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Nuki coffee table

Nuki is a minimalist coffee table made from natural, solid materials that unite Scandinavian craftsmanship with the basic principles of Japanese architecture. The result is a timeless and sturdy coffee table with a simple design stripped of unnecessary details.

Nuki-By-Beller-02-759x474 Nuki coffee table / Beller

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In February 2012, Lars Beller Fjetland was a part of the group that presented their work at the Stockholm furniture fair, where Fjetland exhibited the coffee table ‘Nuki’.

Nuki-By-Beller-03-759x474 Nuki coffee table / Beller

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Nuki table consists of a base of Nordic ash and a marble tabletop, and is simple and intuitive to assemble without the use of screws or glue. The parts lock together under the weight of the tabletop, forming a sturdy coffee table with a harmonious and luxurious look. Its simple and Nordic expression makes Solid look elegant with most sofas.

Nuki-By-Beller-04-759x474 Nuki coffee table / Beller

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Nuki is a robust coffee table that sits right at the crossroads between Japanese tradition and a humble, Nordic appreciation for the forests’ finest materials.

Nuki-By-Beller-05-759x474 Nuki coffee table / Beller

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The table is designed around the principles of Torii – the gate that marks the transition from the profane to the sacred in Japanese Shinto-temples – gathering inspiration from its wood- and stone-based construction. A solid layer of marble rests firmly on a strong, foundation of Nordic elm to complete the seamless marriage between Japanese and Nordic aesthetics.

Nuki-By-Beller-06-759x474 Nuki coffee table / Beller

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Name: Nuki
Type: Coffee Table

  • Tabletop: Italian marble
  • Legs: Ash Wood

Materials Combination: Wood + Stone, Eco / Recycled / Green
Dimensions: Height: 40 cm x Length: 130 cm x Width: 38,5 cm, Weight: 50 kg
Colour: Natural Color
Year: 2011

The people:

Furniture Designer: Lars Beller Fjetland – Beller – Bergen, Norway
Manufacturer: Normann Copenhagen – Østerbrogade 70, 2100 København, Denmark
Text Description: © Courtesy of Beller
Images: © Grandpeople

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Nuki coffee table / Beller
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