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[highlight1]  SF (Spin & Fold) Lamp Series  [/highlight1]

The Spin and Fold pendant lamp—fondly known as “SF”—brings uncommon asymmetry to a traditional metal craft. Hand-spun aluminum is punched with a keyhole, folded, and secured into an extraordinary form that morphs as you move around it. Boasting a black exterior and rich gold-toned interior, this sleek illuminator has a mind of its own.

Industrial designers Irina Kozlovskaya and Aaron Tsui founded Vim & Vigor Design in 2009 after graduating from RISD. For a young studio their work is pretty advanced, especially where materials are concerned. They made the Barnes & Noble NOOK Tablet and all its accompanying gadgetry, like the silicone reading light, stylus, stand and collection of covers. But for all their high-tech design work, they’ve grown nostalgic for the “countless hours” they spent in RISD’s metal shop, so they decided to create a product that pays “homage to the vanishing art of hand-spinning metal.”

Metal spinning is a bit like using a pottery wheel. Each cup or bowl starts from a spinning piece of metal that’s shaped with a lathe. The technique is age-old, but Kozlovskaya and Tsui had a chance to visit a metal shop during college and witness the process firsthand. In their latest product, the SF (Spin and Fold) Lamp, they incorporated the craft of metal spinning into a flat piece of metal that’s spun into one of three patterns – obtuse, acute or intermediate – but to keep the lamp mass produceable the handmade aspect ends there. Once the flat metal piece is painted in either silver/white or black/bronze, it’s folded along a perforated line and then shaped according to size of the piece of metal it was made from, ranging from very skinny to wide.

Each SF Lamp is the unique product of its fabricator. But in addition to using traditional hand spinning, the designers introduced a “twist” in the fabrication process. First, a flat piece of metal is spun according to one of three basic patterns (obtuse, acute, or intermediate) specified by the designers. Then, the flattened pattern is punctured along one edge using a metal cutting tool. The piece is painted in one of two colorways (black/bronze or white/silver), and finally, the fabricators fold along the perforated line, making it possible to bend the flat lampshade into its final shape. The finished product is ambiguously handmade, hybridizing fabrication techniques from at least two different centuries. “The beauty of the SF Lamps is that they appear to change forms right before the eye as you walk around them,” writes the design team.

Vim & Vigor Design

SF Lamps come in three shapes: acute, obtuse (seen above), and an intermediate width, each of which can be customized to one of two color combinations: a black exterior with a bronze interior, and a silver exterior with a white interior. They can be grouped together, used individually, mixed and matched, and add a unique focal element to any room.

The unique fabrication process combined with a fresh, stylish look and feel makes the SF Lamp Series truly fantastic.

[highlight1]  Data  [/highlight1]

Name: SF (Spin & Fold) Lamp Series
Type: Pendant light
Materials: flat metal piece, aluminum
Materials Combination: Metal + Color, Eco / Recycled / Green
Dimensions: Varies
Colour: Black, Silver / Chrome
Year: 2012

[highlight1]  The people  [/highlight1]

Lighting Designer: Irina Kozlovskaya and Aaron Tsui – Vim & Vigor Design, 145 West 28th Street, Suite 801, New York, NY 10001, United States
Manufacturer: Self-production
Text Description: © Vim & Vigor Design, fastcodesign
Images: © Vim & Vigor Design

[highlight1]  Video  [/highlight1]

pixy SF (Spin & Fold) Lamp Series / Vim & Vigor Design

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