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Mennonite Church

FARO Architecten created a simple volume with some contemporary updates, incorporating several sustainable strategies to appeal to modern sensibilities. Design a church according to the traditional Mennonite principles: a sustainable building, with the user in mind and a space for gathering and meeting.

Mennonite-Church-By-FARO-Architecten-©-FARO-Architecten-02-759x505 Mennonite Church / FARO Architecten

© FARO Architecten

Mennonite-Church-By-FARO-Architecten-©-FARO-Architecten-12-759x505 Mennonite Church / FARO Architecten

© FARO Architecten

FARO Architecten:

The first Mennonite churches were hidden and inconspicuous; simple places of congregation around the bible. The interiors were sober and as pure as possible. No distraction or ornaments in order to enhance concentration and togetherness. The new church on Mennorode refers to that time.

Mennonite-Church-By-FARO-Architecten-©-FARO-Architecten-03-759x608 Mennonite Church / FARO Architecten

© FARO Architecten

Mennonite-Church-By-FARO-Architecten-©-FARO-Architecten-05 Mennonite Church / FARO Architecten

© FARO Architecten

The building has one large characteristic space where whitewood rafters set the tone. A widening in the middle of the building gives this barn-like church a contemporary look.A narrow entrance opens up into a wide gathering space with a glass facade. A knack in the roof and the wall models this transition. An outdoor church has been added and allows open air gatherings when the weather is good.

Mennonite-Church-By-FARO-Architecten-©-FARO-Architecten-07-759x505 Mennonite Church / FARO Architecten

© FARO Architecten

Mennonite-Church-By-FARO-Architecten-©-FARO-Architecten-13-759x505 Mennonite Church / FARO Architecten

© FARO Architecten

The new church will be used for gatherings and other church functions. Hospitality is very important. The church will be open all day and everybody is welcome to walk in and visit. A special corner has been created for reflection, quietness and meditation.

Mennonite-Church-By-FARO-Architecten-©-FARO-Architecten-08-759x505 Mennonite Church / FARO Architecten

© FARO Architecten

Mennonite-Church-By-FARO-Architecten-©-FARO-Architecten-16 Mennonite Church / FARO Architecten

© FARO Architecten

The building is made of 100% wood. The interior has been finished with floor boards that were recycled form an old convent. The exterior roof and walls are covered in shingles made of French acacia, harvested from sustainable production woods. The front facade has native oak wood and the walls and roof have been insulated with flax. The building is heated through thermal storage.

Mennonite-Church-By-FARO-Architecten-©-FARO-Architecten-20-759x505 Mennonite Church / FARO Architecten

© FARO Architecten

Project Data:

Project name: Mennonite Church
Location: Apeldoornseweg, Elspeet, Netherlands
Coordinates: n/a
Type: Church
Program: Church with entrance, wardrobe, silence area, rest rooms, technical installations and outdoor church
Gross Floor Area: 155 m2
Net Floor Area: 141 m2 (GBO)
First Design Year: September 2009
Definitive Design Year: January 2010
Construction Start Year: November 2010
Completion Year: September 2011
Cost: € 360000 (inclusive of installations)

The people:

Client/Owner: Conferentiecentrum Mennorode
Architects: FARO Architecten – Landgoed de Olmenhorst, Lisserweg 487d., Lisserbroek, 2165 AS Netherlands
Principal Designers: Hugo de Clercq, Arjenne van Berkum
Design Team: Philip Sanders
Advisor Construction: Luning Tech. Adviesbureau Houtconstructies
Advisor Installations: Installatiebedrijf Spelt
Advisor Acoustics: Nieman Adviesbureau
Contractor: Bouwbedrijf van Ouwendorp
Interior Design: Van Dijk
Landscaping: FARO Architecten
Text Description: © Courtesy of FARO Architecten
Images: © FARO Architecten


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Mennonite Church / FARO Architecten
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