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Sand Bridge Lamp

Inspired by the Sandy Bridge in Wroclaw, Poland, the designer Julia Kononenko designed this beautiful, industrial and red lamp. The lamp was made out of sheet metal and aluminum, the design is light yet adds a sense of weight and industrial style to any space’s atmosphere. It’s right at home in loft-like spaces.

Sand-Bridge-Lamp-By-Kononenko-02-795x1200 Sand Bridge Lamp / Kononenko

© Kononenko

Sand-Bridge-Lamp-By-Kononenko-04-794x1200 Sand Bridge Lamp / Kononenko

© Kononenko

Sand-Bridge-Lamp-By-Kononenko-12-759x757 Sand Bridge Lamp / Kononenko

© Kononenko


A year ago we traveled to Poland, and we were very happy and was inspired by numerous bridges in Wroclaw. One of these bridges has made a special impression – “Sandy Bridge.” This bridge is a link between the old town and the “Sand Island”. Today, it is the oldest iron bridge in the city.

Sand-Bridge-Lamp-By-Kononenko-06-759x504 Sand Bridge Lamp / Kononenko

© Kononenko

Sand-Bridge-Lamp-By-Kononenko-09-759x502 Sand Bridge Lamp / Kononenko

© Kononenko

“We have created this lamp inspired by the beautiful, industrial, red bridge. The lamp is very constructive and easy, we use sheet metal and aluminum. Suitable for a variety of interiors, especially in a contemporary style and in the style of “Loft”

Sand-Bridge-Lamp-By-Kononenko-10-759x503 Sand Bridge Lamp / Kononenko

© Kononenko


Name: Sand Bridge
Type: Lighting Design
Usage: Pendant light
Materials: sheet metal and aluminum
Materials Combination: Metal + Color, Eco / Recycled / Green
Dimensions: n/a
Colors: Mix / Multi Color
Year: 2014-16

The people:

Lighting Designer: Julia Kononenko – Kononenko – Wrocław, Poland
Manufacturer: Self-production
Text Description: © Courtesy of Kononenko
Images: © Kononenko


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Sand Bridge Lamp / Kononenko
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