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[highlight1]  Pixel Vases  [/highlight1]

The pixel vases are the product of the pixel casting machines. Each vase that is produces is totally unique and has it’s own production number. The shapes that can be produce vary greatly. Each vase can be tailored to meet the requirements of each use.

The vases are produced using a coloured slip and only glazed on the interior, this produces a finish that is crisp and shows the detail of the moulding process.

Vases are available on commission to meet specific requests, the way the machines are designed means that customers are also able to produce vases using the casting machines.

Hexagonal Pixel Vases

The new configuration of the pixel vases. The hexagonal shape gives the vases a geometric pattern that gives the vases a crystal like structure that produces a interesting new language for the vessels. The shape of the pixels means the the base also hexagonal form meaning the shape is uninterrupted.

The Pixel Casting machine

This first redesign of the pixel casting machine uses similar techniques as the original Pixel Mould but changes have been made to speed up the process and the ease of use. With this machine the rods that hold the plaster blocks are free moving and can by pushed and pulled to create the desired mould shape.

[highlight1]  Data  [/highlight1]

Name: Pixel Vases
Type: Vases
Materials Combination: Clay + Color, Eco/Recycled/Green
Colour: Grey, Blue, RED, Yellow

[highlight1] The people [/highlight1]

Product Designer: Julian F. Bond
Text Description: © Courtesy of Julian F. Bond
Images: © Julian F. Bond

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