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Selfridges Designer Studio

Design studio Campaign has created the retail space, which also includes installations from designers such as Anna Lomax, Gary Card and Patternity. Campaign has created the interiors for Selfridges’ new Designer Studio, featuring installations by artist collaborators Gary Card, Patternity and Anna Lomax. The 1580m2 retail space, situated on the third floor of the department store, is designed to showcase established and emerging fashion designers, including Acne and Kenzo.

Selfridges-Designer-Studio-By-CAMPAIGN-design-03-Roman-Thomas-759x506 Selfridges Designer Studio / CAMPAIGN design

© Roman Thomas

The first phase of the new Designer Studio has been unveiled at Selfridges Oxford Street, London. Completing the 100,000 square foot Studio project, the Designer Studio joins the Body Studio, the Denim Studio and the Contemporary Studio on 3 to provide a new home to over 60 international labels, 22 new labels and five shop-in-shop concepts.

Selfridges-Designer-Studio-By-CAMPAIGN-design-05-Roman-Thomas-759x506 Selfridges Designer Studio / CAMPAIGN design

© Roman Thomas

Selfridges-Designer-Studio-By-CAMPAIGN-design-06-Roman-Thomas-759x506 Selfridges Designer Studio / CAMPAIGN design

© Roman Thomas

Unique boutique destinations from J.W.Anderson, Vetements, Christopher Kane, Marni and Joseph are joined by international brands such as Maison Margiela, Undercover, Toga, Jacquemus and Craig Green and new names Dilara Findikoglu, Richard Malone, Le Kilt, Walk of Shame and Puma x Fenty.

Selfridges-Designer-Studio-By-CAMPAIGN-design-08-Roman-Thomas-759x506 Selfridges Designer Studio / CAMPAIGN design

© Roman Thomas

Selfridges-Designer-Studio-By-CAMPAIGN-design-11-Roman-Thomas-759x506 Selfridges Designer Studio / CAMPAIGN design

© Roman Thomas

Framed by a series of architectural ‘follies’ – installations-cum-retail fixtures – designed by long-time Selfridges creative collaborators including Anna Lomax, Gary Card and Patternity, the Designer Studio will connect fashion, contemporary art, music and culture with a range of concept spaces. The T Shirt Shop hosts a collection of cult styles selected in partnership with i.t. including new labels Copson, Life’s a Beach and Tennesse Thomas’ The Deep End Club. &Co-Lab promotes collaboration, experimentation and interaction with young British labels, new talent and ideas from all over the world. The Book Shop showcases a specialist mix of photography, fashion and arts books as well as magazines, annuals and collectible editions.

Selfridges-Designer-Studio-By-CAMPAIGN-design-14-Roman-Thomas-759x506 Selfridges Designer Studio / CAMPAIGN design

© Roman Thomas

CAMPAIGN design:

Harry Gordon Selfridge once said ‘Develop imagination, throw away routine’ which is what Campaign accomplished when creating the ‘Theatre of Forces’ for the new Designer Studio, situated on the 3rd Floor of the Classic East Building. Housing a unique mix of established and new-to market designers, driving the global fashion agenda for progressive, contemporary womenswear.

Selfridges-Designer-Studio-By-CAMPAIGN-design-21-Selfridges-759x349 Selfridges Designer Studio / CAMPAIGN design

© Selfridges

The Selfridges Designer Studio follows the same sensibility as a gallery space. The architectural envelope creates a holistic studio feel allowing brands to present their unique characters within the environment. The space consists of Selfridges own edit and 5 anchor brand spaces, spanning over 17,000sqft. The architectural mood is a juxtaposition of raw and exposed, contrasted with classic and refined.

Selfridges-Designer-Studio-By-CAMPAIGN-design-22-Selfridges-759x506 Selfridges Designer Studio / CAMPAIGN design

© Selfridges

Honest, Curated and Considered define the principles of the architectural envelope. Follies punctuate the space, lending itself to a curated gallery.

Traditional coffered ceilings with a new modern perimeter of articulated beams, are brought together using concrete effect tiling; a key element in providing continuity across floor. Round columns have been reinstated within the Selfridges edit, and the brand mats expose existing concrete columns. By opening up six of the closed windows, we have allowed natural light to flood the room, highlighting all features.

Selfridges-Designer-Studio-By-CAMPAIGN-design-23-Selfridges-759x506 Selfridges Designer Studio / CAMPAIGN design

© Selfridges

Selfridges-Designer-Studio-By-CAMPAIGN-design-24-Selfridges-759x506 Selfridges Designer Studio / CAMPAIGN design

© Selfridges

As for the the fitting rooms, CAMPAIGN have introduced a playful and bold concept within the interior. Curated furniture, painted OSB walls and satin brass ironmongery hint at luxury. The Stylist Fitting room is a sanctuary of mid-century furniture, with subtle pink hues, and takes advantage of its corner location looking out over Oxford and Duke street. Forces come in to play with bespoke printed drapes, spanning across the fitting rooms, providing perfect backdrops for those ‘Selfie’ moments.

Selfridges-Designer-Studio-By-CAMPAIGN-design-26-Selfridges-759x349 Selfridges Designer Studio / CAMPAIGN design

© Selfridges

Selfridges-Designer-Studio-By-CAMPAIGN-design-27-Selfridges-759x506 Selfridges Designer Studio / CAMPAIGN design

© Selfridges

Throughout the space we have collaborated with a selection of progressive artists to commission Follies; whimsical and unexpected structures. Inspiration behind these Follies is a ‘Theatre of Forces’. A curated collection of architectural follies each with a singular, clear expression has been designed to adhere to three design principles; Artistic, Customisable and Functional. Challenging the boundary of art and retail, each express the individual creativity of the following artists Gary Card, Artisan, Patternity and Anna Lomax, as well as acting as a tool for selling.

Selfridges-Designer-Studio-By-CAMPAIGN-design-31-Selfridges-759x506 Selfridges Designer Studio / CAMPAIGN design

© Selfridges

Project Data:

Project name: Selfridges Designer Studio
Location: 400 Oxford St, London W1A 1AB, United Kingdom
Coordinates: 51.514637, -0.152829
Type: Store / Shop / Showroom / Retail
Project Year: 2015
Project Area: 100,000 sq.ft / 9,000 sqm
Status: Built
Completion Year: 2016

The people:

Client / Owner / Developer: Selfridges, London
Interior Designer: CAMPAIGN design – Unit 16C 25-27, Perseverance Works, 25-27 Hackney Rd, London, E2 8DD United Kingdom
Text Description: © Courtesy of CAMPAIGN design, Selfridges
Images: © Roman Thomas, Selfridges

Location Map:

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Selfridges Designer Studio / CAMPAIGN design
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