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Fun Factory Flagship Store Munich

New York-based designer Karim Rashid dreamed up the design of this high-tech flagship store for of the purveyor of ‘Patchy Paul’ and ‘Dildo Dolphin’. There are two floors of goodies linked by the ‘stairs of passion’: lingerie and body potions downstairs, and dildos, vibes and other ‘lifestyle’ sex toys plus literature upstairs.

Fun-Factory-Flagship-Store-Munich-By-Karim-Rashid-01-759x505 Fun Factory Flagship Store Munich / Karim Rashid

© Karim Rashid

In January 2015, right on the Viktualien Square in the heart of Munich FUN FACTORY has opened its third boutique for erotic lifestyles, passion and stylish sex toys. The futuristic-organic interior by the New York design icon Karim Rashid guarantees a unique and luxury shopping experience spread out over 180 square meters. Over two levels you will receive competent advice and a huge selection of exciting accessories.

Fun-Factory-Flagship-Store-Munich-By-Karim-Rashid-02-759x569 Fun Factory Flagship Store Munich / Karim Rashid

© Karim Rashid

Fun-Factory-Flagship-Store-Munich-By-Karim-Rashid-04-759x569 Fun Factory Flagship Store Munich / Karim Rashid

© Karim Rashid

On the ground floor high-quality lingerie, sensuous body care products and seductive literature invites you to run with your fantasies – whether alone or with a partner. Via the stairs you climb to the second floor and to the pinnacle of passion. Love toys for HER, HIM and couples and exotic club wear all get your pulse running while shopping.

Fun-Factory-Flagship-Store-Munich-By-Karim-Rashid-12-759x569 Fun Factory Flagship Store Munich / Karim Rashid

© Karim Rashid

About Fun Factory:

Founded in 1996 by Dirk Bauer and Michael Pahl, Fun Factory is today´s largest manufacturer of high quality, aesthetic adult toys not made in China but proudly „Made in Germany“ with Hanseatic engineering and high quality assembly line. The founders are very well aware of their impact on the market yet still down to Earth when it comes to market shares. „We made our student hobby project which was born out of a frenzy of creativity to our daily jobs and are still passionate about it. I have not encountered one boring day while sitting and thinking of how to make our products unique and reliable“, so Mr. Pahl who is the mastermind engineer behind the company’s technology library.

Fun-Factory-Flagship-Store-Munich-By-Karim-Rashid-15-882x1200 Fun Factory Flagship Store Munich / Karim Rashid

© Karim Rashid

When it comes to success the founders scout themselves collaborators in the realm of design: Mr. Karim Rashid well known for his designs including the Garbo waste can, the Oh Chair for Umbra, a concept store for Giorgio Armani, manhole covers for the sewers of New York, perfume bottles for Kenzo, bobble water for Bobble, watches and tableware for Alessi, lighting for Artemide and products for Veuve Clicquot now was assigned to create the new Fun Factory flagship store in Munich.

Fun-Factory-Flagship-Store-Munich-By-Karim-Rashid-17-750x1000 Fun Factory Flagship Store Munich / Karim Rashid

© Karim Rashid

His latest boutique for Fun Factory, Europe’s largest manufacturer of sex toys, is in Munich, on a corner of a high-profile square. Bavaria is fairly conventional, and the location, 2,200 square feet on two levels, posed some spatial challenges as well. “It was a very tough space, super-narrow and long with an old, decrepit staircase,” he explains.

Fun-Factory-Flagship-Store-Munich-By-Karim-Rashid-19-759x568 Fun Factory Flagship Store Munich / Karim Rashid

© Karim Rashid

Rashid wanted to design a space that’s “more sophisticated, more mature, and almost less fun” than typical sex shops, “almost like a Gucci or Prada store.” Maybe that’s why he chose a palette of black, gold, and white instead of dousing the whole place in pink and purple, which is arguably Rashid’s favorite color scheme, prominently displayed in his own apartment. Another thing competitors don’t have: Mr.Pink, a wavy “designer dildo” Rashid created for Fun Factory, presented on similarly wavy gold countertops.

Fun-Factory-Flagship-Store-Munich-By-Karim-Rashid-23-750x1000 Fun Factory Flagship Store Munich / Karim Rashid

© Karim Rashid

The windows’ original frames, in gold-painted anodized aluminum, were actually what suggested his overall color scheme: gold, white, and black. Because the products themselves are a riot of color, the mannequins, biomorphic display cases, floors, walls, and ceilings could provide a neutral refinement. The colors furthermore establish a progression, starting lighter and friendlier on the ground level and becoming darker upstairs, where the more hardcore stuff is displayed.

Fun-Factory-Flagship-Store-Munich-By-Karim-Rashid-26-878x1200 Fun Factory Flagship Store Munich / Karim Rashid

© Karim Rashid

Fun-Factory-Flagship-Store-Munich-By-Karim-Rashid-29-759x505 Fun Factory Flagship Store Munich / Karim Rashid

© Karim Rashid

Karim Rashid:

For the FUN FACTORY Munich store I was determined to create a retail environment filled with desire, emotion, and passion. The environment communicates an open, clean and joyful experience that compliments the sexual context of the store. The interior needed to be inviting and visually provocative when seen from the street, as well as when immersed inside. Simultaneously, the customers absolutely needed a level or privacy while shopping within. I designed private niches for shopping and lounging, to allow the visitors comfort and discretion.

Fun-Factory-Flagship-Store-Munich-By-Karim-Rashid-32-759x528 Fun Factory Flagship Store Munich / Karim Rashid

© Karim Rashid

Project Data:

Project name: Fun Factory Munich
Location: Reichenbachstraße 1, 80469 Munich, Germany
Coordinates: 48.134336, 11.576525
Type: Store / Shop / Showroom / Retail
Stories: 2
Project Area: 2,200 sq.ft/180 sqm
Design period: Jul 2014 – Dec 2015
Construction Period: Nov 2014 – Jan 2015
Status: Completed
Completion Year: 2015

The people:

Client / Owner / Developer: Fun Factory, Germany
Interior Designer: Karim Rashid – 428 West 54th Street, New York, NY 10019, United States
Graphics and Paint: Fun Factory and Eichel Malermeister

Text Description: © Courtesy of Karim Rashid, Fun Factory, qompendium, interiordesign.net
Images: © Karim Rashid

Location Map:

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Fun Factory Flagship Store Munich / Karim Rashid
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