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Pantori is an adaptable, tailor made, freestanding pantry larder, designed by carpentry Intern Steph Leake and handcrafted by Jack Badger for Japanese crepe eatery, Nojō. Inspired by the Japanese design philosophy of the Wabi-Sabi aesthetic, embracing naturalness, simplicity and subtle imperfection, a combination of Japanese and English joinery.

Pantori-By-Stephanie-Leake-02-Adrian-Lambert-858x1200 Pantori / Stephanie Leake

© Adrian Lambert

A combination of Japanese and English joinery has been used. The top has been jointed using three way mitres and wedged tenons, the rails are housed dovetails, while the drawers have been housed and nailed with ring shank nails typically used in boat building.

Pantori-By-Stephanie-Leake-03-Adrian-Lambert-759x506 Pantori / Stephanie Leake

© Adrian Lambert

Oak was selected for the frame and flexible straight-grained ash for the woven inner drawers. Shou Sugi Ban, the traditional Japanese technique of burning timber to preserve it and make it resistant to fire, rot and insects, inspired the scorching on the oak. Within the drawers, waste sawdust creates a substrate for mushrooms to grown in. Two extra rails allow the positioning of the drawers to be changed while the oak board provides an extra workspace.

Pantori-By-Stephanie-Leake-04-Adrian-Lambert-759x506 Pantori / Stephanie Leake

© Adrian Lambert

“We have just won the Bespoke furniture category Wood Award for ‘Pantori’. This was a collaborative project with our intern Stephanie Leake who spent the year with us from Nottingham Trent University. We tasked Stephanie with a live project to give her some real time experience, she designed the Pantori. Together Jack Badger Ltd and Stephanie made the Pantori as part of a project being run by Holland Harvey architects for a pop up pancake restaurant in Old St tube station.” – Jack Badger Ltd.

Pantori-By-Stephanie-Leake-13-Adrian-Lambert-759x826 Pantori / Stephanie Leake

© Adrian Lambert

Stephanie Leake:

The design of the Pantori finds an inventive new use for the waste sawdust and shavings, by creating a substrate for mushrooms to grow in. These are to be picked and eaten in Nojōs’ delicious crepes.

Pantori-By-Stephanie-Leake-06-Adrian-Lambert-759x506 Pantori / Stephanie Leake

© Adrian Lambert

Oak selected for a strong outer frame and ash for its inner drawers. Additionally, the oak board provides extra workspace or service area when needed. The board can be hung flush with the frame to become more compact for storing.  The rails are housed dovetails which tighten when driven in, giving strength and no need for mechanical fixings.

Pantori-By-Stephanie-Leake-05-Adrian-Lambert-759x506 Pantori / Stephanie Leake

© Adrian Lambert

The traditional Japanese technique of Shou Sugi Ban inspired the scorching of the oak, which also helps preserve the timber. The entire unit has been hand planed and then finished with natural oil.

Pantori-By-Stephanie-Leake-10-Adrian-Lambert-759x506 Pantori / Stephanie Leake

© Adrian Lambert

Space-saving functionality is incorporated into the design; there are two extra rails, which allows for taller items such as kilner jars.

Pantori-By-Stephanie-Leake-07-Adrian-Lambert-800x1200 Pantori / Stephanie Leake

© Adrian Lambert

Inspired by Japanese joinery and their precision, the top of the Pantori has been jointed using three way mitres, then wedged tenons for added strength.

Pantori-By-Stephanie-Leake-09-Adrian-Lambert-759x506 Pantori / Stephanie Leake

© Adrian Lambert

Straight-grained ash in particular was selected for its flexibility, for use in the woven bottoms of the drawers.

Pantori-By-Stephanie-Leake-14-Adrian-Lambert-759x506 Pantori / Stephanie Leake

© Adrian Lambert


Name: Pantori
Type: Shelves / Shelf
Materials: European Oak, English Ash
Materials Combination: Wood + Color, Eco / Recycled / Green
Dimensions: n/a
Colors: Natural Color
Year: 2016


  • 2016 – The Wood Awards – Category: Bespoke – Winner

The people:

Furniture Designer: Stephanie Leake – Nottingham, United Kingdom
Maker: Jack Badger Ltd. – Allmans Heath Farm, SK13 7QE Glossop, United Kingdom
Wood supplier: Brooks Brothers Timber
Project Architect: Holland Harvey Architects
Text Description: © Courtesy of Stephanie Leake, The Wood Awards
Images: © Adrian Lambert, University of Nottingham

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Pantori / Stephanie Leake
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