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[highlight1]  ‘Private Collection’ Luxury Furniture Collection  [/highlight1]

PRIVATE COLLECTION was created by Valencia-based designer Paco Camus, a significant representation of products which perfectly describe brand positioning and philosophy in the High End market. Timelessness, Investment, Quality, Art and Singularity are our main values which are perfectly transmitted through designs and material used in manufacturing.

Paco Camus Private Collection” some of the most representative Camus’ design pieces have been showcased of art, in order to create a link between furniture and art. PACO CAMUS designs, produces and sells exclusive design pieces – or “functional sculptures”, as they are considered by experts – for exquisite interiors all over the world.

The high-end PACO CAMUS PRIVATE COLLECTION is composed by 16 hand-crafted pieces in solid American walnut wood and other noble materials and precious finishes, such as alabaster stones, polished aluminum, enea (bulrush) fibres and gold and silver leaf.

The Collection consists of many interesting and creative interior furniture items. All the objects can be considered authentic pieces of art that rise above trends and add a timeless appeal to classy ambiences. The designs include:

  • Voltaire Writing Desk: Inebriated inspiration the word hunter opens and closes his trap.
  • SFORZA Dinning Table: Tied muscles spell the effort of a wooden heart.
  • GIORGIO Sideboard: A robust and bare pedestal to endure the weight of its own simplicity.
  • ESGRIMAS Console & BOLANZAS Sculpture: Sharp weapons and old armours of war on thin heels.
  • SARA BOND Arm Chair: Barefoot maiden dressed in the protocol of modernity.
  • VIPERUS Stool: Positive zoomorphism lysergic diving evolutionary dada.
  • AGRIPPA & AGRIPPINA Side Table: Paired shadows shamelessly exhibit their robust fragility.
  • COPERNICUS coffee table: Spheres, hemispheres, orbits concentric circles, eccentric, light, darkness, cosmos.
  • ORNELLA Shelf: Science fiction curves teleported to the great bazaar of reality.
  • ODISSEY Mirror: Petrified distant galaxies on S. Kubrick’s TV.
  • BAROCCO Mirror: Bodies canned for art. Ladies, nymphs and odalisques of glass.
  • LUXOR Table: A cross in the center of the word a cross in the heart of the stone.
  • LADY STING Chair: Confessed killer, lost lover, fleeting princess.
  • YRIS Table: Three crystal tears gravitate in the grip of a storm of thorns.

Paco Camus is a key to everything, after drawing comics in the 80s, he kept drawing the fiber to associate with the design and ephemeral architecture. It creates the office Voltaire mixture of curves and straight lines, ancient and modern, composed entirely of wood.

Paco Camus

The work of Paco Camus, a designer from Valencia, Spain, who is earning well-deserved renown for his contemporary furniture, has a new home in the United States. Gallery owner Fernando Luis Alvarez has opened a shop right next door to his eponymous gallery in Stamford, Connecticut. Fernando Luis Alvarez Presents is the first (and so far, only) stand-alone store in the country that offers Camus’s work for sale. For more information, please contact Communications Director Rebecca Hansen at rhansen@pacocamus.com or visit Paco Camus’s website.

[highlight1]  Data  [/highlight1]

Name: Private Collection
Type: Furniture Collection
Materials: solid American walnut wood, alabaster stones, polished aluminum
Materials Combination: Wood, Wood + Glass, Wood + Stone, Eco / Recycled / Green
Dimensions: Varies
Colour: Natural Color
Year: 2012

[highlight1]  The people  [/highlight1]

Furniture Designer: Paco Camus, Reyes Catolicos, 15 46760 Valencia, Spain
Manufacturer: Self-production
Text Description: © Courtesy of Paco Camus
Images: © Paco Camus

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