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Hip Hop

Modularity is the password for Hip Hop, the new sofa that Calia Italia presents for Urbana collection.

Hip-Hop-By-Calia-Italia-01 Hip Hop / Calia Italia

© Calia Italia

Thanks to this new project the sofa is no more an immutable monolith but it becomes a furniture element that transforms and changes its configuration according to everyone’s needs and taste. Seats, chaise longue, footstool are easily interchangeable and they can be composed and recomposed endlessly according to the passing inspiration and to the available space, thanks to the constructive system of the sofa itself.

Hip-Hop-By-Calia-Italia-03-759x506 Hip Hop / Calia Italia

© Calia Italia

Furthermore there is another customizing chance thanks to the accurate choice of the coverings (in leather, fabric or a mix of both) and thanks to the wide range of colors that includes also the chance to combine together different colors for frame and backs.

Hip Hop has a very original design and a contemporary line, it expresses a clear identity and a strong character, always ensuring high levels of comfort and deep impact aesthetical performances.

Hip-Hop-By-Calia-Italia-04-759x498 Hip Hop / Calia Italia

© Calia Italia


Name: Hip Hop
Type: Chaise longue, Couch and Sofa, Footstool, Sectional sofa

  • Frame: pinewood, multilayer and polyurethane foam covered chipboard.
  • Seat and arm padding:100% polyester covered ecological polyurethane seat.
  • Back padding: 100% polyester covered ecological polyurethane seat.
  • Back cushion: polyurethane fibre.
  • Feet: PVC with antiskid rubber tip.
  • Covering: leather, fabric and microfiber, multi-covering, multicolor.

Materials Combination: Fabric
Year: 2012

The people:

Furniture Designer: Calia Italia – viale del Vignola, 68/C – 00196 Rome Italy
Manufacturer: Self-production
Text Description: © Courtesy of Calia Italia
Images: © Calia Italia

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Hip Hop / Calia Italia
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