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Gazelle Bike Collection

Market leader Royal Dutch Gazelle is the largest, oldest and most well known bicycle brand in the Netherlands. Gazelle has been making the highest quality bicycles for the most critical cyclists for 118 years, this has led not only to a long list of national and international awards, but also to an extensive collection of innovative bikes. Gazelle Bicycles are available in Australia. The new XT electric bike will also be featured & Winner 2012 Australian International Design Award.

  • Gazelle Bicycles Australia was founded in October 2008 and represents Holland’s finest bicycle and accessory brands.
Gazelle-Bike-Collection-By-Gazelle-Bicycles-Australia-2011-Basic-3-Speed-759x494 Gazelle Bike Collection / Gazelle Bicycles Australia

(2011) Basic (3-Speed) – © Gazelle Bicycles Australia


Royal Dutch Gazelle – In 120 years, Royal Gazelle has grown from a small bicycle producer into a leading international company. Three bicycles were sold in the year 1892 and today Gazelle is the largest bicycle producer in the Netherlands, with an output of nearly 400,000 bicycles per year. It took 62 years to sell the first million bicycles. The second one million followed 12 years later in 1966. Then Gazelle really gained in momentum. The centenary in 1992 coincided with the production of the 8 millionth bicycle. Princess Margriet classified the company “Royal” Gazelle in honor of the 100-year anniversary. From then on one million bicycles were produced every 3 to 4 years. The 7th April 1999 was a special day for Gazelle. On that day the Crown Prince Willem-Alexander put the finishing touches to the 10 millionth Gazelle. In 2002, the next milestone: the 11-millionth Gazelle bike left the factory. On October 31 2005, rolled the 12 millionth Gazelle from Holland. Minister Karla Peijs of Transport and Water Management made the finishing touches on the revolutionary Gazelle Easy Glider: a bike with electronic pedal assistance.

Gazelle-Bike-Collection-By-Gazelle-Bicycles-Australia-2011-Chamonix-Pure-Innergy-759x497 Gazelle Bike Collection / Gazelle Bicycles Australia

(2011) Chamonix Pure Innergy – © Gazelle Bicycles Australia

The Gazelle Orange Plus XT Innergy (E-Bike) – Winner 2012 Australian International Design Award

The Gazelle Orange Plus XT Innergy is a premium electric bicycle from the #1 brand in the world’s #1 cycling country, the Netherlands. The XT version features a new motor that is 3 x more powerful than the 2011 version which means that is perfect for hilly terrain found in many cities of Australia. The comfortable upright riding position and supreme comfort means the Gazelle Orange Plus XT Innergy is a fantastic bike for the new age of urban mobility that is helping change cities into more sustainable spaces. Best of all it is great fun to ride!

Gazelle-Bike-Collection-By-Gazelle-Bicycles-Australia-2012-Orange-Plus-Innergy-XT-02-759x506 Gazelle Bike Collection / Gazelle Bicycles Australia

(2012) Orange Plus Innergy XT 02 – © Gazelle Bicycles Australia

The Gazelle Orange Plus XT Innergy Features:

Powerful motor that climbs hills easily:

The XT motor featured is 3 times more powerful than the test winning 2011 model. This means that you can cycle up hills easily without getting sweaty or out of breath. It works great as a transport tool while you are wearing normal clothes. The assistance only works while you are turning the pedals so the bike works in a very intuitive and natural way.

Fully Accessorised:

Dutch style city bikes have many features that are not common on many bikes available in Australia. These bikes are designed to be used for daily transport so have many features suited to this task. There have front and rear lights built in, digital display that controls the electrics is standard, chain guard to protect the clothes and chain, mudguards, rear racks for carry shopping, kickstand, strong wheels, integrated lock and many adjustable details.

Made in The Netherlands:

Many bicycles these days are made in China. The result is that quality is often compromised and the design element is lacking. The Gazelle Orange Plus XT Innergy is made in their own 120-year old original factory in Dieren, The Netherlands. In fact, Gazelle is still the #1 brand in easily the most cycle friendly country in the world.

Comfortable Riding Position:

The upright riding position of the Gazelle is often regarded as the ultimate in comfort. The quality of the components and general design means that this bike rides superior to any other bike on the market.

Gazelle Collection:

Gazelle-Bike-Collection-By-Gazelle-Bicycles-Australia-2010-Fuente-Trekking-759x505 Gazelle Bike Collection / Gazelle Bicycles Australia

(2010) Fuente Trekking – © Gazelle Bicycles Australia

(2010) Fuente Trekking: – The Fuente Trekking is a luxurious touring bike in a great new stylish design. For long trips and holiday tours this touring bike cycles stable and smooth. The extra stiff frame on this model helps carry heavy loads and handle rough roads. The low-rider carriers on the front forks make sure the bike remains controllable and light.

Gazelle-Bike-Collection-By-Gazelle-Bicycles-Australia-2010-Tranza-Xtra-759x505 Gazelle Bike Collection / Gazelle Bicycles Australia

(2010) Tranza Xtra – © Gazelle Bicycles Australia

(2010) Tranza Xtra: – The Tranza Xtra is Gazelle’s award winning folding bike. Folding bikes are great if you need the versatility of taking the bike away with you on trips or don’t have enough space to store your bike at home or work. A fully equipped bike and with a 7-Speed SRAM hub, the Tranza has the features to cycle in comfort and style.

Gazelle-Bike-Collection-By-Gazelle-Bicycles-Australia-2011-Aristo-8-Speed-Goldline-759x506 Gazelle Bike Collection / Gazelle Bicycles Australia

(2011) Aristo (8-Speed Goldline) – © Gazelle Bicycles Australia

(2011) Aristo (8-Speed Goldline): – The Aristo is a premium lightweight city bike. If you want a low maintenance fast city bike, the Aristo is the perfect choice. Gazelle has included an air shock-absorber to the front carbon fork, helping make this the best city bike available today. If you are lucky enough to have a ride on this bike you will understand what we mean!

Gazelle-Bike-Collection-By-Gazelle-Bicycles-Australia-2012-Cabby-01-759x338 Gazelle Bike Collection / Gazelle Bicycles Australia

(2012) Cabby – © Gazelle Bicycles Australia

(2012) Cabby: – The Cabby is the maximum capacity transport bicycle..The Cabby is Gazelle’s answer to the “Bakfiets” craze hitting Dutch cities. Because the Dutch use their bike for everything, a large capacity bicycle has become popular for hauling kids and shopping. A cargo bike is a great alternative to the car for many trips and is so much more fun!

More about Gazelle bike collection visit thier website: here

Bicycle features include:

  • Upright riding position – Comfort, vision and style. Less pressure on your arms, more relaxed riding posture is good for the mind and body, and you get great vision for added safety. Cycling in this position is also so much fun!
  • Frame design – You choose which frame design suits you. The extra large step-through frames make getting on and off the bike a real pleasure! Gazelle designs the frame to withstand many years of carefree riding. The result? A 10-year warranty on a gazelle frame.
  • Adjustable handlebars – No tools needed to adjust the angle and height of the handlebars. Brilliant!
  • Front Headlamp – There are 2 versions available depending on which bike you choose. Battery operated or dynamo powered. Both systems have On, Off and Auto which automatically turn on when it’s too dark! The super bright LED’s are also adjustable in angle.
  • Rear Headlamp – Large red LED’s means drivers can see you clearly. Features On, Off and Auto switch which turns on automatically when it gets dark.
Gazelle-Bike-Collection-By-Gazelle-Bicycles-Australia-bar Gazelle Bike Collection / Gazelle Bicycles Australia

bar – © Gazelle Bicycles Australia

  • Rear rack and strap – Rack with a capacity of 25kg means you can strap panniers with confidence. The elastic strap comes in handy when you least expect it. We recommend Basil Bags for your Gazelle.
  • Adjustable front suspension forks – On Gazelle models that have front suspension forks. Turning the tuning knob adjusts the setting from hard to soft. Hard setting for faster riding, softer setting for more comfort.
  • Wheels – 28-inch wheels glide along for maximum efficiency. All spokes are stainless steel for rust resistance. Basic and Toer Populair use stainless steel rims!
  • Mud Guards – Puddles spoil your clothes? Not with Mud Guards they don’t. Water on the road mixed with oil and dirt = a bad look on your clothes.
  • Chain Guard – Wear what you like! Ever got your pants shredded in the chain wheel? With the chain guard not only can you wear those trousers or dresses without tearing them apart but also the chain stays cleaner, longer too. It’s also safer.
Gazelle-Bike-Collection-By-Gazelle-Bicycles-Australia-chainguard Gazelle Bike Collection / Gazelle Bicycles Australia

chainguard – © Gazelle Bicycles Australia

  • Integrated lock – Most Gazelle’s feature a wheel lock that is great if you want to duck into a store to grab the milk. Gazelle also makes a chain lock that neatly attaches to the Wheel lock for more secure parking. Click here for more info.
  • Powerclick Adjustable kickstand – Kickstands are very practical for parking your bike and loading the bags. Ever had your bike fall over on its weak kickstand? Gazelle’s Powerclick stand makes that problem history! With the bike loaded up with panniers and child seats, these stands take the weight perfectly. Not only that, the Powerclick is adjustable in length as well.
Gazelle-Bike-Collection-By-Gazelle-Bicycles-Australia-lock Gazelle Bike Collection / Gazelle Bicycles Australia

lock – © Gazelle Bicycles Australia

  • Adjustable/Suspended seat – Some models of gazelles have fully adjustable seats and suspended seat posts. This equates to maximum comfort. Not only is the seat adjustable, the suspended seat post can also be adjusted from hard to soft depending on your preferred comfort level. Unlike cheap versions, the Gazelle suspended seat post rarely “bottoms out” so you can ride in confidence on rougher terrain.
  • Integrated pump – Neatly tucked under the rear rack means you can always tune the tyre pressure to the conditions. Genius!
  • Integrated cable in frame – Most Gazelle bikes have integrated cables in the frame for a clean look and greater reliability.
  • Adjustable handgrips – Everything else is adjustable on a Gazelle, why not the hand grips?
  • Rear Wheel Guard – Dresses, loose clothes and children’s feet are safe from the rear wheel with the rear wheel guard.
Gazelle-Bike-Collection-By-Gazelle-Bicycles-Australia-kickstand Gazelle Bike Collection / Gazelle Bicycles Australia

kickstand – © Gazelle Bicycles Australia


Name: Gazelle
Type: Bicycle
Materials Combination: Mix / Multi Materials, Eco / Recycled / Green
Dimensions: Varies, Gazelle offers a number of frame sizes to choose
Colour: Mix / Multi Color
Year: Varies


  • 2012 Australian International Design Award – The Gazelle Orange Plus XT Innergy (E-Bike) – Category: Sport and Leisure – Winner

The people:

Product Designer: Gazelle Bicycles Australia – 35 Raymond Ave, Matraville (9km south of Sydney CBD), NSW 2036, AUSTRALIA
Manufacturer: Self-production
Text Description: © Courtesy of Gazelle Bicycles Australia, gooddesignaustralia
Images: © Gazelle Bicycles Australia

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Gazelle Bike Collection / Gazelle Bicycles Australia
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