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Mountain View – LIGHT AND NATURE

Mountain View, designed by Russian designer Dima Loginoff for Axo Light, is not just a light but rather a true work of art: inspired by nature, Mountain View is a captivating interior design item. Intended as a suspension lamp, Mountain View is a single piece of blown glass.

Mountain-View-By-Dima-Loginoff-for-Axo-Light-03-848x1200 Mountain View / Dima Loginoff for Axo Light

© Axo Light

Mountain-View-By-Dima-Loginoff-for-Axo-Light-06-759x759 Mountain View / Dima Loginoff for Axo Light

© Axo Light

The diffuser consists of two separate elements that are seamlessly fused together: an outer bell-shaped shell with a pure and essential design and an inner part. This is a distinctive element of the lamp that reproduces the shape of a mountain – something familiar and yet unusual in terms of design. The mountain, whose looks change according to perspective, does not just have an aesthetic and distinctive function, as with its design it breaks up light and still provides pleasant and harmonious diffusion of light at 360°.

Mountain-View-By-Dima-Loginoff-for-Axo-Light-07-759x963 Mountain View / Dima Loginoff for Axo Light

© Axo Light

Mountain-View-By-Dima-Loginoff-for-Axo-Light-08-759x752 Mountain View / Dima Loginoff for Axo Light

© Axo Light

The Mountain View suspension lamp blends in perfectly with any kind of environment, both domestic and contract, where one wants to add an element with a strong personality.

Mountain-View-By-Dima-Loginoff-for-Axo-Light-09-759x427 Mountain View / Dima Loginoff for Axo Light

© Axo Light

Made of transparent blown glass hand-crafted by master craftsmen, the Mountain View suspension is available in a transparent glass model with a chromeplated or golden structure and two more versions: with the mountain in amber colour and a golden frame for a warm light effect or in a grey version with a chrome-plated frame for a colder light. With its latest-generation LED light, it provides a pleasant and last-longing, almost natural light.

Mountain-View-By-Dima-Loginoff-for-Axo-Light-10-833x1200 Mountain View / Dima Loginoff for Axo Light

© Axo Light

Axo Light:

Mountain View is a pendant dedicated to the purity of nature; inspired by mountain landscapes and fairy tale settings. It is composed of transparent blown glass with a metal frame, and a diffuser that is comprised of two distinct elements: an outer bell-shaped casing that is characterized by pure and essential lines, and a mountain image in the interior space.

Mountain-View-By-Dima-Loginoff-for-Axo-Light-process-02-759x762 Mountain View / Dima Loginoff for Axo Light

process 02 – © Axo Light


Name: Mountain View
Type: Lighting Design
Usage: Pendant light
Materials: blown glass
Materials Combination: Metal + Glass
Lamp Type/Light source: LED, 1 x 16W / warm light
Colors: Available in clear crystal with a chrome or gold frame, and two colored glass versions: amber or grey.
Year: 2015


  • 2015 – Interior Design Magazine Award – Category: Lighting > Pendant (single bulb) – Winner

The people:

Lighting Designer: Dima Loginoff – Moscow, Russia
Manufacturer: Axo Light – via Moglianese 44, 30037 Scorzè, Venezia, Italy
Text Description: © Courtesy of Axo Light, Dima Loginoff
Images: © Dima Loginoff, Axo Light

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Mountain View / Dima Loginoff for Axo Light
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