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Recycled Robots Sculptures

Bruno Lefevre Brauer, known as +Brauer. He takes old mechanical parts and up-cycles them into retro-futuristic luminous robots. Inspired by his love for Japanese robots and taking a poetic stance against overconsumption, each component of his sculptures has an industrial past. Each completed robot is a unique piece with its own tailor-made lighting design. At night, it is the turn of the poetic, evocative light fittings to reveal their magic.

Recycled-Robots-Sculptures-By-Brauer-albert-800x1200 Recycled Robots Sculptures / +Brauer

albert – © +Brauer

His style has been influenced by his love of science fiction novels, comics, and American series. Specifically, he has admired the wondrous universes of Metropolis by Fritz Lang and the grandeur of 2001: A Space Odyssey by Stanley Kubrick. He also loves outsider art.

Recycled-Robots-Sculptures-By-Brauer-boris-828x1200 Recycled Robots Sculptures / +Brauer

boris – © +Brauer

“Industrial materials have always attracted me; they have always inspired me. I’ve always associated light with my creations. I started by creating lamps out of used metal. These lamps eventually took the shape of robots. In the beginning, they were rather simple ones. The first one, for instance, was made out of a simple metal case to which I added two keys as arms and an electrical insulator for the head. The second one was more elaborate. Each one is telling me its own story. This is how many new robots came along and I started expanding this family. Each one has its own personality and name. Like Geppetto, I like to see the personalities of each new piece as they arise. I keep my soul young by making my own toys.” – MB&F founder Maximilian Büsser Interview With Artist +Brauer

Recycled-Robots-Sculptures-By-Brauer-champion-803x1200 Recycled Robots Sculptures / +Brauer

champion – © +Brauer


+ Brauer is a graphic designer who lives and works in Paris. Over the past 20 years he has designed numerous album covers for French and international artists and pursued his personal artistic expression through painting, photography and sculpture.?He regularly exhibits in Paris, and presents here a few pieces from his series “Viva la roboluciòn!”

Recycled-Robots-Sculptures-By-Brauer-cosmos-802x1200 Recycled Robots Sculptures / +Brauer

cosmos – © +Brauer

More than their technological features, he tries to reveal the original, almost primative, form of the robots he creates. +Brauer carefully chooses vintage objects that have an industrial past, that are marked by time and whose patina has been moulded by years of manual use. He admires the beauty, sometimes hidden, of these discarded industrial parts, alters their appearance, sculpts them, and incorporates light sources into their structure before assembling the parts together to create a unique and poetic piece.

Recycled-Robots-Sculptures-By-Brauer-ernest-802x1200 Recycled Robots Sculptures / +Brauer

ernest – © +Brauer

The beauty of the materials and the venerable patinas express their beauty in the light of day, while at night, it is the turn of the strange, evocative light fittings to reveal their magic. Right from conception, the element of light is an integral part of the artwork: each robot is designed to interact with it’s environment in a different way whether it is turned on or off.

Recycled-Robots-Sculptures-By-Brauer-isidore-802x1200 Recycled Robots Sculptures / +Brauer

isidore – © +Brauer

Abandoned or forgotten in workshops and garages, the industrial parts are reborn in unique works of art that embrace us with their kind presence, imposing personality, and amazing humanity. Each piece is a statement of poetic resistance to mass-consumption.

Recycled-Robots-Sculptures-By-Brauer-exhibition-Taipei-759x506 Recycled Robots Sculptures / +Brauer

exhibition Taipei – © +Brauer


Name: Recycled Robots Sculptures
Type: Sculpture, Metal Working
Materials: old mechanical parts
Dimensions: Varies
Technique: up-cycles them into retro-futuristic luminous robots

The people:

Artist: +Brauer – 48 Rue de Montmorency, 75003 Paris, France
Text Description: © Courtesy of +Brauer
Images: © +Brauer

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Recycled Robots Sculptures / +Brauer
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