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Pop Life Hotel

Pop Life is located in Mexico City and its concept deals with the coloring and the psychedelic dynamics of 60s and 70s. Lighting and furniture reflect a Pop Art and modernist influence. This is a hotel and motel with modern facilities and a friendly atmosphere.

Pop-Life-Hotel-By-DIN-interiorismo-01-759x506 Pop Life Hotel / DIN interiorismo

© Arturo Chávez

Each room has its own Jacuzzi and the suites are decorated with green, white, red and orange tiles. In the lobby, guests are welcomed by a Warhol-like painting of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Jimmy Hendrix and other artists.

Pop-Life-Hotel-By-DIN-interiorismo-03 Pop Life Hotel / DIN interiorismo

© Arturo Chávez

Pop-Life-Hotel-By-DIN-interiorismo-07-759x508 Pop Life Hotel / DIN interiorismo

© Arturo Chávez

DIN interiorismo:

For the Pop Life hotel project we start by selecting several elements that recreate in the space through materials and design details inspired by great artists of the time as Warhol, Lichtenstein, Robert Indiana, Rauschenberg and Oldenburg and many others.

Pop-Life-Hotel-By-DIN-interiorismo-05-759x508 Pop Life Hotel / DIN interiorismo

© Arturo Chávez

In all the project the details are inspired by the representative images of the 60 or 70. One we like the most are the colors for the floor, in addition to covering the entire room, giving rise to certain base walls bright colors. Another striking element is the design of tubular furniture upholstered in shades of synthetic materials very happy.

Pop-Life-Hotel-By-DIN-interiorismo-08-759x508 Pop Life Hotel / DIN interiorismo

© Arturo Chávez

Geometric shapes, another important characteristic of this movement, such as circles, squares and triangles, are represented in pottery, items in the bedside and the pattern of the quilt, among others. We did a tribute to illustrations with a great photomural at the bottom of the bed, for which there was a special photo session and post production were applied overlapping shapes psychedelic effects that highlight the shape of the pattern and colors.

Pop-Life-Hotel-By-DIN-interiorismo-09 Pop Life Hotel / DIN interiorismo

© Arturo Chávez

Each room space, in addition to a functional solution is presented to the user as a playful atmosphere. Thus, basic and necessary items like bed, sprinkler or table become game pieces that complement the design, such as geometric figures at the foot of the bed. The whole concept has a palette of 3 colors as a base. These are green, orange and red that are applied to the upholstery, ceilings and walls of randomly generating a different pattern combinations for each room, with the idea that different areas receive.

Pop-Life-Hotel-By-DIN-interiorismo-10-759x506 Pop Life Hotel / DIN interiorismo

© Arturo Chávez

This adventurous combination of colors and proportions are also variable amount of the 3 different photo murals.

Pop-Life-Hotel-By-DIN-interiorismo-04 Pop Life Hotel / DIN interiorismo

© Arturo Chávez

It was a mixture of LED lighting, fluorescent and incandescent to achieve different scenes by simply pressing buttons to turn on and off different lights. Likewise, combined direct and indirect light to create different lighting levels and generate playful atmosphere, fun, intimate and other than users will surely invent.

Pop-Life-Hotel-By-DIN-interiorismo-14-759x506 Pop Life Hotel / DIN interiorismo

© Arturo Chávez

Project Data:

Project name: Pop Life Hotel
Location: Avenida Revolucion 737, Benito Juárez, Santa María Nonoalco, 03700 Ciudad de México, D.F., Mexico
Coordinates: 19.382304, -99.187062
Type: Hotel Interior
Completion Year: 2011

The people:

Interior Designer: DIN interiorismo, Mexico Distrito Federal, Mexico
Project Designer: Aurelio Vázquez
Text Description: © Courtesy of DIN interiorismo
Images: © DIN interiorismo


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Pop Life Hotel / DIN interiorismo
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