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‘Scraplights’ Cardboard Light Series

The handmade scraplights from graypants are created out of repurposed cardboard boxes gathered from dumpsters and local businesses in the Seattle area. Founded by architects Seth Grizzle, Jonathan Junker, and Jon Gentry, graypants is the process of teaming up with Refugee Women’s Alliance and other similar organizations in Seattle to help provide a craft-based skill to local refugee women. The scrap lights, which take two to three hours to fabricate, have been used in restaurants, galleries, offices, and residences.

Scraplights-Cardboard-Light-Series-By-Graypants-Studio-02-759x569 'Scraplights' Cardboard Light Series / Graypants Studio

© Graypants Studio

Scraplights™ are environmentally and socially responsible every step of the way. The ethical production of our lights is just a important to us as locally sourcing all of our cardboard. Graypants® works with social works programs in Holland to employ workers in our facilities. Individuals with disabilities are able to learn about recycling while developing a skill working with their hands.

Scraplights-Cardboard-Light-Series-By-Graypants-Studio-06-710x1000 'Scraplights' Cardboard Light Series / Graypants Studio

© Graypants Studio

The lights designed by Graypants are definitely Scrap lights – 100% made out of salvaged cardboard.The Seattle-based office Graypants designed a series of pendant so called Scrap lights – lights created out of salvaged and sliced cardboard sheets that are formed to spheres.

The duo behind Graypants studio are often found on the streets of Seattle looking around for the material they need for the structure of their signature fixtures: cardboard boxes.

Scraplights-Cardboard-Light-Series-By-Graypants-Studio-08-scraplight-detail-759x569 'Scraplights' Cardboard Light Series / Graypants Studio

scraplight detail – © Graypants Studio

To form the Scrap lights, rings are cut by laser out of these found cardboard boxes, layered and then glued together to spheres in a way that light can fall through to cast shadows on the wall. These spheres are coated to be fire-resistant before they are hung from the ceiling as semi transparent pendant lamps.

Scraplights-Cardboard-Light-Series-By-Graypants-Studio-10-arcturus-ceiling-759x569 'Scraplights' Cardboard Light Series / Graypants Studio

arcturus ceiling – © Graypants Studio

Even though the Scrap lamps designed by Graypants are around for a while they are still striking examples of how to transform used materials into elegant design: Easily built, affordable and environmentally responsible.

Scraplights-Cardboard-Light-Series-By-Graypants-Studio-12-AUSI-scraplight-759x654 'Scraplights' Cardboard Light Series / Graypants Studio

AUSI scraplight – © Graypants Studio

Scraplights-Cardboard-Light-Series-By-Graypants-Studio-16-DISC-16-scraplights-759x643 'Scraplights' Cardboard Light Series / Graypants Studio

DISC 16 scraplights – © Graypants Studio

Graypants Studio:

We responsibly create products, architecture, and other fun things around the world. Founded in 2008, Graypants operates teams in Seattle and Amsterdam solving problems and collaborating with clients and retail partners worldwide.

We strive to realize ideas that are thoughtful. Whether it be furniture, lighting, architecture or graphics, each of our projects has a story. Most importantly, we have fun doing it! We enjoy collaborating with all walks of life – that is where we find true inspiration.

“Let the beauty we love, be what we do.” – rumi

Scraplights-Cardboard-Light-Series-By-Graypants-Studio-33-moon-series-scraplights-759x558 'Scraplights' Cardboard Light Series / Graypants Studio

moon series scraplights – © Graypants Studio


Scraplights™ are precision cut with a laser, then assembled by hand. Slight variations in color or corrugation pattern are a biproduct of the handmade process and make your Scraplight™ truly unique! Old boxes are tough and your Scraplight™ is too, but please treat it with kindness! If your Scraplight is damaged, feel free to contact us.

Scraplights-Cardboard-Light-Series-By-Graypants-Studio-40-moon-cloud-759x569 'Scraplights' Cardboard Light Series / Graypants Studio

moon cloud – © Graypants Studio


Scraplights™ are made from salvaged cardboard and non-toxic adhesive. They are not meant for damp conditions or outdoor use. Cleaning is simple! We recommend a quick spray with a can of compressed air to remove dust. All shades are treated with a non-toxic fire retardant. To reduce the risk of fire, only use a recommended bulb with your Scraplight™.

Scraplights-Cardboard-Light-Series-By-Graypants-Studio-41-moons-sodo-759x569 'Scraplights' Cardboard Light Series / Graypants Studio

moons sodo – © Graypants Studio


When you first got your Scraplight™, did you have a strange urge to make s’mores? That campfire smell is not your imagination – we like to think of it as an aromatherapy bonus. The laser cutting process slightly burns the edges of the cardboard, which leaves a lingering smoky smell. It will diminish over time.

Scraplights-Cardboard-Light-Series-By-Graypants-Studio-52-stellar-scraplights-759x508 'Scraplights' Cardboard Light Series / Graypants Studio

stellar scraplights – © Graypants Studio

  • it’s common to see a LOT of cardboard outside the front door of our studio. usually, we’re hauling in a load that we just picked up… from a nearby auto dealership or local business that has boxes to spare, for example. today, we were doing the opposite actually and making a run to the recycling center. while we do have waste leftover from crafting our lamp shades, we’re as efficient as possible and proud of the little amount of cardboard that comes back out of our studio.
  • currently, about 70-75% of the cardboard that comes in our door ends up in a scrap light shade… not so bad if you ask me, and we’re constantly finding ways to increase our efficiency! i think of it as an interception. we claim a chunk of cardboard being discarded (often being trashed, not even recycled), use most of it, and forward the leftover bits to the recycling center.
Scraplights-Cardboard-Light-Series-By-Graypants-Studio-53-stellar-scraplights-759x543 'Scraplights' Cardboard Light Series / Graypants Studio

stellar scraplights – © Graypants Studio

Scraplights-Cardboard-Light-Series-By-Graypants-Studio-74-scraplights-graphic-759x509 'Scraplights' Cardboard Light Series / Graypants Studio

scraplights graphic – © Graypants Studio

It’s perhaps not at all a coincidence that a guy with the word “junk” in his last name would end up creating something from discarded cardboard boxes. Jonathan Junker, with partner Seth Grizzle, do just that, under the guise of graypants, their Seattle based design studio. “Scrap” is a collection of hanging lights all made from the aforementioned cardboard, in simple but sophisticated shapes that range in price from $129 to $579 (there is one floor lamp, for $1,899) at shop.graypants.com. For more information about their design

Scraplights-Cardboard-Light-Series-By-Graypants-Studio-73-studio-production-759x569 'Scraplights' Cardboard Light Series / Graypants Studio

studio production – © Graypants Studio


Name: Scraplights
Type: Floor Lamp, Pendant light, Table Lamp
Materials: Cardboard
Materials Combination: Paper, Paper + Metal, Eco / Recycled / Green
Dimensions: Varies
Lamp Type: Incandescent
Colour: Natural Color
Year: 2013

The people:

Lighting Designer: Graypants Studio – seattle studio, 3220 1st ave s #400, seattle, Washington 98134, United States
Manufacturer: Self-production
Text Description: © Courtesy of Graypants Studio
Images: © Graypants Studio

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'Scraplights' Cardboard Light Series / Graypants Studio
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