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Littlehaven Promenade

The Littlehaven promenade and sea wall scheme has transformed a stretch of South Shields’ seafront in north east England from a neglected length of coastline into a desirable visitor destination. The scheme demonstrates how a conventional sea defence scheme can, with appropriate innovation in design and attention to detail during construction, be delivered to provide both a robust sea defence function and significant enhancement to a local community.

Littlehaven-Promenade-By-OOBE-Ltd-02-flickr-Doug-Ridgway-759x569 Littlehaven Promenade / OOBE Ltd

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The project involved the demolition of a failing seawall, on-site reuse of excavated material in raising levels and landscaping of backing land areas and construction of a 500m promenade and sea wall along a new, landward and more sustainable, curved alignment. High quality concrete finishes, bespoke public art and breath-taking streetscape were used to ensure this striking scheme captured the public imagination and revitalised the seafront.

Littlehaven-Promenade-By-OOBE-Ltd-07-Steve-Mayes-759x506 Littlehaven Promenade / OOBE Ltd

© Steve Mayes

Littlehaven-Promenade-By-OOBE-Ltd-12-flickr-Doug-Ridgway-759x569 Littlehaven Promenade / OOBE Ltd

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“Sea Defence: The Littlehaven sea defence was part of a major civil engineering scheme to replace the original seawall, which was protruding seawards at its centre, leaving it susceptible to structural damage and wave overtopping. The challenge for the project team was to provide an effective coastal defence which could offer long term protection, whilst transforming the beach, promenade and sea defences along a stretch of South Shields seafront and turning the neglected length of coastline back into a desirable visitor destination. When Aggregate Industries was asked to deliver a cost effective, long-lasting and aesthetically pleased solution for the seawall at Littlehaven, it proved the perfect opportunity to demonstrate the flexibility and diversity of our decorative concrete ranges.” – Aggregate Industries

Littlehaven-Promenade-By-OOBE-Ltd-13-flickr-Doug-Ridgway-759x569 Littlehaven Promenade / OOBE Ltd

© flickr-Doug Ridgway

Littlehaven-Promenade-By-OOBE-Ltd-14-Steve-Mayes-798x1200 Littlehaven Promenade / OOBE Ltd

© Steve Mayes

“Artwork: The chosen ‘song of the sea’ text was an old Northumbrian song ‘blow the wind southerly’ which spoke of watching for the safe return of the Collier sailing ships. The song is blasted into the length of the new seawall. The 18 ton cast concrete ‘Tyne Eye’ sculpture also evokes that sense of longing and includes a line from the song. It also serves a fabulous seat and viewing point. The cast concrete and aluminium ‘Cobble sail’ sculpture serves as a gateway feature drawing people to the new promenade.” – Broadbent Studio

Littlehaven-Promenade-By-OOBE-Ltd-16-Steve-Mayes-759x504 Littlehaven Promenade / OOBE Ltd

© Steve Mayes

Littlehaven-Promenade-By-OOBE-Ltd-18-Steve-Mayes-759x506 Littlehaven Promenade / OOBE Ltd

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OOBE and artists Broadbent Studio were commissioned by South Tyneside Council and Royal Haskoning to enhance the design of the public realm aspects of a proposed new seawall and promenade at Littlehaven Beach.

Littlehaven-Promenade-By-OOBE-Ltd-29-flickr-Doug-Ridgway-900x1200 Littlehaven Promenade / OOBE Ltd

© flickr-Doug Ridgway

The vision is to celebrate the character of the existing setting of the beach which contrasts from open, wild and exposed to sheltered, calm and intimate. The sites unique location where the River Tyne meets the North Sea is also explored as a metaphor for storytelling and the relevance of sea shanties and poetry from the local area.

Littlehaven-Promenade-By-OOBE-Ltd-33-Steve-Mayes-759x506 Littlehaven Promenade / OOBE Ltd

© Steve Mayes

Artwork and the new Littlehaven branding will be blasted onto the new seawall and unique gateway features will be installed to draw people towards the beach.

Littlehaven-Promenade-By-OOBE-Ltd-43-Steve-Mayes-759x486 Littlehaven Promenade / OOBE Ltd

© Steve Mayes

We also created opportunities to emphasise the beaches location at the mouth of the Tyne and the massive ships which sail in and out each day – port holes in the gateways and seating frame these views and play on scale. More subtle references to the coastal location are reflected in the shapes of the bespoke seats inspired by diatoms and dunes.

Littlehaven-Promenade-By-OOBE-Ltd-45-Steve-Mayes-759x253 Littlehaven Promenade / OOBE Ltd

© Steve Mayes

Project Data:

Project name: Littlehaven Promenade
Location: South Tyneside, Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom
Coordinates: 55.004743, -1.423821
Type: Beachfront
Site Area: 2.4ha
Status: Built
Cost: £5million
Completion Year: 2014


  • 2015 – Landscape Institute Awards – Category: Design for a Medium Scale Development – Winner
  • 2014 – ICE North East Robert Stephenson Awards – Category: over £4 million – Winner
  • 2014 – RICS North East Renaissance Awards –  Category: Infrastructure – Winner

The people:

Client / Owner / Developer: South Tyneside Council
Landscape Architects: OOBE Ltd – Unit 12, Canonbury Business Centre, 190a New North Road, London, N1 7BJ, United Kingdom

Project Team:

  • Engineers: Royal Haskoning DHV
  • Artists: Broadbent Studio
  • Ecologists: E3 Ecology
  • Contractors: Galliford Try Plc
  • Suppliers: Evans Concrete Products Ltd

Text Description: © Courtesy of OOBE Ltd, Broadbent Studio, Landscape Institute Awards
Images: © OOBE Ltd, Steve Mayes

Location Map:

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Littlehaven Promenade / OOBE Ltd
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