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POP Iconic Art Paintings

Cliff Matthews, 39, of Jerounds, has been painting seriously for a year and a half and describes his work as contemporary. His highly stylised portraits of the famous and infamous use limited colour, and are all brush applied, despite having the appearance of prints.

POP-Iconic-Art-Paintings-By-Cliff-Matthews-female-film-icons-Brigitte-Bardot-01-759x963 POP Iconic Art Paintings / Cliff Matthews

female film icons – Brigitte Bardot 01 – © Cliff Matthews

Cliff explained that he wanted to give people the opportunity to own an original painting of famous icons and film stars rather than something that has been mass produced by somebody who he thinks charges over the odds for the work.

POP-Iconic-Art-Paintings-By-Cliff-Matthews-female-film-icons-Marilyn-Monroe-02 POP Iconic Art Paintings / Cliff Matthews

female film icons – Marilyn Monroe 02 – © Cliff Matthews

Cliff’s paintings featuring legends from stage & screen have been quite popular so to this end he knows that he is not alone in his fascination with the iconic. His work is based on icons, such as the one pictured, which features John Travolta and Samuel L Jackson in the cult film Pulp Fiction.

POP-Iconic-Art-Paintings-By-Cliff-Matthews-historic-figures-Einstein POP Iconic Art Paintings / Cliff Matthews

historic figures – Einstein – © Cliff Matthews

Cliff has found in researching his subjects that it has been difficult not to repeat some by other artists, He has also found that there are many people mass producing images of the famous, using computers to enhance and add “Warhol style” colouring and then printing onto canvas for much profit.

All of the work that Cliff does is painted free-hand, without the use of stencil or print and is brush applied with all reference images sourced by himself.

POP-Iconic-Art-Paintings-By-Cliff-Matthews-historic-figures-JFK-852x1200 POP Iconic Art Paintings / Cliff Matthews

historic figures – JFK – © Cliff Matthews

  • “I like the idea of painting iconic people like Andy Warhol did, but I’m inspired more by the pop art movement than particular artists.”
  • “I always used to do watercolour sketches of wildlife, but I decided to try painting with acrylic, which is when I started painting in a more pop art style.
POP-Iconic-Art-Paintings-By-Cliff-Matthews-male-film-icons-Dean-Martin POP Iconic Art Paintings / Cliff Matthews

male film icons – Dean Martin – © Cliff Matthews

“Where I have painted the most iconic of stars, I will try and source an image that is not so well known, this will then go some way to showing that the painting is not simply copied from another artists work and also helps to reinforce the fact that the painting is an original. “You can move too far from the most popular images as these are the ones that after all make them “Iconic” and that is what most people are after.”

POP-Iconic-Art-Paintings-By-Cliff-Matthews-male-film-icons-Marlon-Brando-Godfather-FB-759x938 POP Iconic Art Paintings / Cliff Matthews

male film icons – Marlon Brando Godfather FB – © Cliff Matthews

Cliff Matthews:

A self taught artist located in Essex, has many commissions within the genre of the famous and the iconic. And with many exhibitions behind him and work now selling Internationally, his style of handpainting while Achieving the “pop” look is becoming more recognised.

POP-Iconic-Art-Paintings-By-Cliff-Matthews-music-Amy-Winehouse POP Iconic Art Paintings / Cliff Matthews

music – Amy Winehouse – © Cliff Matthews

His paintings has sold at auction to raise substantial amounts for charitable events proving the popularity of his work.

POP-Iconic-Art-Paintings-By-Cliff-Matthews-music-Louis-Armstrong-759x959 POP Iconic Art Paintings / Cliff Matthews

music – Louis Armstrong – © Cliff Matthews

“My work is very obviously influenced by the Pop movement and is in a “Block painted” style, Although I have set a few Flexible rules of my own”

POP-Iconic-Art-Paintings-By-Cliff-Matthews-sporting-legends-Teddy-Sheringham POP Iconic Art Paintings / Cliff Matthews

sporting legends – Teddy Sheringham – © Cliff Matthews


Name: POP Iconic Art Paintings
Type: Painting
Theme Colour: black & grey, Black and White
Year: Varies
Technique: Oil on canvas

The people:

Artist: Cliff Matthews – Great Parndon, Essex, United Kingdom
Text Description: © Courtesy of Cliff Matthews, edp24
Images: © Cliff Matthews

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POP Iconic Art Paintings / Cliff Matthews
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