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Il Sereno Hotel

Il Sereno Lago di Como, the first new hotel on Lake Como in decades, designed by famed Milan-based architect and designer Patricia Urquiola. The all-suites hotel features 30 oversized suites, all with their own furnished terraces and lake views. Spectacular views of Lake Como and scenic mountain ranges greet guests in airy lounge areas that seamlessly integrate the interior and exterior of the accommodations. At the center of the hotel, Urquiola designed a stunning, original stairwell that serves as one of many focal points around the property.

Il-Sereno-Hotel-By-Patricia-Urquiola-03-759x464 Il Sereno Hotel / Patricia Urquiola

© Il Sereno

“We are thrilled to open the doors of the much-anticipated Il Sereno Lago di Como,” said Luis Contreras, owner of Sereno Hotels. “This project has been a true labor of love between Sereno Hotels and Patricia Urquiola; and we are excited to introduce an entirely new design concept to Lake Como. We know devotees of Sereno Hotels and new guests alike will enjoy the exquisite design coupled with unparalleled attention to detail, amenities and relaxed service our brand is known for.”

Il-Sereno-Hotel-By-Patricia-Urquiola-05-759x506 Il Sereno Hotel / Patricia Urquiola

© Il Sereno

Il-Sereno-Hotel-By-Patricia-Urquiola-06-759x509 Il Sereno Hotel / Patricia Urquiola

© Il Sereno

Situated on a sunny promontory next to the village of Torno and surrounded by peaceful views of Lake Como’s natural beauty, lush gardens and idyllic small towns, Sereno Lago di Como’s lakefront location stretches approximately 140 meters (450 feet) along the eastern shore of Lake Como.

Building on the success of Le Sereno St Barth’s, the owners joined forces with Milan-based designer Patricia Urquiola to introduce a contemporary and more relaxed interpretation of luxury, design and personalized service to Lake Como. Sereno Lago di Como will be positioned as the most stylish and private sanctuary among the lake’s prestigious collection of hotels.

Il-Sereno-Hotel-By-Patricia-Urquiola-10-759x511 Il Sereno Hotel / Patricia Urquiola

© Il Sereno

Following the Sereno brand’s philosophy of contemporary luxury in an intimate setting, the hotel features just 30 suites, each oversized and just steps from the waterfront with spectacular lake views and private furnished terraces. Suites range in size from a generous 60m2 (600 square feet) to The Penthouse at 200m2 (2,150 square feet); which includes an oversized private terrace and garden with a rooftop lap pool. There will be 23 Lakefront Suites ranging from 60-66m2 (645-710 square feet; three Corner Suites of 83m2 (893 square feet) and two large Lake Suites with two bathrooms, a dining room, terrace and outdoor hot tub; along with two Penthouse Suites.

Il-Sereno-Hotel-By-Patricia-Urquiola-14-Patricia-Parinejad-800x1200 Il Sereno Hotel / Patricia Urquiola

© Patricia Parinejad

The hotel will have a sunny garden overlooking the lake plus several secret passageways for calm strolls along the garden. To better blend the building with it’s beautiful and lush green surroundings, the hotel will also have two large vertical gardens.

Everyone in the Sereno team agrees that no matter how great the gardens and design of the hotel are, the real outstanding feature is its location on the shores of Lake Como. As such not only the architecture and design are focused on the water. The service and guest experience will also be centered on enjoying the lake.

Il-Sereno-Hotel-By-Patricia-Urquiola-18-759x929 Il Sereno Hotel / Patricia Urquiola

© Il Sereno

Restaurant, Also designed by Patricia Urquiola, the hotel’s main restaurant is located on the water and has three distinct areas: an indoor air conditioned dining section, a roofed but open air area next to the lake and the terrace restaurant, which will become one of the most desirable destinations on the lake.

The hotel features its own private docking facilities and custom boats for ease of lake transport. Guests may arrive by boat and can visit the many beautiful locations the lake has to offer via water-taxi or the hotel’s boat services.

Il-Sereno-Hotel-By-Patricia-Urquiola-21-759x929 Il Sereno Hotel / Patricia Urquiola

© Il Sereno

Patricia Urquiola:

Urquiola created a contemporary look at Sereno Lago di Como with understated décor; a new vision and contrast to the classic designs that can be found around Lake Como. The spacious design of the suites is intended to maximize views and seamlessly integrate the interior and exterior of the accommodations.

Il-Sereno-Hotel-By-Patricia-Urquiola-24-Patricia-Parinejad-759x506 Il Sereno Hotel / Patricia Urquiola

© Patricia Parinejad

Il-Sereno-Hotel-By-Patricia-Urquiola-26-Patricia-Parinejad-759x506 Il Sereno Hotel / Patricia Urquiola

© Patricia Parinejad

The first decision the owners made when concepting the hotel was to reject the idea of creating a faux renaissance or neoclassic design, which is so popular in Lake Como. With Lake Como just 50 minutes away from Milan, one of the most important cities in Lombardy, the owners wished to take a new direction celebrating Milan’s reputation in the design-world. Most of the furniture workshops that have made Italy the world’s capital for furniture design in the 20 th and 21 st centuries are actually located on the hills surrounding Lake Como. Thus, Sereno Lago di Como is born in the tradition of the grand lake hotels, but with a contemporary view both in design and service.

Il-Sereno-Hotel-By-Patricia-Urquiola-29-759x511 Il Sereno Hotel / Patricia Urquiola

© Il Sereno

Sereno Lago di Como had the fortune of benefitting from the creativity and design sensitivity of Milan-based Patricia Urquiola, without a doubt one of the leading designers of her generation. At Sereno Lago di Como Urquiola’s uses natural materials (stone, wood, wools and other fabrics) to create an aesthetic with a lot of personality, while remaining timeless.

Il-Sereno-Hotel-By-Patricia-Urquiola-36-Patricia-Parinejad-759x506 Il Sereno Hotel / Patricia Urquiola

© Patricia Parinejad

Il-Sereno-Hotel-By-Patricia-Urquiola-53-Patricia-Parinejad-800x1200 Il Sereno Hotel / Patricia Urquiola

© Patricia Parinejad

Key to the design was to instill the same principles that have made Le Sereno, St. Barthelemy a huge success. The Sereno guest expects a hotel that has a strong sense of place, very well developed design sensitivity and one that solves the contradiction to provide exclusive, sophisticated and very high-end services in a relaxed and simple manner. As in St Barth’s, to achieve this, the hotel must have only a small number of rooms; all of them large, with terraces and water views; beds with frontal lake views, great design and attention to detail; and personality married with timeless design (never trendy); while generous and creative with guest amenities.

Il-Sereno-Hotel-By-Patricia-Urquiola-55-759x929 Il Sereno Hotel / Patricia Urquiola

© Il Sereno

Project Data:

Project name: Il Sereno
Location: Via Torrazza, 10 22020 Torno, Como, Italy
Coordinates: 45.858780, 9.117381
Type: Hotel Interior
Accommodations/Hotel Size: 30 spacious rooms, ranging from 65 square metres to The Penthouse at 200+ square metres
Status: Built
Completion Year: 2016
Opening Date: August 1, 2016
Visit Il Sereno’s Website: here


  • 2016 – Interior Design Magazine Award – Category: Hospitality / Resort Hotel – Winner

The people:

Client / Owner / Developer: Contreras Family
Architects & Interior Design: Patricia Urquiola – Via Bartolomeo Eustachi 45 Milan, Italy
Text Description: © Courtesy of Il Sereno, Patricia Urquiola
Images: © Il Sereno, Patricia Parinejad


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Il Sereno Hotel / Patricia Urquiola
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