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Intuitive Symbolic Portrait Paintings

Portrait Paintings by Venezuelan artist Benjamin Garcia. His work is the result of a meditative process using paint, and images to construct some sort of intuitive symbolic portraits. He has participated in various exhibitions. He has focused on translating “the diffuse and disjointed” from his dream and otherness between different levels of representation, and has achieved an aesthetic that it is separated from the classical and onnects with avant-garde.

Symbolic-Portrait-Paintings-By-Benjamin-Garcia-03-2015-Dated-2-857x1200 Intuitive Symbolic Portrait Paintings / Benjamin Garcia

2015-Dated 2 – © Benjamin Garcia

This language, pictorially violent, happened from experimenting with illustration and animation, and suddenly has led him to create a unique image within in which the value of a chaotic, but very structured composition, deliberate mix color and the interiority of his characters between combined realities, constitute the leitmotif of the work of Benjamín.

Symbolic-Portrait-Paintings-By-Benjamin-Garcia-06-2015-Like-brand-new-shoes-759x748 Intuitive Symbolic Portrait Paintings / Benjamin Garcia

2015-Like brand new shoes – © Benjamin Garcia

The painting, in addition to producing a total aesthetic pleasure for those who appreciates art, stands as a mass media. The painting builds itself as the message between artist and viewer, hence Benjamin Garcia has devoted some of his time to Panamerican World in an exclusive interview to answer the following questions and explore his consciousness.

Symbolic-Portrait-Paintings-By-Benjamin-Garcia-07-2015-Post-videotape-745x1000 Intuitive Symbolic Portrait Paintings / Benjamin Garcia

2015-Post-videotape – © Benjamin Garcia

“I think what I’m trying to reflect is an aesthetic transition between the conscious and the unconscious. In my dreams, I can never focus my attention on more than one item at a time and sometimes it’s all fuzzy and disjointed, I want my paintings were a bit of a window into that state.” – Benjamin Garcia

Symbolic-Portrait-Paintings-By-Benjamin-Garcia-10-2015-Violence-Drip-759x750 Intuitive Symbolic Portrait Paintings / Benjamin Garcia

2015-Violence Drip – © Benjamin Garcia

“I try to capture my own psychology using as a baseline the face of another person or a pictorial collage of several faces or animals. Although I’m probably reflecting the psychology of both the subject and mine … and perhaps the viewer.” – Benjamin Garcia

Symbolic-Portrait-Paintings-By-Benjamin-Garcia-12-2014-Chaos-is-what-weve-lost-touch-with-759x764 Intuitive Symbolic Portrait Paintings / Benjamin Garcia

2014-Chaos is what we’ve lost touch with – © Benjamin Garcia

His talent marked his fate and attachment to art bringing him personal satisfaction at all levels. “I actually became a painter in a more or less organic and fluent way. I think the reason that prompted me to pursue art as a career is that it’s something I can do all day and not get bored and it seems to get more and more interesting with each new work”, he said.

Symbolic-Portrait-Paintings-By-Benjamin-Garcia-15-2014-I-could-be-who-you-wanted-759x759 Intuitive Symbolic Portrait Paintings / Benjamin Garcia

2014-I could be who you wanted – © Benjamin Garcia

Benjamin Garcia is one of Venezuela’s young talents whose works leave this encouraging image projected in the gloomy atmosphere of crisis hanging over companies desperate to see daylight., The illuminating light of a work of art. The goodness of art lies in its geographical physical significance, thanks to the power of the human imagination and your disposal to interpret from experiences and influences of life itself.

Symbolic-Portrait-Paintings-By-Benjamin-Garcia-19-2014-Ultralove-759x765 Intuitive Symbolic Portrait Paintings / Benjamin Garcia

2014-Ultralove – © Benjamin Garcia

About: Benjamin Garcia:

Benjamin Garcia was born in 1986 in the city of Caracas, Venezuela. At age 19 he decides to study design and illustration at the Instituto de diseno de Caracas, graduating in 2010. His first influences came from comic artists like Moebius and Bill Sienkiewicz. Little by little he made the transition from illustrating for animation to painting when he discovered the work of artists such as Lucian Freud, Jenny Saville and Kent Williams.

Symbolic-Portrait-Paintings-By-Benjamin-Garcia-22-2013-Automatic-self-759x756 Intuitive Symbolic Portrait Paintings / Benjamin Garcia

2013-Automatic self – © Benjamin Garcia

Symbolic-Portrait-Paintings-By-Benjamin-Garcia-30-2013-Lucas-759x761 Intuitive Symbolic Portrait Paintings / Benjamin Garcia

2013-Lucas – © Benjamin Garcia

He focus mostly on portraits with an aesthetic language that is both dark and subtly surreal with an approach to his subjects that is often subjective and intense. He has participated in various collective exhibitions to the date.

Symbolic-Portrait-Paintings-By-Benjamin-Garcia-39-2013-We-wont-destroy-you-759x758 Intuitive Symbolic Portrait Paintings / Benjamin Garcia

2013-We wont destroy you – © Benjamin Garcia


Name: Intuitive Symbolic Portrait Paintings
Type: Painting
Theme Colour: soft colours
Year: 2013-2015
Technique: Oil on canvas

The people:

Artist: Benjamin Garcia – Bogota, D.C., Colombia
Representative/Agency: saatchiart
Text Description: © Courtesy of Benjamin Garcia, saatchiart, chrom-art, panamericanworld
Images: © Benjamin Garcia

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Intuitive Symbolic Portrait Paintings / Benjamin Garcia
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