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Inspiring Illustrations Artworks

A young Russian illustrator currently based in Moscow and working for Art Lebedev studio.. The style of Yana Moskaluk’s illustrations is inspired by fairy tales, fashion, and traditional Japanese prints. Yana has made numerous graphic works for magazines, books, advertising, sites and design projects.

Inspiring-Illustrations-Artworks-By-Yana-Moskaluk-06-The-Beast-of-the-Apocalypse Inspiring Illustrations Artworks / Yana Moskaluk

The Beast of the Apocalypse – © Yana Moskaluk

Born in Omsk. As a child most loved to draw and blue. After high school, entered the Technological Institute of the faculty of environmental design. In the third year and dropped to flee to Moscow.

Inspiring-Illustrations-Artworks-By-Yana-Moskaluk-10-ill-for-Rossiyskie-Apteki-magazine-cover Inspiring Illustrations Artworks / Yana Moskaluk

ill for Rossiyskie Apteki magazine cover – © Yana Moskaluk

Interview with Yana Moskaluk by coilhouse:

You’re currently in the middle of illustrating a series of Zodiac illustrations. Do you believe that astrology really works?

  • Astrology — yes. General horoscopes from magazines — no. This series of illustrations is a commercial work for a magazine, so I’ve started to draw it not on my own.
Inspiring-Illustrations-Artworks-By-Yana-Moskaluk-12-ill-for-Rossiyskie-Apteki-magazine-cover Inspiring Illustrations Artworks / Yana Moskaluk

ill for Rossiyskie Apteki magazine cover – © Yana Moskaluk

When you were 19, you moved to Moscow to work at the studio of Artemy Lebedev, a prominent Russian designer. Did you go straight from school to working as a full-time designer? What can you tell us about your day-to-day work life in Russia?

  • I wanted to work as an illustrator at a full-time job in Moscow to become independent, and I got that job. I had flexible schedule, my working day started after 12 p.m., but sometimes I worked by nights and went home in the morning.There are a lot of cool people, designers and illustrators, and it was very funny. Today I prefer to work at home and I come to the studio just for meeting the clients.
Inspiring-Illustrations-Artworks-By-Yana-Moskaluk-16-1310 Inspiring Illustrations Artworks / Yana Moskaluk

1310 – © Yana Moskaluk

Do you draw on paper, or do you use digital means such as a Wacom tablet? How heavily do you rely on computers, if at all?

  • I use Wacom and all these digital things for work, but I used to love drawing with watercolours and ink before. I love these materials today too, but use them seldom.
Inspiring-Illustrations-Artworks-By-Yana-Moskaluk-25-graphics-for-Sobaka-magazine-cover Inspiring Illustrations Artworks / Yana Moskaluk

graphics for Sobaka magazine cover – © Yana Moskaluk

Do you find it difficult to draw a line between commercial work and personal work?

  • Commercial work is commercial work and personal work is personal work. I can draw what I want in commercial very seldom.
Inspiring-Illustrations-Artworks-By-Yana-Moskaluk-30-Chernushka Inspiring Illustrations Artworks / Yana Moskaluk

Chernushka – © Yana Moskaluk

What was your favorite toy as a child?

  • Coloured pencils I guess, especially the blue ones.
Inspiring-Illustrations-Artworks-By-Yana-Moskaluk-32-paper-dolls-for-Coilhouse-magazine-issue-03-759x310 Inspiring Illustrations Artworks / Yana Moskaluk

paper dolls for Coilhouse magazine issue 03 – © Yana Moskaluk

What is city in the world have you never been to, but most want to visit?

  • Once at my exibition opening my old friend who’s travelling a lot told me that the best city in the world is edinburgh, but I don’t care.
Inspiring-Illustrations-Artworks-By-Yana-Moskaluk-37-Deathstars-759x802 Inspiring Illustrations Artworks / Yana Moskaluk

Deathstars – © Yana Moskaluk

You’ve been to Japan before. Any travel tips for someone who’s never been there?

  • You should visit Kyoto, there is the real Japan, like they used to draw in illustrations. In Tokyo — Shibuya is the most popular place, and I fell in love with a park close to the Budokan Hall. In Tokyo we chose a Japanese freak from the crowd and followed him imperceptibly. This way we found some interesting shops and streets.
Inspiring-Illustrations-Artworks-By-Yana-Moskaluk-42-cosmic-sailors-759x757 Inspiring Illustrations Artworks / Yana Moskaluk

cosmic sailors – © Yana Moskaluk

About: Yana Moskaluk

Yana Moskaluk is a young illustrator from Russia. As a teenage goth living in Siberia, Yana decided to pursue a career in the arts and moved to Moscow to begin work when she was only 19. Yana’s work is dark and playful, and shares many characteristics with that of Aubrey Beardsley; a balance between intricate linework and clean planes of color, the influence of Japanese printmaking and love for the sensual and the grotesque.

Inspiring-Illustrations-Artworks-By-Yana-Moskaluk-67 Inspiring Illustrations Artworks / Yana Moskaluk

© Yana Moskaluk


Name: Inspiring Illustrations Artworks
Type: Illustration
Theme Colour: Black & grey
Year: varies
Technique: watercolors and inks illustrations, illustrations is inspired by fairy tales, fashion, and traditional Japanese prints

The people:

Artist: Yana Moskaluk – Moscow, Russia
Text Description: © Courtesy of Yana Moskaluk, coilhouse
Images: © Yana Moskaluk

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Inspiring Illustrations Artworks / Yana Moskaluk
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