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Piano Clothing Rack

Piano by Patrick Seha is a Multi-purpose hanger panel with folding hooks. It is a multi-purpose hanger panel that features hooks that fold out as required. Made from wood. Allows you to save some space in the hallway or wherever the hanger is placed.

Piano-Clothing-Rack-By-Patrick-Seha-for-Feld-02-803x1200 Piano Clothing Rack / Patrick Seha for Feld

© Feld

The Antwerp design label Feld found this and has him listed in its collection. The design is a proof that no unsightly hooks or clumsy hooks need to have and not have to be a permanent structure. If you’re not using it hangs flat against the wall and something to hang a hook to pull you forward. Nice tight, simple, rugged and flexible.

Piano-Clothing-Rack-By-Patrick-Seha-for-Feld-04-759x832 Piano Clothing Rack / Patrick Seha for Feld

© Feld

The concept of designer Patrick Seha’s Piano Hanger is that the utilitarian coat hook needn’t be an eyesore nor a permanent obstruction. Rather—by following the simple mechanical principles of piano keys—it can be a pleasing whole-wall decoration with pragmatic perches for coats, hats, what have you… that appear and disappear with a simple nudge.

Piano-Clothing-Rack-By-Patrick-Seha-for-Feld-05-759x976 Piano Clothing Rack / Patrick Seha for Feld

© Feld

The piece in fact resembles the interior works of a piano. And like that keyed instrument, Piano Hanger works by simply depressing one end of a length of wood. The cantilevered shaft gives way with a simple nudge and voila! you have your hook, eager to accept whatever item needs temporary storage.

Piano Hanger features multiple hooks at several different levels, which, in addition to staggering items such that it makes great use of space, enables people of all heights (especially kids) to fully engage its musical charms.

Piano-Clothing-Rack-By-Patrick-Seha-for-Feld-09 Piano Clothing Rack / Patrick Seha for Feld

© Feld

Very nice design coat rack in solid oak or beech with pull hooks at different heights. The Piano coat rack or hanging panel is available in 2 sizes (41 x 145 cm 82 x 145 cm) and 2 types of material (beech and oak in the slightly more expensive). In terms of color, you can choose from wood, black or white.

Piano-Clothing-Rack-By-Patrick-Seha-for-Feld-10 Piano Clothing Rack / Patrick Seha for Feld

© smow


Name: Piano
Type: Coat Stand / Clothing Rack
Materials: Solid Oak – Finishes: Varnished or Lacquered
Materials Combination: Wood + Color, Eco / Recycled / Green
Dimensions: Available as a narrow (39cm) and a wide (81cm) version.
Colour: available in Natural Color, Black or White
Prices: from € 995
Year: 2012


  • 2012 AZURE Magazine’s Awards – Best Furniture Design – People’s Choice

The people:

Furniture Designer: Patrick Seha – Belgium
Manufacturer: Feld – Diamantstraat 8, B-2200 Herentals, Antwerp East, Belgium
Text Description: © Courtesy of Feld, media.designerpages
Images: © Feld, smow


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Piano Clothing Rack / Patrick Seha for Feld
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