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‘Recreate’ Recycled Furniture Collection

Katie Thompson is a designer from South Africa whose passion for transformation of old into something new lead to the birth of ‘Recreate’ recycled furniture collection. Using old broken things that either lost their functionality or appeal Katie Thompson creates her recycled furniture giving the old things new life and even new function.

Recreate-Recycled-Furniture-Collection-By-Katie-Thompson-Bench-01 'Recreate' Recycled Furniture Collection / Katie Thompson

Bench – © Katie Thompson

Using pieces of discarded junk, Katie recreates a unique, recycled range of furniture, lighting and interior accessories, each piece infused with its own previous character but with a new function. By blending South African craftsmanship, with high end finishes and her own eclectic perfectionist flair, Katie creates an original end product with a new integrity that epitomizes the very best of South African design.

Recreate-Recycled-Furniture-Collection-By-Katie-Thompson-Fridge-Cupboard-01 'Recreate' Recycled Furniture Collection / Katie Thompson

Fridge Cupboard – © Katie Thompson

Katie’s style is always innovative and novel. Her trademark choice of colour, texture and finish give her designs an ever present element of surprise. Recreate also specialize in Interior Design, Redecorating and Renovations and its design philosophy is to strive for the unconventional and unique in every project. Katie has an honest, reliable and transparent nature and this is reflected in long established industry relationships with her clients and suppliers.

Recreate-Recycled-Furniture-Collection-By-Katie-Thompson-Hatbox-Ottoman-04 'Recreate' Recycled Furniture Collection / Katie Thompson

Hatbox Ottoman – © Katie Thompson

Sustainable environment is the key to a secure future for human beings. Everyone owes something to the environment. However, there are some people who convert their passion into environment-friendly solutions that fulfill both utilitarian and aesthetic purposes. Katie Thompson is one such person. Katie recreates a range of attractive furniture, lighting and interior accessories from recycled goods. The remarkable feature of her creations is the distinct novelty they portray while still holding on to the essence of the previous material from which the piece is designed.

Recreate-Recycled-Furniture-Collection-By-Katie-Thompson-Ottoman-Tub-02 'Recreate' Recycled Furniture Collection / Katie Thompson

Ottoman Tub 02 – © Katie Thompson

Umbrellas, suitcases, buckets, tripod stands, mannequins, there are several pieces of discarded junk that meet their savior in Katie. She combines her impeccable taste and artistic touch to go beyond the boundaries of styling and designing. Perhaps this is what gives her design a distinctive look, finish and feel. Take for instance the range of elegant chairs made using discarded vintage suitcases that are rare to come by. Combining the suitcases with green velvet damask, natural embroidered fabric, leather and a host of other products these chairs suit different temperaments and tastes.

Recreate-Recycled-Furniture-Collection-By-Katie-Thompson-Printers-Tray-Table-01 'Recreate' Recycled Furniture Collection / Katie Thompson

Printers Tray Table – © Katie Thompson

Browse through Katie’s products and you will be left pleasantly surprised at every step. Milk pails converted into stools and rusty bath tubs reformed into a fabulous ottoman only seem to be a beginning.

Recreate-Recycled-Furniture-Collection-By-Katie-Thompson-Slide-Splicer-Table-Lamp 'Recreate' Recycled Furniture Collection / Katie Thompson

Slide Splicer Table Lamp – © Katie Thompson

About – Katie Thompson:

A graduate with distinction from the Design Time School of Interior Design, Cape Town, Katie uses her unique South African craftsmanship to convert pieces of junk into furniture and many more interior accessories that adore the homes. She has seven years of experience in the field and has established ‘Recreate’, the brand for exquisite recycled pieces.

Recreate-Recycled-Furniture-Collection-By-Katie-Thompson-Suitcase-Chair-13 'Recreate' Recycled Furniture Collection / Katie Thompson

Suitcase Chair 13 – © Katie Thompson

If you are wondering what lead to ‘Recreate’, it was this gifted designer’s imagination to convert something as mundane as a discarded umbrella into a coveted piece of interior accessory. You can find the everyday weighing machine from your kitchen converted into a beautiful functional clock, frying basket transformed into flower vase, and much more.

Recreate-Recycled-Furniture-Collection-By-Katie-Thompson-Suitcase-Sidetable-03 'Recreate' Recycled Furniture Collection / Katie Thompson

Suitcase Sidetable 03 – © Katie Thompson


Name: Recreate
Type: Furniture Collection
Materials: Recycled Furniture
Materials Combination: Mix / Multi Materials, Eco / Recycled / Green
Dimensions: Varies
Colour: Mix / Multi Color
Year: Varies

The people:

Furniture Designer: Katie Thompson, Cape Town, South Africa
Manufacturer: Self-production
Text Description: © Courtesy of Katie Thompson, greendiary
Images: © Katie Thompson

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'Recreate' Recycled Furniture Collection / Katie Thompson
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