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Nike Canteen Netherlands

Amsterdam-based studio UXUS to join their design team and compose a welcoming space, in which people can find it easy to exchange ideas. Inspired by sports, Nike’s new canteen is actually an inviting social space in which people can also eat.

Nike-Canteen-Netherlands-By-Uxus-Design-02 Nike Canteen Netherlands / Uxus Design

© Uxus Design

Athletes are illustrated across a wall of orange tubes in this canteen at the headquarters of sports brand Nike in Hilversum, the Netherlands. Developed in collaboration with the Nike design team, the dining room contains individual tables and timber-slatted booths adorned with logos and statistics.

Nike-Canteen-Netherlands-By-Uxus-Design-03 Nike Canteen Netherlands / Uxus Design

© Uxus Design

The use of mismatched elements accommodate the various needs and moods of the employees: semi-closed spaces offer solitude and large tables socialization. The materials used were also inspired from sports facilities, and the ceilings elements such as the low hanging lamps humanize the tall volumes.

Nike-Canteen-Netherlands-By-Uxus-Design-04 Nike Canteen Netherlands / Uxus Design

© Uxus Design

The diversity of seating arrangements seems boundless. Bright white stylized picnic tables emblazoned with CORTEZ, AIR MAX and other Nike shoes provide employees with a festive feeling just like a picnic atmosphere. Long tables are the perfect setting for department awards celebrations or attitude adjustment gatherings that include everyone.

Nike-Canteen-Netherlands-By-Uxus-Design-06 Nike Canteen Netherlands / Uxus Design

© Uxus Design

Groupings of square tables with large checkerboard wood patterns are tastefully arranged for more intimate groups of four to six people. There are booths that comfortably seat four to six have tall slatted dividers. Needless to say, the Nike Swoosh and various logos adorn the dividers.

Nike-Canteen-Netherlands-By-Uxus-Design-07 Nike Canteen Netherlands / Uxus Design

© Uxus Design

Nike-Canteen-Netherlands-By-Uxus-Design-08 Nike Canteen Netherlands / Uxus Design

© Uxus Design

For the person seeking some solitude, there is individual seating along ledges that could also be inviting to a couple sitting side by side. There is even a workspace eating area with individual crane-type lighting and shelving where people can continue to work while they eat in a surrounding that is a break from the office area. You can even find restaurant counter style eating areas. The entire high ceiling area is given a more intimate feel by the addition of long pendant lights.

Nike-Canteen-Netherlands-By-Uxus-Design-10 Nike Canteen Netherlands / Uxus Design

© Uxus Design

A mezzanine level visually opens to the space below through a glass wall. A wall unites the two stories – a wall made out of orange tubes and subtly displaying yet another sports-related design. Found in Hilversum, the Netherlands, this location was to become a fantastic design inspiration – if you carefully look at the details, you will see how complex this interior is.

Nike-Canteen-Netherlands-By-Uxus-Design-11 Nike Canteen Netherlands / Uxus Design

© Uxus Design

Uxus Design:

Nike EMEA Headquarters commissioned UXUS to be part of the team to re-design their corporate canteen.

Nike-Canteen-Netherlands-By-Uxus-Design-14 Nike Canteen Netherlands / Uxus Design

© Uxus Design

The objective was to create a personalized, social hub inspired by sports that encouraged and enabled the exchange of ideas.

Nike-Canteen-Netherlands-By-Uxus-Design-19 Nike Canteen Netherlands / Uxus Design

© Uxus Design

Working alongside the Nike design team, UXUS created a space utilizing mismatched elements to accommodate the various moods and needs of the employees. Semi-enclosed areas and cozy spaces offer solitude,while vast tables and counters stimulate interaction. Every element was designed for efficiency and the ability of employees to create a personalized eating experience. Material choices were inspired by sports facilities withcontrasting bright and neutral colors.

Nike-Canteen-Netherlands-By-Uxus-Design-13 Nike Canteen Netherlands / Uxus Design

© Uxus Design

Various ceiling elements such as low hanging lamps create rhythm to diffuse and humanize the tall volume of the main eating hall, while a striking, orange tube wall with super-graphic ties the 2 levels together.

Nike-Canteen-Netherlands-By-Uxus-Design-21 Nike Canteen Netherlands / Uxus Design

© Uxus Design

Project Data:

Project name: Nike Canteen Netherlands
Location: Hilversum, Netherlands
Coordinates: 52.213102, 5.190616
Type: Market / Super market / Canteen
Project Year: 2010
Status: Completed
Completion Year: 2011


  • 2012 – Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Awards – Restaurant & Bar Design Awards – UK & International – Canteen Category – Shortlist

The people:

Client / Owner / Developer: Nike, Netherlands
Interior Designer: Uxus Design, Keizersgracht 174, 1016 DW Amsterdam, Netherlands
Text Description: © Courtesy of Uxus Design, decoist
Images: © Uxus Design

Location Map:

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Nike Canteen Netherlands / Uxus Design
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