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Gnomo Lifestyle Shop

Masquespacio presents its last interior design project for lifestyle shop Gnomo, situated in the well acclaimed Valencia quarter Ruzafa. The brand focuses on original design objects and with their upcoming 6th birthday, The original space had an 80’s vibe, which they decided to keep and build from by adding modern layers to it. Along with installing a smooth granite floor, the walls were painted white with accents painted blue and green to give it a playful feel.

Gnomo-Lifestyle-Shop-By-Masquespacio-02-Luis-Beltran-759x506 Gnomo Lifestyle Shop / Masquespacio

© Luis Beltran

Gnomo-Lifestyle-Shop-By-Masquespacio-04-Luis-Beltran-801x1200 Gnomo Lifestyle Shop / Masquespacio

© Luis Beltran

“Taking in count that Gnomo sells different kind of objects from a wide set of brands, it was important to create a funny and happy feeling, but without creating a visual disorder.” – Ana Hernández, creative director of Masquespacio

Gnomo-Lifestyle-Shop-By-Masquespacio-06-Luis-Beltran-759x506 Gnomo Lifestyle Shop / Masquespacio

© Luis Beltran

Gnomo-Lifestyle-Shop-By-Masquespacio-07-Luis-Beltran-801x1200 Gnomo Lifestyle Shop / Masquespacio

© Luis Beltran

“In this space continuously reinvented, above selling design objects, stories are gifted. More than a store, for us Gnomo is a space to share experiences. All the objects we sell have their own history. Sometimes its the history of their brand, sometimes its the history we are living and most of the time it is a history told by our clients.” – Álvaro Zarzuela and Esther Martín, founders of Gnomo

Gnomo-Lifestyle-Shop-By-Masquespacio-09-Gnomo-759x759 Gnomo Lifestyle Shop / Masquespacio

© Gnomo

Gnomo-Lifestyle-Shop-By-Masquespacio-14-Gnomo-759x759 Gnomo Lifestyle Shop / Masquespacio

© Gnomo


The project has its departure from the store specialized in objects and decoration that decided to open in 2010 in Valencia as an ode to design and a particular lifestyle that seeks for originality and beautiful things as told by the owners. To celebrate their sixth birthday they decided to move to a new street in the popular quarter Ruzafa and count on Masquespacio for the design of their new home.

Gnomo-Lifestyle-Shop-By-Masquespacio-23-Gnomo-759x949 Gnomo Lifestyle Shop / Masquespacio

© Gnomo

Gnomo-Lifestyle-Shop-By-Masquespacio-24-Gnomo-759x711 Gnomo Lifestyle Shop / Masquespacio

© Gnomo

About the interior project in first case Masquespacio decided to maintain the eighties aspect from the space, adding a contemporary touch to it. A granite floor with a smooth color was added, together with white walls and a touch of blue and green to create a cheerful and amusing feeling to the lifestyle shop.

Gnomo-Lifestyle-Shop-By-Masquespacio-27-Gnomo-759x713 Gnomo Lifestyle Shop / Masquespacio

© Gnomo

Gnomo-Lifestyle-Shop-By-Masquespacio-29-Luis-Beltran-759x506 Gnomo Lifestyle Shop / Masquespacio

© Luis Beltran

Talking about the product exhibition, a serie of tables and display elements easy to move were custom-made. That way the intention was to offer Gnomo’s store the possibility to change the product exhibition at any time depending on the actual type of products on sale.

As for every project all the elements were designed exclusively for Gnomo, with exception of the counter desk.

Gnomo-Lifestyle-Shop-By-Masquespacio-32-Luis-Beltran-759x506 Gnomo Lifestyle Shop / Masquespacio

© Luis Beltran

Project Data:

Project name: Gnomo
Location: Carrer de Cuba, 32, 46006 Valencia, Spain
Coordinates: 39.463488, -0.373486
Type: Store / Shop / Showroom / Retail
Project Area: 100 sqm
Status: Built
Completion Year: 2016
Visit Gnomo’s website: here

The people:

Client / Owner / Developer: Álvaro Zarzuela and Esther Martín
Interior Designer: Masquespacio – Calle Roger de Lauria 11, pta 1, 46002 Valencia, Spain
Text Description: © Courtesy of Masquespacio
Images: © Luis Beltran


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Gnomo Lifestyle Shop / Masquespacio
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