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The Roll-Up paper bin designed by Michel Charlot for L&Z is flexible and does not necessarily only serve as a paper bin. Vary the colourful container according to its field of action and enjoy its versatility.

ROLL-UP-Bin-By-Michel-Charlot-for-LZ-03-759x576 ROLL-UP Bin / Michel Charlot for L&Z

© L&Z

ROLL-UP-Bin-By-Michel-Charlot-for-LZ-04-759x759 ROLL-UP Bin / Michel Charlot for L&Z

© L&Z

“L&Z wanted a paper bin, but couldn’t afford injection moulding and so I had to find an alternative solution. At that time I was working on bag project and so thought maybe we could try and do something similar and so together with a partner we developed a polyurethane according to our requirements for stiffness, weight, colour etc.

ROLL-UP-Bin-By-Michel-Charlot-for-LZ-06-759x759 ROLL-UP Bin / Michel Charlot for L&Z

© L&Z

ROLL-UP-Bin-By-Michel-Charlot-for-LZ-11-759x759 ROLL-UP Bin / Michel Charlot for L&Z

© L&Z

Initially the plan was just to do one size but because it has proved a successful product we have released it in other sizes that can be used in different situations, and not just as a bin but also as a general basket or storage object.” – Michel Charlot

ROLL-UP-Bin-By-Michel-Charlot-for-LZ-13-759x512 ROLL-UP Bin / Michel Charlot for L&Z

© L&Z

ROLL-UP-Bin-By-Michel-Charlot-for-LZ-14-759x569 ROLL-UP Bin / Michel Charlot for L&Z

© L&Z

Michel Charlot:

The Roll-Up Bin can be playfully rolled up like a pair of jeans. In this charming way, it adapts to various needs.Its holding capacity varies between 10 liters and 30 liters. Despite its flexibility, the Roll-Up Bin stands securely on the ground.

ROLL-UP-Bin-By-Michel-Charlot-for-LZ-17-759x522 ROLL-UP Bin / Michel Charlot for L&Z

© L&Z

ROLL-UP-Bin-By-Michel-Charlot-for-LZ-23-759x503 ROLL-UP Bin / Michel Charlot for L&Z

© L&Z

PVC-free TPU material has pleasantly rubberlike feel and is extremely robust. Thanks to all-around welding, the Roll-Up is completely waterproof. It is optimally suited as a planter or universal storage unit.

ROLL-UP-Bin-By-Michel-Charlot-for-LZ-24-759x497 ROLL-UP Bin / Michel Charlot for L&Z

© L&Z


Type: Bin
Materials: PVC-free thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)
Details: waterproof welded height adjustable between 12 & 54 cm, capacity varies between 10 and 30 l
Dimensions: Height: 52 cm, Depth: 39 cm, Length: 39 cm, Diameter: 39 cm
Weight: 400 g (without packaging)
Colors: Mix / Multi Color
Year: 2015


  • 2016 – The German Design Council Award – Iconic Awards: Interior Innovation – Category: Office and workplace – Best of Best

The people:

Product Designer: Michel Charlot – Switzerland
Manufacturer: L&Z – Grüntaler Straße 9, 13357 Berlin, Germany
Text Description: © Courtesy of Michel Charlot, L&Z
Images: © L&Z


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ROLL-UP Bin / Michel Charlot for L&Z
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