Art-colourful-Furniture-By-Kare-Design-TV-Board-Flags-6-Drawers-02 Folk Art colourful Furniture / Kare Design

TV-Board Flags 6 Drawers – © Kare Design

KARE\’s experts in advertising, planning and shop design have extensive international experience of the shop concepts of Escada, Boss, Adidas and similar brands. In Germany KARE is the most successful direct marketing concept for design products in franchise shops.

Folk-Art-colourful-Furniture-By-Kare-Design-02-759x455 Folk Art colourful Furniture / Kare Design

© Kare Design


Name: Folk Art colourful Furniture
Type: Furniture Collection
Materials Combination: Mix / Multi Materials, Eco / Recycled / Green
Colour: Mix / Multi Color
Year: Varies

The people:

Furniture Designer: Kare Design, Zeppelinstraße 16, D-85748 Garching-Hochbrück, Germany
Manufacturer: Self-production
Text Description: © Courtesy of Kare Design
Images: © Kare Design


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Folk Art colourful Furniture / Kare Design
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