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House in Ovar

The House in Ovar, Portugal by architect Paula Santos, The Portuguese architect designs the house which develops in a continuum over the ground floor, its level and sloping surfaces creating surprising elevations.

House-in-Ovar-By-Paula-Santos-Arquitectura-02-759x712 House in Ovar / Paula Santos Arquitectura

© Nelson Garrido

This house has a variety of different geometric shapes, elevations and sloping facades. Inside the house there is a beautiful swimming pool and a painter’s studio. The interior of the home is white with wooden accents, and the large windows allow for the yellow light to flow through at night.

House-in-Ovar-By-Paula-Santos-Arquitectura-04-759x505 House in Ovar / Paula Santos Arquitectura

© Nelson Garrido

House-in-Ovar-By-Paula-Santos-Arquitectura-05 House in Ovar / Paula Santos Arquitectura

© Nelson Garrido

The idea of this project is connected to the same tradition of the concrete , which as moldable material , well suited to the initial idea of the architect who wanted to complex reports with and inclined surfaces extending through the roof. The hall is used for connect the different environments and also create a dimension cut specifically to create a link with the surrounding natural landscape.

House-in-Ovar-By-Paula-Santos-Arquitectura-07-759x740 House in Ovar / Paula Santos Arquitectura

© Nelson Garrido

House Features:

  • The entrance and the painter’s studio are the most visibly impressive elements, along with the large pool. Their elevated forms make them stand out, even though they donlt have particularly eye-catching designs.
  • The color palette is the same throughout all volumes and the exterior is entirely grey.
  • Most rooms in the house are at ground floor level on either side of a long corridor and only an ensuite bedroom is located upstairs.
  • The roof pitches upwards in three places to accommodate this first floor and to give high ceilings to the studio and pool room.
  • Paved terraces and a grass lawn surround the house and a concrete canopy provides an outdoor shelter with circular skylights.
House-in-Ovar-By-Paula-Santos-Arquitectura-08-759x835 House in Ovar / Paula Santos Arquitectura

© Nelson Garrido

House-in-Ovar-By-Paula-Santos-Arquitectura-09-759x866 House in Ovar / Paula Santos Arquitectura

© Nelson Garrido

Paula Santos Arquitectura:

The house at Ovar, Portugal, is an exercise where we stretched to the limit a number of ideas and concepts for a long time already contained in other projects, which had never been put in place. It is also – and above all – a project, which allows for thinking with other people about their own way of inhabiting a dwelling.

House-in-Ovar-By-Paula-Santos-Arquitectura-10-759x506 House in Ovar / Paula Santos Arquitectura

© Nelson Garrido

The large-scale project, covering 680m2, to be located on not very stable sandy soil allowed us to ponder the house as an object which develops in a continuum. The need to design the main programme of the house as a ground floor meant that the difference between spaces was implemented by means of variable heights in geometric forms: in respect of their importance and meaning, the most expressive areas such as the swimming pool and the painter’s studio or the body of the entrance from the street acquire more expressive and more elevated forms.

House-in-Ovar-By-Paula-Santos-Arquitectura-11-759x652 House in Ovar / Paula Santos Arquitectura

© Nelson Garrido

The idea for the object in concrete, a traditionally sculptable material, appears implicit in this concept, designing the elevations with level and sloping surfaces up to the coverage. The length of the corridor is used to distribute the desired functions and large areas, further creating clipping plan, which allow for a relation with landscape, with the various wooded areas to be constructed suggesting outdoor leisure.

House-in-Ovar-By-Paula-Santos-Arquitectura-12-759x659 House in Ovar / Paula Santos Arquitectura

© Nelson Garrido

Project Data:

Project name: House in Ovar
Location: Ovar, Portugal
Coordinates: 40.861818, -8.632382

  • Type By Characteristic: Modern House
  • Type By Site: City / Town House
  • Type By Size: Big House – (451 sqm – 650 sqm)
  • Type By Materials: Concrete House

Project Area: 680 sqm
Project Year: 2008
Status: Built
Completion Year: 2009

The people:

Client / Owner / Developer: Laura Malaquias, Carlos Mendonça
Architects: Paula Santos Arquitectura, rua prof. mota pinto, 218 4100-156 porto, Portugal
Collaborators: Joana Machado, Nuno Silva, Vasco Novais, Ana Renata Pinho
Foundations and structures: AFA Consult, Carlos Quinaz
Electrical installations, safety, communications: AFA Consult, Raul Serafim
Mechanical equipment, heating, gas: AFA Consult, Carlos Almeida
Hydraulic: AFA Consult, Susana Miranda
Landscape architecture: Victor Beiramar Diniz
Construction: Construtora do Loureiro, Lda
Text Description: © Courtesy of Paula Santos Arquitectura
Images: © Nelson Garrido, Paula Santos Arquitectura

Location Map:

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House in Ovar / Paula Santos Arquitectura
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