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‘M. Lamp’

Northern Ireland-born and young designer David Irwin has collaborated with a recently-established Brooklyn-based furniture label Juniper on this series of reduced, transportable table lamps. Simply called ‘M. Lamp’, the design was inspired by the lamps used by the 19th-century miners in England and is made of aluminium and powder-coated steel. Available in either white, black or orange.

M.-Lamp’-By-David-Irwin-for-Juniper-03-759x510 ‘M. Lamp’ / David Irwin for Juniper

© David Irwin

The M Lamp is a wireless, rechargeable lamp which serves a broad range of tasks — including office lamp, night light, emergency light, accent light, art lamp and companion light where regular wired lamps can’t go.

Powered by an integrated Lithium iron phosphate (LFP) rechargeable battery, these simple yet beautiful tools for life and work can be wirelessly transported anywhere within the home, office and in between. The M Lamp, which stands at 9 inches (23 cm), projects up to 3,000 lux of warm light from its adjustable head. In standard mode, its dimmable LED will emit 1,000 lux for more than 8 hours on a single charge, which is ample brightness for late night work or reading in bed. And in the case of a power outage, the M Lamp will automatically illuminate at full power, making it a useful companion in times of need. The M Lamp is operated via an integrated touch senor, which is used to activate and dim the light to any level. The sensor also serves as an indicator light for battery and charge levels.

The M Lamp’s LED is rated to last 50,000 hours, while its battery can run 2,000 charging cycles with no loss in performance. The high-quality Bridgelux LED shines at 2700 K temperature and 80 CRI quality. Translation: The M Lamp will produce warm, flattering, wireless light for many, many years to come!

M.-Lamp’-By-David-Irwin-for-Juniper-04-792x1200 ‘M. Lamp’ / David Irwin for Juniper

© David Irwin

M Lamp+:

For those looking for a little more power and convenience, there is the M Lamp+. The same beautiful design comes with a 50% more powerful battery, generating wireless light for 12 hours in its standard setting, and it comes with a charging base for more convenient access.

M.-Lamp’-By-David-Irwin-for-Juniper-08 ‘M. Lamp’ / David Irwin for Juniper

© David Irwin


The M Lamp is made from high-grade aluminium and steel and finished in a durable Matte or Gloss powder coat. Components are precision engineered for a clean and quality finish. The finely constructed handle, thin body and animated head give the lamp its iconic feel and playful character.

The M Lamp is engineered and manufactured in the USA. While some parts are sourced overseas to manage costs, the M Lamp will be entirely finished in the USA and assembled in our factory in Brooklyn to ensure delivery of a consistently high quality product.

M.-Lamp’-By-David-Irwin-for-Juniper-09 ‘M. Lamp’ / David Irwin for Juniper

© David Irwin


The M Lamp exemplifies our commitment to the environment:

  • It consumes only 1.3 W of power in its standard setting and never more that 4.5 W at maximum power. This is a fraction of the power used in traditional incandescent lightbulbs.
  • The LED bulb is rated to last 50,000 hours, and its greener and safer Lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery will work 2,000 cycles with no loss in performance, vastly extending the product’s life compared to other batteries. The battery does not contain any cobalt making it safe to dispose.
  • Its small size minimizes the consumption of raw materials.
  • The M Lamp can be completely disassembled and the vast majority of components can be recycled.
M.-Lamp’-By-David-Irwin-for-Juniper-11-848x1200 ‘M. Lamp’ / David Irwin for Juniper

© David Irwin

‘And in the case of a power outage, the M Lamp will automatically illuminate at 3x its standard power, making it a useful companion in times of need. Aluminum and steel body with durable high-gloss powder coated finish. Available in black, orange and white. The M Lamp will debut on Kickstarter beginning 13th September and will have its UK Launch at 100% design, stand D32, David Irwin Design Studio.

M.-Lamp’-By-David-Irwin-for-Juniper-13-759x983 ‘M. Lamp’ / David Irwin for Juniper

© David Irwin

David Irwin:

The M. Lamp is a versatile domestic light reappropriating the mining lamp by referencing both its form and functional nature. With the design of early Geordie mining lamps originating in Newcastle upon Tyne the M. Lamp aims to celebrate the North East’s Industrial heritage. Integrating features from various mining lamps such as a handle for carrying and the spun metal reflector for directing light. The M. Lamp will be available from Juniper Autumn 2012.

M.-Lamp’-By-David-Irwin-for-Juniper-17-759x506 ‘M. Lamp’ / David Irwin for Juniper

© David Irwin

The Wireless M Lamp Project:

It has been said that lamps were the most important invention for miners in the 19th century. Today, we’re each miners in our own way — searching, innovating and changing the world around us. But how do you light the way?

We asked this question, and set out to create the ultimate light for modern life.

Introducing the wireless M Lamp prototype! It may have taken everything we have, but we successfully designed it, engineered it, built it and improved it…and now we need your help to get it to market.

M.-Lamp’-By-David-Irwin-for-Juniper-20 ‘M. Lamp’ / David Irwin for Juniper

© David Irwin, Juniper

David Irwin – Designer of the M Lamp:

Inspired by the archetypal miner’s lamps of 19th century North East England, emerging British industrial designer David Irwin set out in 2011 to create a contemporary play on the aesthetics and function of these historical icons — referencing the Geordie, Davy and Carbide lamps. The early wired version of the M Lamp was voted Best Interior Product at Design Event Mart UK 2011.

M.-Lamp’-By-David-Irwin-for-Juniper-22 ‘M. Lamp’ / David Irwin for Juniper

© David Irwin, Juniper

Shant Madjarian – Founder of Juniper:

At about the same time David was conceiving the M Lamp, I left the finance industry to follow my passion for design. I launched a Brooklyn-based design and manufacturing business called Juniper, with the goal of bringing together talented people who are passionate about creating thoughtful solutions in lighting, furniture and accessories that address the work and play balance of our current lifestyles.

I met David at the 2011 furniture fair in New York and we have been collaborating ever since to bring useful and innovative products to market. The M Lamp has been our most complex project so far.

  • The M Lamp is the world’s most advanced wireless task lamp — an essential tool for life and work.
  • The light will be officially launched later this month (19 – 22 September) during London’s 100% Design.
  • You can support & see more information M. Lamp project on kickstarter.
M.-Lamp’-By-David-Irwin-for-Juniper-23 ‘M. Lamp’ / David Irwin for Juniper

© David Irwin, Juniper


Name: M. Lamp
Type: Table Lamp
Materials: aluminium and powder-coated steel
Materials Combination: Metal + Color, Eco / Recycled / Green
Dimensions: 230h x 120w x 150d (mm)
Colour: White, Black or Orange
Year: 2012

The people:

Lighting Designer: David Irwin, 5th Floor Tru Knit House, 9 – 11 Carliol Square, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 6UF, United Kingdom
Manufacturer: Juniper – 68 33rd Street, 3rd Floor Unit 11
Brooklyn, New York 11232, United States
Text Description: © Courtesy of David Irwin, 100percentdesign
Images: © David Irwin


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‘M. Lamp’ / David Irwin for Juniper
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