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[highlight1]  LONDON 2012 OLYMPIC SHOOTING VENUE  [/highlight1]

London 2012 Olympic shooting venue by Germany and London based Magma Architecture consisting of three temporary PVC structures that will be dismantled immediately after the games and relocated to Glasgow for the 2012 Commonwealth Games.

The extruded red, blue and pink circles draw ventilation inside each of the venues and also generate tension nodes for the steel structure underneath the white skin. Some natural light infuses this PVC membrane, while entrances are contained inside all the spots that meet the ground. As the structures are only provisional.

The extruded circles draw air inside each of the venues and also create tension nodes for the steel structure beneath the white skin. All the materials will be recycled and reused because sustainability is a key factor in the design.The PVC membrane is semi-permeable to light and sunlight contributes to interior illumination during the day. The entrances are contained in the ‘spots’ that touch the ground.

The 3 tents have spots of 3 different colours: red, pink and blue. The 18.000 square metres of PVC membrane functions best in this stretched format as it prevents the façade from flapping in the wind.

Magma Architecture

In 2012 London will host the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Three mobile buildings will accomodate the 10, 25 and 50 m shooting competitions. Shooting is a sport in which the results and progress of the competition are hardly visible to the eye of the spectator. The design of the shooting venue was driven by the desire to evoke an experience of flow and precision inherent in the shooting sport through the dynamically curving space.

All three ranges were configured in a crisp, white double curved membrane façade studded with vibrantly colored openings. As well as animating the façade these dots operate as tensioning nodes. The 18.000 m² of phthalate-free pvc membrane functions best in this stretched format as it prevents the façade from flapping in the wind. The openings also act as ventilation intake and doorways at ground level. It is estimated that more than 104.000 spectators will watch the competitions.

[highlight1]  Project Data  [/highlight1]

Location: London, England, United Kingdom
Type: Arena
Project Footprint Area: 14,305 sqm
SeatingCapacity: 2,900
Project Year: 2011
Completion Year: 2012

[highlight1]  The people  [/highlight1]

Client / Owner / Developer: Olympic Delivery Authority
Architects: Magma Architecture
Project Team: Martin Ostermann with Lena Kleinheinz, Hendrik Bohle, Susanne Welcker, Pablo Carballal, Niko Mahler, Philipp Mecke, Diana Drogan, Veljko Markovicz, Manuel Welsky
Lead Consultant: Mott MacDonald
Text Description: © Courtesy of Magma Architecture
Images: © J.L. Diehl, Magma Architecture

[highlight1]  Location Map  [/highlight1]

[map:https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msid=208513009578745261626.0004c3dc4d8f0d0abd5cd&msa=0&ll=51.480421,0.057206&spn=0.016891,0.045447_map 450 325]

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