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Kick Back Cocktail Table

Atocha Design, the New York-based furniture design studio, has launched the Kick Back Cocktail Table to add to their collection of handcrafted, American-made wood furniture. Atocha Design originated from a passion for both music and modern design. This latest addition to their collection is a sophisticated design that marks a change in the style of furniture they produce.

Kick-Back-Cocktail-Table-By-Atocha-Design-02-759x505 Kick Back Cocktail Table / Atocha Design

© Atocha Design

Inspired by the Op Art scene of the 1960s and the Memphis Movement of the 1980’s, the Kick Back Cocktail Table features bold monochro – matic wood stripes – classical, retro, and modern at once. The Kick Back invites the user into a carefully curated world. Music, relaxation, and lively conversation are brought into our living space through a furniture piece, crafted by Levin Atocha’s point of view both visually and philosophically. The Kick Back means never having to get up when it’s time to flip from Coltrane to The Clash. The owner engages with the design, finding joy from having what she loves, at her fingertips – great music and a delicious cocktail – all housed in a beautifully designed piece of furniture.

Kick-Back-Cocktail-Table-By-Atocha-Design-03-759x875 Kick Back Cocktail Table / Atocha Design

© Atocha Design

“The Atocha Design Kick Back Cocktail Table consolidates all the creature comforts and necessities of a lifestyle that happens after five o’clock into a singular design statement,” says founder/designer Jennifer Levin Atocha of Atocha Design.

Kick-Back-Cocktail-Table-By-Atocha-Design-04-799x1200 Kick Back Cocktail Table / Atocha Design

© Atocha Design

“Atocha Design was started out of a love for design and music. Vinyl enthusiasts savor the tactile experience of looking at album covers, reading the liner notes and “feeling” the records at our fingertips. If you’re a music fanatic like we are, you love flipping through stacks of records and soaking up the artwork, but have struggled with the dilemma of having your collection stored sideways on shelves in your home.”

Kick-Back-Cocktail-Table-By-Atocha-Design-05-759x541 Kick Back Cocktail Table / Atocha Design

© Atocha Design

“We wanted a piece that allowed easy access to our entire collection, while also showcasing the album covers instead of the spines. Atocha Design specializes in artisan crafted, mid-century inspired furniture to store records, CDs and audio components.” – Atocha Design

Kick-Back-Cocktail-Table-By-Atocha-Design-06-759x759 Kick Back Cocktail Table / Atocha Design

© Atocha Design

The Atocha Design Record Cabinet is the culmination of form and function: a hand-crafted, visually beautiful furniture piece that allows you quick access to your music collection and the ability to store it away when not in use. The Record Cabinet is designed to organize LPs in a way that is convenient and compelling.

Jennifer Levin Atocha is a New York City-based designer. Her studio, Atocha Design, founded in 2008, brings together her passions to create a very personal line of furniture.

Kick-Back-Cocktail-Table-By-Atocha-Design-07-759x659 Kick Back Cocktail Table / Atocha Design

© Atocha Design

Atocha Design:

Our new Kick Back table was designed for rock stars, and the people who love to listen to them. Kick back, enjoy a drink or a smoke, and when side A comes to an end, no need to get up—just lean over, flip the record, and pour another finger. Made with natural and dyed black Italian Bolivar veneer (it’s not painted) and a steel base, the Kick Back’s bold striped pattern makes a serious design statement, and a decidedly unserious lifestyle statement.

Kick-Back-Cocktail-Table-By-Atocha-Design-08-759x949 Kick Back Cocktail Table / Atocha Design

© Atocha Design

It’s the ultimate table to come home to after a long day, or gather around with friends—with a recessed area to house a turntable, a side cutout for an amp, a niche for over 120 albums, and a solid brass inset to hold a whiskey or wine bottle (or ash tray if you live in a legal state). In addition to the home, we can see our new table in a tricked out hotel suite, a boutique hotel lobby, or a workplace common area.

Kick-Back-Cocktail-Table-By-Atocha-Design-09-759x911 Kick Back Cocktail Table / Atocha Design

© Atocha Design

“Shown with Music Hall mmf-2.2 Turntable in Black, and Music Hall a15.3 integrated amp. Cord drop access is located within the turntable and amp niche’s of the Kick Back. We suggest using wireless speakers with the Kick Back table. Music Hall turntables and amps are available to purchase from us, please inquire.”

Kick Back cocktail table $9,200.00 Please call or email to place order your order, not available to purchase from web. Made in New York. International shipping available.

Kick-Back-Cocktail-Table-By-Atocha-Design-10-759x497 Kick Back Cocktail Table / Atocha Design

© Atocha Design


Name: Kick Back
Type: Coffee Table
Materials: Natural and dyed Italian Bolivar veneer is striped with a steel base.
Materials Combination: Wood + Veneer, Wood + Metal, Wood + Color
Dimensions: L 48″ x W 27″ x H 20″
Colors: Black, White
Year: 2016

The people:

Furniture Designer: Atocha Design – New York, United States
Manufacturer: Self-production
Text Description: © Courtesy of Atocha Design
Images: © Atocha Design

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Kick Back Cocktail Table / Atocha Design
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