Section seating By Derek Chen – Council Design-02

Section seating / Derek Chen – Council Design

Raising the bar for modular flexibility, this piece can be used as seating (hard and soft) or storage and display. Hollow units sliced at an angle can be arranged in myriad formations—stacked, joined, or isolated—to reveal new surfaces and cavities.

Available veneered with natural wood or upholstered for indoor use or in powder-coated steel or polished stainless to extend its application to the outdoors. Finishes include natural woods, various upholstery options, and powder coats in brilliant hues.


Name: Section
Type: Bench, Outdoor Furniture
Materials Combination: Wood + Veneer
Specification: Width: 74″ 1880mm, Height: 14″ 356mm, Width: 14″ 356mm

 The people  

Furniture Designer: Derek Chen – Council Design
Text Description: © Courtesy of Derek Chen
Images: © Council Design

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