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Hotel The Exchange Amsterdam

Dressed for success & Sleep with Fashion, Your Next Destination

Hotel The Exchange is an independent design hotel in central Amsterdam that playfully weaves together fashion and architecture in unique rooms ranging from one to five stars.  The Exchange is located in the very heart of Amsterdam on one of the city’s liveliest and oldest streets: the  Damrak, also known as the Red Carpet of Amsterdam.

Hotel-The-Exchange-Amsterdam-By-Studio-INA-MATT-05 Hotel The Exchange Amsterdam / Studio INA MATT

© Hotel The Exchange

The hotel forms part of an urban rejuvenation initiative in Amsterdam and like Oxenaar and Nan’s other projects, the approach was entirely collaborative. The pair commissioned students from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute to create rooms using the theme Rooms Dressed as Models. Through this lens the sidewalk becomes a catwalk. Lights and tables are no longer ornaments but body accessories. Creases and pleats aren’t fabric features but structural form. Studio INA MATT collaborated on the design of the rooms and was solely responsible for the communal spaces, Stock restaurant and OPTIONS! store.

Hotel-The-Exchange-Amsterdam-By-Studio-INA-MATT-10-759x400 Hotel The Exchange Amsterdam / Studio INA MATT

© Hotel The Exchange


Amsterdam. The center of the historical importance of the continent. Especially during the 17th century. Which is the Netherlands. As a Dutchman or a glorious climax. Both commercial and military power. Current Art Amsterdam has been called Land of the Free. Allowed to do business – selling a stake of some kind. Legally in 2012, but that was not specifically modified image into a capital of creativity. Brainchild distilled from the ideas of young designers – young enthusiastic new blood. It helps to paint this city, Back to life again.

Hotel The Exchange is a product of Such paradigm. Originator of the idea of pairing the two -. Dutch investors. The performance marked the Otto Nan. Both Suzanne Oxenaar and old building. City center into a hotel under a new look. Concept of ‘the dressing rooms’.

If at first you may not be unique. What’s in the Design Boutique. That means, Design or decorate a room with trendy furniture. Layout and style, Decorated with objects Corresponding to Mogd and tones under the same theme. Set up, but what they could be called that position move. Mix and match the order of the comments. I see the picture clearer. If it is a fashion designer to designer. The person wearing it. Their own capacity garment. To stay put as well. Thus, the two forms. Teams selected by students and alumni of the institution. Art and Fashion in Amsterdam (AMFI-The Amsterdam Fashion Institute) was the eighth person to. A key strength in this time driven projects Forward.

Hotel-The-Exchange-Amsterdam-By-Studio-INA-MATT-11 Hotel The Exchange Amsterdam / Studio INA MATT

© Hotel The Exchange

  • Each room is different and common areas are decorated in the same way as a naked body with accessories. rooms designed by graduates at AFI, the rest is Studio Ina matt responsible for, continues the director who is also involved in Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy.
  • The hotel buttoned up and welcomed the guests to their soft interior in November 2011. The hotel offers 61 rooms that have from one to five stars. And even though the rooms are inspired by models, it does not mean that style is anorexic-chic – the perceived rather as quite fat. Anoint yourself with a high cool factor of proportionality.
  • In all our projects have worked with young talents. It is risky but also creates an enormous energy. They began to use the old hotel rooms that sketch pads, so they were familiar with shapes and proportions. It is obviously a very different challenge to dress a room compared to a body. – explains Oxenaar
  • Luxuriously located in three buildings, the oldest of 1600’s. In the same building you can SOSE sick summer onto modern ways to design store Options!, or revel fresh all-day breakfast in the restaurant Stock.
  • Right in town, five minutes from the central station. Walk to the Anne Frank House in ten minutes. Taking the tram, the museum visits on track: Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, the Church of Our Dear Lord in the Attic, gallery W139, Arcam, Droog design. And take a cup of coffee at Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy, tipping Oxenaar.
  • Price for. Rooms from approx. 90 euro. Hotel tax of 5 percent and ev. breakfast in addition. Read more about hotel exchangeamsterdam.com and store Options! on optionsamsterdam.com.
Hotel-The-Exchange-Amsterdam-By-Studio-INA-MATT-13-1-759x506 Hotel The Exchange Amsterdam / Studio INA MATT

© Hotel The Exchange


Located opposite the city’s stock exchange on the main street that leads from the Centraal Station to Dam Square, the concept of marrying fashion design with architecture came from Otto Nan and Suzanne Oxenaar. The galleries-stuffed Jordaan district, a 15 minute walk from the Damrak, is the center of the city’s considerable eccentricity and innovation, but the city is now taking innovative design to its heart.

The location of Hotel The Exchange is as diverse and inspiring, as the hotel’s interior. Nestled between tourist shops, burger joints and the Red Light District, the hotel also faces one of the most striking buildings in Amsterdam: the Amsterdam Stock Exchange. Built between 1898-1903 by architect H.P. Berlage, the building is often hailed as a milestone of modern architecture. Hotel The Exchange has been named in honor of this architectural gem. The same goes for restaurant Stock and the store OPTIONS!

Hotel-The-Exchange-Amsterdam-By-Studio-INA-MATT-14-759x506 Hotel The Exchange Amsterdam / Studio INA MATT

Room —: Tailor’s Dummy by INA & MATT – © Mirjam Bleeker

Hotel-The-Exchange-Amsterdam-By-Studio-INA-MATT-20-759x513 Hotel The Exchange Amsterdam / Studio INA MATT

ROOM 305: Misunderstood Creatures by Roos Soetekouw – © Mirjam Bleeker

Rooms Style:

At Hotel The Exchange fashion meets architecture in the most unexpected and inspiring way. Rooms are dressed like models, allowing visitors to sleep in fashion and wake up in style.

Hotel The Exchange has 61 rooms, ranging from 1 to 5 stars. The amount of stars refers to the size of the room and the amenities, not the décor: all of the rooms have been dressed and designed by graduates and alumni of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI). With an eye for detail and a love for fashion, they have turned ordinary hotel rooms into inspiring spaces.

Indulge in a room where custom-made fabrics hang from the ceiling and cover every wall in sight. Dream away in an opulent Marie Antoinette-style room where a huge dress drapes over the walls and unto the bed. Or wake up in a room, based on the old fairy tale of the Emperor’s New Clothes, where nothing is what is seems.

Every one of the 61 rooms of Hotel The Exchange is completely unique. Amongst others, the Eighties Room is dressed to impress in bold and fun eighties retro style, fitted with an oversized black and white patterned sweater and a tight-fitting rainbow-coloured skirt.

Hotel-The-Exchange-Amsterdam-By-Studio-INA-MATT-24-759x400 Hotel The Exchange Amsterdam / Studio INA MATT

Room —: Manray’s eyes by INA & MATT – © Studio INA MATT

Hotel-The-Exchange-Amsterdam-By-Studio-INA-MATT-28-759x506 Hotel The Exchange Amsterdam / Studio INA MATT

ROOM 306: Unaware Reality by Iris Kloppenburg – © Mirjam Bleeker

  • The Marie-Antoinette Room is dressed in 18th century costume drama style, featuring a rich mix of romantic and luxurious fabrics and era-specific details like the corset. The fabrics are all embellished by hand with stitched or stamped flower patterns in a bouquet of pink tones.
  • The Pleats Room is inspired by the pleats and folds in a simple white T-shirt, resulting in a surreal composition of giant-size concrete pleats moulded into the room’s walls.
  • The Rembrandt Room offers an entirely contemporary interpretation of the retired luxury fashion item – the millstone collar. The pleated collar encloses the bed like a high-tech, remote-controlled, three-dimensional origami structure, resembling the oldest example of the collar from the collection of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. The room is accessorized with contemporary 17th century-inspired furniture.
Hotel-The-Exchange-Amsterdam-By-Studio-INA-MATT-34-759x507 Hotel The Exchange Amsterdam / Studio INA MATT

ROOM 406: Epaulettes by Malu Gehner – © Mirjam Bleeker

Hotel-The-Exchange-Amsterdam-By-Studio-INA-MATT-37 Hotel The Exchange Amsterdam / Studio INA MATT

© Hotel The Exchange, Mirjam Bleeker

The rooms are priced in five categories, depending upon the size. Just like dresses, no matter what the dimensions, every room offers a wild fantasy of design – the effect is that of a crazy wardrobe. As in clothing, the proportions provide the challenge. Will the rooms be typical boxes, or take a more radical shape? Most every approach is tried, the furnishings playing the role of accessories. One room is inspired by Marie Antoinette, for example – a huge dress as a drapery spills down the wall and becomes a bed. The cloth used is a work of art, a unique creation for just this room. Another room is dressed in the massive corset mentioned, while another is a take on the fairy tale about the emperor’s new clothes – that means that nothing in the room is what it looks like. Yet another is hung with specially woven textiles that evoke a vision from Rembrandt’s era… but a nearby door leads to a futuristic white space that savours of delicate origami. The Juanita Room is a designer’s personal homage to India, brightly coloured and sporting lampshades resembling earrings. Like a dress, the decor in each room is easily removed. The textiles are fireproof and easily cared for. Taking into account the number of prospective wearers, these fautures promise durability. Fashion being fickle, the plans call for frequent changes – the rooms will be refreshed with ever new wild ideas.

Four of the rooms at The Exchange offer only white walls and a sewing machine in each – they’ll function as studios where designers who stay as guests can bring their inspiration to fruition. Alternatively, one could make adjustments here – extending a waistline after dinner at Stock, the hotel’s restaurant. Its central element is the gold bar, emphasizing the hotel’s choice location across from the stock exchange. The hotel also features a tiny market – only 230 square metres in area – where extraordinary design from around the world is available along with fashion articles and designer goods by known and emerging luminaries.

Hotel-The-Exchange-Amsterdam-By-Studio-INA-MATT-45-759x527 Hotel The Exchange Amsterdam / Studio INA MATT

© Hotel The Exchange

Type of Rooms: 61 rooms from 1 to 5 stars

  • Room 1 Star: The rooms are intimate retreats with a private bathroom. What these fashionable rooms lack in view, they make up for in character.
  • Room 2 Star: These rooms are characterized by quiet, fresh designs executed in fashionable shades of nude and powder.
  • Room 3 Star: Comfort and fashion are two words that are very rarely mentioned in the same sentence, yet in these rooms, comfort and fashion are married in the most wonderful manner.
  • Room 4 Star: These rooms not only feature unique design, most of them have a wonderful view of the Damrak, Amsterdam’s very own Red Carpet. Watch the world pass by from your hotel window and simply close the curtains to enjoy your own fashionable retreat.
  • Room 5 Star: The 5-star rooms, which all look different, offer ‘haute adventure.’ Here you sleep in extraordinary concepts. The rooms feature either a balcony or terrace with views on the Beurs van Berlage or the Westertoren, which makes a truly Amsterdam experience.
Hotel-The-Exchange-Amsterdam-By-Studio-INA-MATT-47-759x400 Hotel The Exchange Amsterdam / Studio INA MATT

© Hotel The Exchange

About – Hotel The Exchange Amsterdam

Seven years ago, Suzanne Oxenaar and Otto Nan opened the design-driven Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam’s newly renovated docklands, upping the cool quotient of a neglected area. Now, they’re set to do the same for the down-at-heel Damrak street in the city centre, with the opening this month of Hotel The Exchange. The hotel has 62 rooms individually styled by recent graduates from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. ‘The idea was for the eight designers to dress the rooms as though they were dressing a body,’ explains Oxenaar. ‘It was challenging, but the results are amazing.’ Specially commissioned hand-made fabrics, carefully chosen furniture and meticulous finishing make each room a work of art, with styles ranging from ‘Marie Antoinette’ to ‘camouflage’. As at the Lloyd Hotel, the rooms have individual star ratings, from one to five, based on their size and level of comforts. ‘I don’t get hung up on stars,’ says Oxenaar. ‘I like to give people the choice.’ The hotel occupies both a listed 17th-century building and a 1970s property. Its Stock restaurant will serve breakfast all day. And its Options! store, filled with the latest fashion must haves, should help boost the area’s style credentials.

  • The hotel is a lovely energetic adventure right in Amsterdam, where you can really feel the excitement of the youngest fashion and design generation. “Hotel Director Suzanne oxenaar
Hotel-The-Exchange-Amsterdam-By-Studio-INA-MATT-53-759x513 Hotel The Exchange Amsterdam / Studio INA MATT

© Hotel The Exchange

The Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI):

Hotel The Exchange is developed in close collaboration with the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI). Every single one of the 62 hotel rooms has been designed with a lot of attention and dressed by fourth year students and alumni of this Amsterdam-based fashion school.

The Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI) is one of the largest fashion institutes in the world. The 4-year Bachelor-degree program is aimed at providing students with an excellent basis for a successful career in the fashion industry. The school has its own fashion label, INDIVIDUALS, which was founded in 2006. INDIVIDUALS works as a changing collective of creative minds. By combining talents the brand wishes to inspire and tell a story. Each generation adds its own unique chapter to the continuing fashion story that is INDIVIDUALS.

Since early 2010 eight young fashion designers, which all have been trained at AMFI, have turned the hotel into their studio. They’ve worked relentlessly to turn ordinary hotel rooms into inspiring spaces where fashion and architecture meet in the most unexpected and inspiring way.

Eight freshly graduated and final-year students of AMFI (Design & Fashion and Fashion & Branding) have been selected to dress the rooms of hotel The Exchange. All of them developed a concept of their own.

  • ROOM 603: Eighties room by Roos Soetekouw
  • ROOM 306: Unaware Reality by Iris Kloppenburg
  • ROOM 406: Epaulettes by Malu Gehner
  • ROOM 319: City camouflage by Anne Wolters
  • ROOM —: Manray’s eyes by INA & MATT
  • ROOM —: Tailor’s Dummy by INA & MATT
  • ROOM 106: Pleats room by Paul Hanraets
  • ROOM 322: Wall Flower by Iris Kloppenburg
  • ROOM 401: I Still Remember by Sofie Sleumer
  • ROOM 522: Mestiza by Juanita Koerts
  • ROOM 506: Urban Crafts by Anne Wolters
  • ROOM —: Building a View by Anne Wolters
  • ROOM 305: Misunderstood Creatures by Roos Soetekouw
Hotel-The-Exchange-Amsterdam-By-Studio-INA-MATT-12-2 Hotel The Exchange Amsterdam / Studio INA MATT

© Hotel The Exchange

Project Data:

Project name: Hotel The Exchange
Location: Damrak 50, 1012 LL Amsterdam, Netherlands
Coordinates: 52.375383, 4.895744
Type: Hotel Interior
Project Year: 2011
Opening Date: December 2011
Status: Built
Completion Year: 2011
Visit Hotel The Exchange’s website:here

The people:

Client / Owner / Developer: Otto Nan and Suzanne Oxenaar
Architects: ONSWERK
Interior Designer: Studio INA MATT – Seattle, Washington DC, USA
Concept: Otto Nan & Suzanne Oxenaar
Realisation: in cooperation with Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI)
Design/Dressing of the rooms by students of AMFI: Suzanne Oxenaar, Otto Nan, Malu Gehner, Anne Wolters, Roos Soetekouw, Sofie Sleumer, Denise de Geijter, Iris Kloppenburg, Paul Hanraets, Juanita Koerts
creative manager: Ingrid Horsselenberg
Graphic Design: Studio INA MATT
Owner of the building: Stadsgoed NV
Restauration: OPUS
Installation electricity/water: Van Zijtveld
Interior construction: KP
Text Description: © Courtesy of Hotel The Exchange
Images: © Hotel The Exchange, Studio INA MATTm Mirjam BleekerArjan Benning

Location Map:

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Hotel The Exchange Amsterdam / Studio INA MATT
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