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[highlight1]  Les Grandes Tables de L’ile Seguin  [/highlight1]

The studio 1024 architects from Paris have created a temporary building on the Seine isle of Île Seguin, which is actually too beautiful to be demolished. Still, Les Grandes Tables is a placeholder, while architect Jean Nouvel turns an old car factory into a museum within the scope of a large-scale project. For the time being, the temporary box, featuring a star-awarded restaurant, a café, a sauna and a garden, is a place of encounter, supposed to encourage the revitalization of the former industrial site – until the box has completed its purpose and has to give way.

Industrial Charm Buildings:

Thanks to its strong industrial touch the building has turned into an eye-catcher in the middle of a romantic, wild-growing garden facility. Held by a scaffolding construction of steel, the wooden building body seems to float. The scaffolding volume has created space that expands the building visually, apart from that, it provides the opportunity for informal events and parties.
Regarding its shape, the scaffolding is based on the look of traditional industrial hall buildings, but re-interpreted in a modern and dynamic way through its inclined side walls. Also the choice of materials is based on the place’s industrial character. The raw construction with its visible connections and processing traces, the industrial charm of the lot is translated into the language of a contemporary building.

Framework construction:

Like a transparent umbrella the scaffolding protects the wooden box made of OSB boards. Across an area of 300 square meters, this box provides space for high-quality cuisine and the restaurant of star-awarded chef Arnaud Daguin. Apart from the restaurant, the Les Grandes Tables also houses a bar and an outdoor café.

Across a long staircase, the visitor is guided to the box. At the top, large glass doors lead inside the building.

The interior is clearly structured. At various heights, openings in rhythmic arrangements serve as windows, they seem to be punched out of wood. You cannot only see across the idyllic park scenery, but also onto the outer shell consisting of a steel network, that looks like a part of a latticed framework construction.


Les Grandes Tables de L’ile is characteristic for the work made by the duo of architects Pierre Schneider and François Wunshel from studio 1024. In terms of style and choice of materials, the project is an architectural merge of greenhouse, boat and latticed framework building.

“We use many plain, raw and standardized materials, usually from the world of structural works or in connection with industrialization, transport or packing”, Pierre Schneider and François Wunshel explain their handling of materials. “Scaffoldings, containers, latticed framework and palettes can be found in our “catalog” of preferred materials.”

In their work, the architectural team of two from studio 1024 deals with communication between the constructed and the virtual world. They integrate new technologies, images, video projections and other products that produce light, into their work. This way their buildings turn into a kind of three-dimensional flat screens. Thanks to variations of projected videos and light effects the atmosphere can be adapted to the respective motto of the party and events inside as well as outside the Les Grandes Tables. Thanks to the illumination of the wooden box and the steel latticed framework the structure seems to float, the volume looks as if it is completely off the ground.

Pierre Schneider and François Wunshel call themselves pioneers of a new, digitally revolutionized architecture, the “Neo-Architecture”.

1024 architecture

An ephemeral restaurant/bar/open-air café positioned on Île Seguin in the middle of a temporary garden whilst waiting for the architect Jean Nouvel’s macro project to be implemented, Les Grandes Tables de L’ile is a place to meet, for haute cuisine and why not even parties to accompany the reconstruction of this island steeped in history. The project is an architectural hybridization between an agricultural greenhouse, a barge and a timber-frame house. Modelled after a large wood fibre box suspended in a scaffold structure from which freight containers are hanging, all encompassed beneath a transparent umbrella…

An eye-catching iconoclastic assemblage with an area of 300m2 to accommodate 120 covers and the cuisine of Arnaud Daguin, a chef with stars to his name.

Constructed from scaffolding, wood fibre panels and containers, the restaurant can be promptly extended by video and lighting effects by changing with the assistance of mapping for the duration of a party or a particular event…

‘A meeting place aimed at initiating the reoccupation of the venue. An architecture which must be able to disappear without leaving any traces…’

[highlight1]  Project Data  [/highlight1]

Project name: Les Grandes Tables de L’ile Seguin
Location: Ile Seguin, Paris, France
Type: Restaurant
Site Area: 114.130 sqm
Total floor area: 301.00 sqm
Height: 6.15 m
Project Year: 2011
Completion Year: 2011

  • 2012 Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Awards – Restaurant & Bar Design Awards – Category Pop up – Shortlist


[highlight1]  The people  [/highlight1]

Client / Owner / Developer: Les Grandes Tables (Paris/Ile Seguin)
Architects: 1024 architecture – Paris, France
Project Team: Pierre SCHNEIDER et François WUNSCHEL (1024 Architectes) / Stéphanie GRIMARD (Suivi du projet) Entreprises: SIRC (conteneurs et construction) / PLETAC (échafaudages) / Light-Event (Electricité) / RECYCLING (lumières intérieures) / CIGUE (mobilier) / ABAC (Chauffage et VMC), Chantier Moderne (VRD) / BATISS (Préventioniste) / SOCOTEC (Bureau de contrôle)
Lighting technology: LIGHTEVENT Veranstaltungstechnik GmbH
Container and construction: Sirc- les structures d’exception
Text Description: © Courtesy of 1024 architecture, mapolismagazin
Images: © Brice Pelleschi, C.Sancereau

[highlight1]  Location Map  [/highlight1]

[map:https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msid=208513009578745261626.0004c64ba5df8d610b576&msa=0&ll=48.82461,2.23134&spn=0.008928,0.022724_map 450 325]

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