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One Central Park

One Central Park designed by French architecture practice Ateliers Jean Nouvel in collaboration with Australian firm, PTW Architects. Located on the site of a former brewery, One Central Avenue comprises of two towers, 18 stories and 34 stories respectively, on a 5 storey retail podium as part of a 250,000sqm development plan. The towers will provide 623 luxury apartments above a 5 level retail and recreation podium.

One-Central-Park-By-Ateliers-Jean-Nouvel-02-Murray-Fredericks-759x441 One Central Park / Ateliers Jean Nouvel

© Murray Fredericks

The eastern tower features a dramatic light reflector installation, extending from the upper levels on a grand cantilever. The reflected light system incorporates an innovative system of both fixed and motorized mirrored panels, designed to capture sunlight and redirect it into the retail atrium and onto the landscaped terraces. Planter boxes, vertical vines and green walls incorporated into the facade will wrap the towers in plant life, extending the central parkland upward, growing around the building’s façade. The development provides a further five levels below ground for car parking and service vehicles as well as a central water recycling plant.

One-Central-Park-By-Ateliers-Jean-Nouvel-02-Simon-Wood-800x1200 One Central Park / Ateliers Jean Nouvel

© Simon Wood

One Central Park features Nouvel’s signature – a monumental cantilever – expressed as a Sky Garden extending from level 29 of One Central Park’s taller East tower. It’s an extraordinary building: the cantilever supports a visually arresting light-reflecting heliostat system, while the largest en masse vertical gardens in the world – covering 1100sqm – clad the exterior facades.

One Central Park uses two unusual technologies for tall buildings – hydroponics and heliostats – to grow plants around the periphery of the building at all levels. The shading saves cooling energy, while the heliostat directs sunlight for heating and lighting into or away from the building and the adjoining park when it is most needed. It strategically casts light about itself to reduce rooftop heat loads and stir visual interest at height and on the ground, while enshrouding itself in lush greenery.

One-Central-Park-By-Ateliers-Jean-Nouvel-06-public-domain-759x506 One Central Park / Ateliers Jean Nouvel

© public domain

Ateliers Jean Nouvel describes the vision and original inspiration for the concept design of One Central Park:

  • “One Central Park is one of the developments in Sydney where massive urban growth is already materializing. Besides addressing the quantitative problems of scale, mass and performance, Ateliers Jean Nouvel’s design for this project also contends that plant life and redirected sunshine can be used in new ways to improve the quality of high rise living.”
  • “With the help of two unusual control technologies – hydroponics and heliostats – vegetation and daylight can become more manageable and can be extended to previously inaccessible places of the building.”
  • “Hydroponic irrigation systems, for one, make it possible to grow a soil-less vertical veil of vegetation in planters and on walls all the way up to the tower tops. The resulting green facades trap carbon dioxide, emit oxygen and provide energy-saving shade.”
  • “Beyond the functional convenience, their towering green presence is also a universal signal of life on Earth. This knowledge that vegetation means life is so deeply engrained in human perception that parks and gardens have at all times been the most desirable places to live next to.”
One-Central-Park-By-Ateliers-Jean-Nouvel-11-One-Central-Park One Central Park / Ateliers Jean Nouvel

© One Central Park

Sky comprises just 38 residences occupying the top five levels of One Central Park’s East tower, positioned above the monumental cantilever which defines the tower’s dramatic profile. This is the highest position in Central Park, with panoramic views of the city skyline, the Blue Mountains, the eastern suburbs and south to Botany Bay.

The residences range in size from 127sqm to 161sqm for a two or three bedroom subpenthouse, priced from $1.68 million to $2.575 million. Dual level, three bedroom penthouses range in size from 158sqm to 207sqm, priced from $2.65 million to $3 million.

One-Central-Park-By-Ateliers-Jean-Nouvel-15-One-Central-Park-759x465 One Central Park / Ateliers Jean Nouvel

© One Central Park

Sky Garden:

  • A signature feature of Sky at One Central Park is the cantilevered outdoor terrace, the ‘Sky Garden’, which extends 40 metres from level 29 One Central Park’s East tower, atop a monumental cantilever.
  • Sky’s residents will have exclusive access to the Sky Garden where they can indulge in an extraordinary outdoor dining room, equipped with plunge pool, barbeque kitchenette, sculptural timber seating designed for Sky by Ateliers Jean Nouvel, and advanced trees planted within a fringe of lush landscaping.
  • Arrival to the Sky Garden is via a theatrical bridge, clad in transparent red glass. High glass balustrades will create a protected enclave with unobstructed views, and the exhilarating impression of ‘floating on air’ high above Central Park.
  • The Sky Garden functions like a country house in the sky, so you can go out there with the family doing all the things you would be doing in your apartment except you are out there in the sky… and the sun is setting over the city right in front of you and you’re sitting in this pool and sipping a caipirinha. You would probably be feeling pretty good at that point,” describes Bertram Beissel, Design and Project Partner at Ateliers Jean Nouvel, with typical understatement.
  • The cantilever extending from One Central Park serves two other extraordinary functions, hosting a heliostat reflector framework and as a massive LED light artwork.
  • A huge heliostat framework has been affixed to the base of the cantilever, carrying 324 mirrored panels which will reflect light toward Chippendale Green and into the retail atrium below. Embedded in these panels will be 2916 coloured LED lights, which at night will play a rippling coloured light artwork, designed by French artist, Yann Kersale – one of Central Park’s extraordinary pieces of major public artwork.
One-Central-Park-By-Ateliers-Jean-Nouvel-22-Simon-Wood-759x314 One Central Park / Ateliers Jean Nouvel

© Simon Wood

Vertical gardens:

  • Jean Nouvel’s vision for One Central Park is of two towers ‘growing organically’ from the park at their base. The expansive lawns of Chippendale Green extends tendrils of landscape and lawn toward the towers and into the retail precinct, then extend upwards onto the facades of the towers with vertical gardens and planter boxes.
  • One Central Park features over 1000sqm of green walls – hydroponic, soil-less vertical garden panels designed by French artist and botanist, Patrick Blanc, positioned across the East and North facades from the ground level to the very top of the tower reaching 116m in height.
  • Each facade of One Central Park is wrapped in a living ‘skin’ of indigenous and exotic plants climbing up wires connecting each level and tumbling down from the level above, framing views with green, growing life.
One-Central-Park-By-Ateliers-Jean-Nouvel-26-One-Central-Park-800x1200 One Central Park / Ateliers Jean Nouvel

© One Central Park

Ateliers Jean Nouvel:

Two iconic towers designed by Jean Nouvel for Block 2 of the Frasers Broadway project transform the skyline of Sydney. The program includes a 34-story residential apartment tower and a 12-story serviced apartment tower set on a common retail podium.The 130 meter high building is the culminating landmark of the multi-building Frasers Broadway project, located on a former brewery site near the downtown.

A vertical landscape designed in collaboration with French botanist and artist Patrick Blanc covers approximately 50% of the building’s façade area. The landscape extends the planted are of the adjacent urban park vertically onto the building, creating an exceptional living environment for the building’s residents and a powerful green icon on the Sydney skyline.

One-Central-Park-By-Ateliers-Jean-Nouvel-32-Murray-Fredericks-800x1200 One Central Park / Ateliers Jean Nouvel

© Murray Fredericks

Hydroponic walls and low profile horizontal planters and support cables integrated into the tower’s facades support a variety of climbing and spreading plants. The plants act as a natural sun control device that changes with the seasons, shielding the apartments from direct sun during summer while admitting a maximum of sunlight in winter. A combination of sustainable design strategies makes Block 2 the first residential tower in Sidney to achieve a 6 Green Star rating.

One-Central-Park-By-Ateliers-Jean-Nouvel-35-Simon-Wood-759x506 One Central Park / Ateliers Jean Nouvel

© Simon Wood

The apartments and serviced apartments feature indoor/outdoor loggias that extend the living space outside to take maximum advantage of Sidney’s temperate climate. On the north and east façades, the loggias extend in from the façade to protect residents from noise, wind and sun. On the south and west they extend out from the façade to take maximum advantage of views toward the park.

One-Central-Park-By-Ateliers-Jean-Nouvel-46-Simon-Wood-759x506 One Central Park / Ateliers Jean Nouvel

© Simon Wood

The residential tower is marked by a monumental cantilever near its summit. The cantilever houses a common room and panoramic terrace for the residential apartments. A motorized heliostat fixed to the cantilever captures sunlight and reflects it down into the area of the park overshadowed by the tower. The heliostat is illuminated at night by French lighting artist Yann Kersalé.

One-Central-Park-By-Ateliers-Jean-Nouvel-53-Frasers-Property-Australia-and-Sekisui-House-Australia-759x928 One Central Park / Ateliers Jean Nouvel

© Frasers Property Australia and Sekisui House Australia

The tower and the adjacent park are linked by a series of cascading planted terraces. A lower level plaza lined with cafés and shops provides direct access to the shopping center from the park. Through-block links from the main street through the shopping center to the park connect the elements together in a fluid architectural promenade.

The project pushes the integration of landscape and tower architecture to a new level and offer Sidney a new architectural icon that symbolizes the city’s sustainable future.

One-Central-Park-By-Ateliers-Jean-Nouvel-67-John-Gollings-759x506 One Central Park / Ateliers Jean Nouvel

© John Gollings

Project Data:

Project name: One Central Park
Location: 28 Broadway, Chippendale New South Wales 2008, Australia
Coordinates: -33.885431, 151.200342
Type: Condominium, Apartment, Skyscraper, Mixed Use

  • Units count: 623
  • Gross Floor Area: 97,000 sqm
  • Usable Floor Area: 65,000 sqm
  • Height: 116 m

Construction Start: 2010
Status: Built
Budget: 325,000,000 $AU
Completion Year: January 2014


  • 2015 – MIPIM Awards – Category: Best Innovative Green Building – Winner
  • 2014 – The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) Awards – Category: Best Tall Building Worldwide – Winner
  • 2014 – LEAF Awards – The Overall Winner
  • 2014 – LEAF Awards – Category: Best Sustainable Development of the Year – Winner
  • 2014 – LEAF Awards – Category: Residential Building of the Year – Multiple Occupancy – Shortlist
  • 2014 – Australian Institute of Architects Awards – NSW Chapter Architecture Awards – Category: Residential Architecture: Multiple Housing – Commendation

The people:

Client / Owner / Developer: Frasers Property Australia, Sekisui House Australia
Design Architect: Ateliers Jean Nouvel – 10 city of Angouleme 75011 Paris, France
Local Collaborating Architects:

Interior designer: Koichi Takada Architects, Smart Design Studio, Ateliers Jean Nouvel
Landscape architect: Turf Design, Jeppe Aagaard Andersen, Aspect Oculus

Project Team:

  • Terry Brabazon, Craig Hines, Noel Samyia, Matt Dobbs, Mark Giles, Gengis Yaglipinar, Terry O’Rourke, Johnny Wong, Alan Wang, Minh Lee, My Thuat Ho, Tim Waldock, Calvin Kwan


  • Main Contractor: Watpac
  • Planter Box Contractor Palamont and Composite Industries


  • Civil engineer: Hughes Trueman
  • Structural engineer: Robert Bird & Partners


  • Green Walls: Patrick Blanc
  • Green wall contractor: Junglefy
  • Acoustic consultant: Acoustic Logic
  • BCA consultant: Cityplan Services
  • Accessibility: Accessibility Solutions
  • Climbing cable contractor: Tensile
  • ESD and services: Arup, WSP Lincolne Scott
  • Facade access consultant: Farra and Karabiner Access
  • Facade construction: G. James and JML
  • Facade consultant: Surface Design
  • Fire consultant: Arup, WSP Lincolne Scott
  • Heliostat Lighting Designer: Yann Kersalé
  • Heliostat mirror consultant: Kennovations
  • Lighting: Arup
  • Planning consultant: JBA Urban Planning
  • Quantity surveyor: Davis Langdon
  • Surveyor: Denny Linker and Co
  • Traffic consultant: Masson Wilson Twiney
  • Vertical transportation: Arup
  • Wind consultant: Cermak Peterka Petersen

Text Description: © Courtesy of One Central Park, Ateliers Jean Nouvel, Frasers Property Australia, PTW Architects, architectureau
Images: © Ateliers Jean Nouvel, Frasers Property Australia, Sekisui House Australia, Murray Fredericks, Simon Wood, John Gollings, PTW Architects, flickr-John Tolva, One Central Park

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