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KTZE Chair

KTZE (cat in German), chair designed based on the partly hidden essence of a cat and the different ways of behavior this feline have. ” Mystery ” is the word that most can be related to this concept, since the cat hides a mysterious personality that you get to know through their interaction and essence, is serene and enigmatic, thereby interacting with the concept of the structure of this chair.

KTZE-Chair-By-Erika-Jacob-03-759x427 KTZE Chair / Erika Jacob

© Erika Jacob

KTZE-Chair-By-Erika-Jacob-04-759x427 KTZE Chair / Erika Jacob

© Erika Jacob

The serenity of the feline feature is flat and straight in the seat, in contrast, is attached to a curved back and stealthy, foreground its light and subtle aspect as the feline walk.

KTZE-Chair-By-Erika-Jacob-06-759x427 KTZE Chair / Erika Jacob

© Erika Jacob

KTZE-Chair-By-Erika-Jacob-07-759x427 KTZE Chair / Erika Jacob

© Erika Jacob

It is an independent chair that can be used in any space, been completed without any other object because their shapes and lines are simple yet have movement and beauty.

KTZE-Chair-By-Erika-Jacob-09-759x427 KTZE Chair / Erika Jacob

© Erika Jacob

KTZE-Chair-By-Erika-Jacob-11-759x427 KTZE Chair / Erika Jacob

© Erika Jacob

This chair is characterized by its lightness and its simple design: a linear and curved shape, which can be seen from any angle.

KTZE-Chair-By-Erika-Jacob-14-759x506 KTZE Chair / Erika Jacob

© Erika Jacob


Name: KTZE
Type: Chair

  • Made of steel A36 plate 3/16 “x 2” folded and welded . Finished with bronzed paint. Machine for oxyacetylene for folds, the coal forge to fold, cutting discs grinding, polishing flap disc, drill, moulding and a rectifier was used.

Materials Combination: Metal + Color, Eco / Recycled / Green
Dimensions: different sizes / Varies / Height: 200cm x Width: 43.6cm x Depth: 30cm
Colors: Black
Year: 2014


  • 2014 – Peru Aceros Arequipa Awards – Best Design in Steel

The people:

Furniture Designer: Erika Jacob – Lima, Peru
Manufacturer: Self-production
Text Description: © Courtesy of Erika Jacob
Images: © Erika Jacob

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KTZE Chair / Erika Jacob
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