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Safe Cabinet

The Safe Cabinet is a theatrical collections cabinet for your most treasured possessions. The design features an exquisitely engineered closing mechanism and fully adjustable shelving system that can be tailored to your collections requirements. Launched at the V&A Museum during London Design Festival 2016.

Safe-Cabinet-By-Scott-Jarvie-for-Delupo-02-759x546 Safe Cabinet / Scott Jarvie for Delupo

© Delupo

Safe-Cabinet-By-Scott-Jarvie-for-Delupo-03-759x546 Safe Cabinet / Scott Jarvie for Delupo

© Delupo

“Traditionally mechanical bank vaults are beautifully designed and engineered. However their function demands that their mechanisms are concealed. This piece explores the semiotic cues associated with our perception of value.” – Scott Jarvie

Safe-Cabinet-By-Scott-Jarvie-for-Delupo-04-759x546 Safe Cabinet / Scott Jarvie for Delupo

© Delupo


The Safe Cabinet, Clyde Built.

Inspired by the whimsy and fantasy of popular culture the Safe Cabinet aspires to be an object of value as well as a vessel for value.

Safe-Cabinet-By-Scott-Jarvie-for-Delupo-06-759x546 Safe Cabinet / Scott Jarvie for Delupo

© Delupo

The theatre of the piece is achieved through the motion of the mechanism as it is turned via the central hand wheel. Continuous rotation cycles the mechanism between the locked and unlocked position, creating a mesmerizing visual effect. The piece is generously proportioned and its height adjustable shelves offer considerable flexibility of storage.

Safe-Cabinet-By-Scott-Jarvie-for-Delupo-07-759x759 Safe Cabinet / Scott Jarvie for Delupo

© Delupo

Safe-Cabinet-By-Scott-Jarvie-for-Delupo-08-759x546 Safe Cabinet / Scott Jarvie for Delupo

© Delupo

  • 28 precision CNC milled bead blasted aluminium moving parts
  • 20 expertly hand turned and bead blasted aluminium pivot standoffs
  • 247 stainless steel mechanical fastening elements
  • 42 Stainless Steel housed pivot/track ball bearings
  • 8 Wenge hand turned and polished shelf depth stops
  • 164 hand cut wood joints
  • 100’s of assembly hours
  • And considerable engineering prowess.
Safe-Cabinet-By-Scott-Jarvie-for-Delupo-10-759x759 Safe Cabinet / Scott Jarvie for Delupo

© Delupo


Name: Safe Cabinet
Type: Cabinets
Materials: Bead blasted Aluminium, Grey Ash & Layered Birch
Materials Combination: Wood + Metal
Dimensions: 885mm x 1380mm x 500mm / 34.8” x 54.3” x 19.7”
Weight: 65kg Approx / 144 lbs Approx
Colors: Natural Color
Year: 2016

The people:

Furniture Designer: Scott Jarvie – Glasgow, Scotland
Manufacturer: Delupo
Text Description: © Courtesy of Scott Jarvie, Delupo
Images: © Delupo


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Safe Cabinet / Scott Jarvie for Delupo
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