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Glamping in Korea

The project is cleverly called Glamping Architecture and it’s the brainchild of Seoul-based ArchiWorkshop studio, whose aim was to show how comfort, design and sustainability, combined comfort and tradition to make “tents” that give a camper a sense of home.

Glamping-in-Korea-By-ArchiWorkshop-02-June-Young-Lim-759x518 Glamping in Korea / ArchiWorkshop

© June Young Lim

The architects created two eco-luxury models, one is a long, curved shape that fits easily in rough terrain, the interior is a pristine white only the walls are colorful, painted by a local artist. The second model is circular in shape, inspired by the stones of the region and it comes with a small covered terrace. Both tents are protected by two layers of a membrane impermeable fabric with water, fire-resistant and UV resistant.

Living in close contact with nature. Falling asleep to the sound of rustling leaves. Waking up to the chirping of the birds. And doing all that without giving up your comforts and your love for good design. That’s basically the new camping concept that is quickly spreading around the world – including South Korea, where a couple of glamorous hi-tech tents have been developed for a remote forest campsite in the Yang-Pyeong region.

Glamping-in-Korea-By-ArchiWorkshop-04-June-Young-Lim-759x520 Glamping in Korea / ArchiWorkshop

© June Young Lim

Shielded by two layers of an engineered fabric membrane that is waterproof, fire-resistant and UV-proof, the Glamping tents have been conceived to withstand the weather conditions of Korea’s extreme four seasons.

They come in two differet shapes: the Doughnut is hollow and circular like a pebble while the Modular Flow looks like a giant white worm and its length can be adapted to the number of campers. These complex geometries have been computer-designed, plotted with 2D cutters and welded with a high frequency technique, which gives absolute water tightness.

Glamping-in-Korea-By-ArchiWorkshop-05-June-Young-Lim-759x520 Glamping in Korea / ArchiWorkshop

© June Young Lim

What strikes most about the total-white interiors is the absolutely smart and fancy design. The contrast between the whiteness and the colorful wall partitions painted by a local artist make these amazing hi-teck cabins look like small art galleries. The furniture (also designed by ArchiWorkshop) is multifunctional and customized to suit well in the limited inner area – like the sitting sofa, which becomes a sleeping bed at night.

Glamping-in-Korea-By-ArchiWorkshop-07-June-Young-Lim-759x521 Glamping in Korea / ArchiWorkshop

© June Young Lim

What is Glamping?

Recently, a global trend has caught fire that offers outdoor enthusiasts an upgrade on rest and recreation. It’s called glamping, a new word for a new kind of travel, defined as glamorous camping. When you’re glamping, there’s no tent to pitch, no sleeping bag to unroll, no fire to build. Whether in a tent, yurt, airstream, hut, villa or treehouse, glamping is a way to experience the great outdoors without sacrificing luxury.

Glamping – a fusion of glamour and camping – emerged international and came across the Atlantic over the last decade. Both independent properties and global hospitality brands have capitalized on a rising demand of travelers who want to experience the positive aspects of camping without the “uncomfortable” negatives. Glamping pivots on a high level of service that focuses on the complete comfort of the guests. The amenites found at glamping destinations far exceed anything recreational campers experience.

Glamping-in-Korea-By-ArchiWorkshop-09-June-Young-Lim-759x518 Glamping in Korea / ArchiWorkshop

© June Young Lim


Glamping Architecture by ArchiWorkshop offers a unique camping experience. Two types of Glamping units with contemporary design positioned in the middle of gentle korean nature. From the Glamping site, you have a view of the valley, miles of forest and the stream.

Glamping-in-Korea-By-ArchiWorkshop-13-June-Young-Lim-759x506 Glamping in Korea / ArchiWorkshop

© June Young Lim


Why not create a Glamping that gives people a chance to experience nature closer, while also providing a uniquely designed architecture experience? These questions led to the creation of Glamping Architecture in Korea – a place where nature, ecological values, comfort and modern design are combined for an exciting adventure.

Glamping-in-Korea-By-ArchiWorkshop-15-June-Young-Lim-739x1000 Glamping in Korea / ArchiWorkshop

© June Young Lim

We developed two types of Glamping units:

Stacking Doughnut unit is inspired from pebble stones. And Modular Flow unit is designed for extendable structure by juxtaposing modular floor panels. These ideas behind stacking Doughnut unit and modular flow unit are to offer high-standard accommodation in various places. We named them sea, dessert, creek, mountain, cave, forest, river and city.

Glamping-in-Korea-By-ArchiWorkshop-20-June-Young-Lim-759x506 Glamping in Korea / ArchiWorkshop

© June Young Lim


Glamping unit uses quality membrane which has characters to UV protection, water-proof, fire resistant. Double layered skins provide better resistance against extreme Korean 4 season weather condition.

For the complex geometry of the outer skin, computer animated surface plans are plotted with 2D cutters and welded with a high frequency technique, which gives absolute water tightness. The shape and the position of the structures are carefully considered to give aesthetic emergence during both day and night time.

Glamping-in-Korea-By-ArchiWorkshop-21-June-Young-Lim-759x506 Glamping in Korea / ArchiWorkshop

© June Young Lim


Each Glamping unit has toilet booth with art wall finish, which is painted by young Korean artist. The furniture is also designed by ArchiWorkshop.kr which suits well in the limited inner area. The folding furniture becomes sitting sofa during the day and sleeping bed at night.

Glamping-in-Korea-By-ArchiWorkshop-23-June-Young-Lim-759x433 Glamping in Korea / ArchiWorkshop

© June Young Lim

Project Data:

Project name: Glamping in Korea
Location: 32 Buan-ri, Danwol-myeon, Yangpyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Coordinates: 37.580366, 127.681466
Type: Lodge & Tented Camp
Materials: quality membrane
Project Area:

  • Stacking Doughnut Unit: 53 sqm
  • Modular Flow Unit: 37 sqm

Completion Year: 12.2013


  • 2014 – The German Design Council Award – Iconic Awards – Category: Architecture: Event/Exhibition – Best Of Best

The people:

Client / Owner / Developer: Glampers
Architects: ArchiWorkshop – 742-4 Banpo-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, South Korea 137810
Project Architects: Hee-Jun Sim, Su-Jeong Park
Steel & Membrane Work: Dong-A System
Text Description: © Courtesy of ArchiWorkshop, glamping.com, slowearjournal
Images: © ArchiWorkshop, June Young Lim

Location Map:

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Glamping in Korea / ArchiWorkshop
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