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[highlight1] LIGHT & SHADOW [/highlight1]

Light and Shadow is an amazing series of sculptures made of light and shadows, designed by Japanese artist Kumi Yamashita, based in New York. Each sculpted shape reveals an unsuspected shadow and a hidden character. A very impressive work of mastery of shadows.

Kumi Yamashita

I sculpt shadow with light or sometimes light with shadow, but both function in essentially the same manner. I take objects and carve and place them in relation to a single light source. The complete artwork is therefore comprised of both the material (the solid objects) and the immaterial (the light or shadow).

[highlight1] Data [/highlight1]

Type: Light Art, INSTALLATION, Visual Arts
Materials: paper, Carved wood
Process: Carved Wood, Creased Japanese paper, single light source, shadow

[highlight1] The people [/highlight1]

Artist: Kumi Yamashita
Text Description: © Courtesy of Kumi Yamashita
Images: © Kumi Yamashita

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