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Mix Media Art Painting

Yossi Kotler’s artworks are very colorful and strong with a lot of layers. Yossi creates his work with different mediums – acrylic on canvas, oil pastel, ink, charcoal, digital art, etc. He is a painter and graphic designer based in Tel Aviv, Israel. The digital technologie (media) is point of view, it can help us to create in many new ways, more than we can imagine; a whole new world can be create, from inside the computer like Yossi Kotler.

Mix-Media-Art-Painting-By-Yossi-Kotler-acceptance-800x1200 Mix Media Art Painting / Yossi Kotler

acceptance – © Yossi Kotler

“i came to this world with unlimited ability of creativity and inspiration. i am drawing and painting and sculpturing since i was a kid. i am a full time artists and a brand designer work in my studio. using my creativity in many ways.” – Yossi Kotler

Mix-Media-Art-Painting-By-Yossi-Kotler-Black-Widow-823x1200 Mix Media Art Painting / Yossi Kotler

Black Widow – © Yossi Kotler

Mix-Media-Art-Painting-By-Yossi-Kotler-Captain-America-823x1200 Mix Media Art Painting / Yossi Kotler

Captain America – © Yossi Kotler

The « New Media Art » is a way to describe Art using new mediums, such as emerging technology (cameras, computers, etc.) ; but since when can we classify Art with a new media still being new? We can affirm that Art is in a perpetual mutation, that is why there are so many movements in Art history.

Mix-Media-Art-Painting-By-Yossi-Kotler-colorful-melancholy-893x1200 Mix Media Art Painting / Yossi Kotler

colorful melancholy – © Yossi Kotler

Mix-Media-Art-Painting-By-Yossi-Kotler-contemplation-866x1200 Mix Media Art Painting / Yossi Kotler

contemplation – © Yossi Kotler

It is a bit simplistic to call it « New Media Art » because at this point, it is not so new in our generation and the action of creating a piece of Art is not new as well. However, what we use to create it can be a new software or a new way of using an old medium such as the camera. Since the beginning of human being, “Art” is a part of life ; the Parietal Art intended to be something more useful than with the classic painters and sculptors, Art was more « decorative ».

Mix-Media-Art-Painting-By-Yossi-Kotler-distortion-of-logic-900x1200 Mix Media Art Painting / Yossi Kotler

distortion of logic – © Yossi Kotler

Mix-Media-Art-Painting-By-Yossi-Kotler-dreaming-885x1200 Mix Media Art Painting / Yossi Kotler

dreaming – © Yossi Kotler

An artist from the « New Media Art » is using digital media (computer) as his main medium such as Yossi Kotler and so many new artists in this type. His work is very colorful and has a real balance. He is taking his inspiration from everything in his life : movies, pictures from internet, drawings and paintings he made ; then, using some software programs, he will add more strenght and colors to his art work. In this way, he could be appreciated by a bigger audience as we could recognise ourself in his work. But is it really the right way to watch a piece of Art ?

Mix-Media-Art-Painting-By-Yossi-Kotler-fassbender-759x919 Mix Media Art Painting / Yossi Kotler

fassbender – © Yossi Kotler

Mix-Media-Art-Painting-By-Yossi-Kotler-indecisiveness-800x1200 Mix Media Art Painting / Yossi Kotler

indecisiveness – © Yossi Kotler

Yossi Kotler:

“I am an artist and a designer. graduated “wizo college of design” in haifa israel in graphic design, in the years 1988 – 1992. i have worked in the field of visual design as acreative director. i have achieved many awards in graphic and product design. some of my art work are in a private collections. i love to work with acrylic on canvas, oil pastel,ink,charcoal, digital art mix media.

Mix-Media-Art-Painting-By-Yossi-Kotler-lets-dance-759x819 Mix Media Art Painting / Yossi Kotler

let’s dance – © Yossi Kotler

Mix-Media-Art-Painting-By-Yossi-Kotler-samba-751x1000 Mix Media Art Painting / Yossi Kotler

samba – © Yossi Kotler

I get inspired by the internet and by the life around me. my artworks are very colorful and strong with allot of layers. i don’t thinks that i have one style because i am exploring all the time different style. i can be very accurate in the details and very free. it’s depend in what i want to achieve.”

Mix-Media-Art-Painting-By-Yossi-Kotler-wondering-01-749x1000 Mix Media Art Painting / Yossi Kotler

wondering 01 – © Yossi Kotler


Name: Mix Media Art Painting
Type: Painting
Dimensions: Viries
Theme Colour: vivid colours
Technique: Mix Media – Acrylic, Digital, Ink and Paint on Canvas

The people:

Artist: Yossi Kotler – Tel Aviv, Israel
Representative/Agency: saatchiart
Text Description: © Courtesy of Yossi Kotler, saatchiart
Images: © Yossi Kotler

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Mix Media Art Painting / Yossi Kotler
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