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Post Lamp

Post Lamp is a minimal light fixture designed by Brazilian designers Studio Ninho. Composed of cork, recycled cork sheet, pinewood, the construction of this light is extremely simple and cheap. Even the packaging is simplified down to its basic parts. The aim of the project was to reduce waste and streamline the production, transportation, and distribution of the product.

Post-Lamp-By-Studio-Ninho-02-759x570 Post Lamp / Studio Ninho

© Studio Ninho

Post-Lamp-By-Studio-Ninho-03-759x570 Post Lamp / Studio Ninho

© Studio Ninho

Post was conceived of two distinct ideas: an unconventional use of recycled cork and the addition of a new function to an ordinary table lamp. The lamp also produces minimal waste because it’s assembled with simple pins and fittings by the user, allowing it to be placed in a small package. It throws a soft, warm light due to the cork material as a shade.

Post-Lamp-By-Studio-Ninho-04-759x570 Post Lamp / Studio Ninho

© Studio Ninho

Post-Lamp-By-Studio-Ninho-05-759x570 Post Lamp / Studio Ninho

© Studio Ninho

The product is compact and is easily dismantled and packaged to optimize storage, production and distribution. Measuring 200mm x 220mm x 200mm, The main feature uses the cork in an unconventional way. not only is the element the object itself, It also acts as a notice board for an additional layer of functionality.

Post-Lamp-By-Studio-Ninho-06-759x506 Post Lamp / Studio Ninho

© Studio Ninho


Name: Post
Type: Table Lamp
Materials: recycled cork sheet, pinewood
Materials Combination: Wood, Eco / Recycled / Green
Dimensions: 200mm x 220mm x 200mm
Weight: 490 g
Colour: Natural Color
Year: 2012

The people:

Lighting Designer: Studio Ninho – São Paulo, Brazil
Manufacturer: Self-production
Text Description: © Courtesy of Studio Ninho
Images: © Studio Ninho


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Post Lamp / Studio Ninho
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