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Pally stool for kids

Designer Laura Vainola has created colorful and creative chair that bring back us to childhood. Called Pally Chair it’s made of pegs and a holder.

Pally-stool-for-kids-By-Laura-Vainola-01-848x1200 Pally stool for kids / Laura Väinölä

© Eiler Forsius

Pally is a stool for kids and grown-ups. By moving the colourful sticks you can create countless patterns for the seat. The sitting experience is soft because the sticks lay on superlon. Pally comes in two mobile sizes – large and small.

This delightful chair can be reinvented every time the user feels the need to play. An unlimited number of original patterns can be created by simply moving the colorful sticks around. For a pleasant seating experience, the superior side of the pegs is covered in a soft material.

Pally-stool-for-kids-By-Laura-Vainola-03-848x1200 Pally stool for kids / Laura Väinölä

© Eiler Forsius

Pally is available in two sizes and is targeted both at grown-ups and children. We salute this idea and look at it as a delightful way of parents interacting with their kids. Moreover, this type of design can enhance creativity while conferring a practical side to the game.

Pally-stool-for-kids-By-Laura-Vainola-04-848x1200 Pally stool for kids / Laura Väinölä

© Eiler Forsius


Name: Pally
Type: Stool
Materials Combination: Wood + Color, Eco/Recycled/Green
Colour: Mix / Multi Color
Year: 2011

The people:

Furniture Designer: Laura Vainola
Text Description: © Courtesy of Laura Vainola
Images: © Eiler Forsius


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Pally stool for kids / Laura Väinölä
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