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Sharma Springs

A six-level, four-bedroom home overlooking the Ayung river valley, it’s got an area of 750sqm and is built almost entirely of bamboo. The stunning bamboo homes built by Elora Hardy and her team in Bali twist, curve and surprise at every turn. They defy convention because the bamboo itself is so enigmatic. No two poles of bamboo are alike, so every home, bridge and bathroom is exquisitely unique.

Sharma-Springs-By-IBUKU-02-759x501 Sharma Springs / IBUKU


The Indonesian island of Bali is often thought of as the quintessential tropical paradise. For Elora Hardy, it is also a place whose vernacular craft traditions and natural resources have inspired a model for a remarkably eco-friendly form of architecture.

“The strength of this abundant local grass allows for towering, curvilinear structures with a notable sense of luminosity and comfort. Ibuku builds on a design process and an engineering system that were first established at the nearby Green School. Five years ago, Elora and her team chose one humble material, and with it they are building a whole new world.” – TED

Sharma-Springs-By-IBUKU-06-Catriona-Mitchell-799x1200 Sharma Springs / IBUKU

© Catriona Mitchell

Design Features:

  • The mostly open-air homes read like high-end tree houses, with dramatically sloping, usually petal-shaped roofs, elaborate joinery, and light-on-the-land foundations. (The latest and largest is six levels and 8,000 square feet.) Modern amenities are far from sacrificed: Many of the bedrooms can be air-conditioned since they are enclosed with tall glass windows and walls made from bamboo planks or tightly woven natural-fiber or paper panels.
Sharma-Springs-By-IBUKU-10-Rio-Helmi-800x1200 Sharma Springs / IBUKU

© Rio Helmi

  • The design takes on the form of a lotus plant, with the entrance bridge leading you (as if walking inside a tree branch) into the house’s living area level and centered staircase. The staircase could be seen as the supporting branch of the structure and creates graceful passage to each level in a circular pattern with a lookout tower at the top and a pond at the bottom of the staircase that has a wine sellar underneath it.
Sharma-Springs-By-IBUKU-12-759x486 Sharma Springs / IBUKU


  • Each level opens up like an extended leaf with as much beauty and detail as a blooming lotus flower. The living area loft has a lower section – housing the kitchen, with custom made fittings and top of the range refrigerator and coffee machine, including the round dining table seating area, and the upper level—that has a lovely lounging area and privately to the side its own bamboo basket guest lavatory.
Sharma-Springs-By-IBUKU-15-759x530 Sharma Springs / IBUKU


  • The home has four ensuite bedrooms, each inspired by a different theme bringing forward elements in design to enhance each individual theme. Overall the bathrooms are made with both custom copper and bamboo fixtures. The semi round shaped showers seem to invite and embrace intuitively, a design concept Elora says sprung from the bathroom that her mother designed for her childhood home.
Sharma-Springs-By-IBUKU-20-759x506 Sharma Springs / IBUKU


  • All the bedrooms and TV room are fully air-conditioned, while the rest of the home is naturally cool and open aired. The open playroom area is especially designed for children, and can make any adult feel that they were somehow deprived for not playing. The past and future developments comes together on a very personal level through the design innovations by R.A Putri Wiwoho and Indriana Sukma Hayuningtyas— the Ibuku interior design team.
Sharma-Springs-By-IBUKU-24-Catriona-Mitchell-799x1200 Sharma Springs / IBUKU

© Catriona Mitchell

Five years ago she founded Ibuku—a Bali-based design/build firm that uses locally sourced bamboo to construct extraordinary, almost entirely handmade villas and bespoke furniture. “Bamboo is the definition of sustainable—it doesn’t even have to be replanted,” Hardy says of the quickly maturing timber. Working with a team of Indonesian architects and craftsmen, she has now completed eight unique residences for Green Village, a resort community along the Ayung River.

Sharma-Springs-By-IBUKU-27-Catriona-Mitchell-800x1200 Sharma Springs / IBUKU

© Catriona Mitchell

Elora’s accomplished father, John Hardy, who has resided in Bali since 1975 provided the opportunity for Elora to be raised on the island of the gods as a Canadian that could fluently speak Balinese with her closest childhood playmates, was originally inspired by Linda’s work. John also saw bamboo as the future of sustainable building and made a vow never to construct another wood or concrete building ever again. His first serious bamboo building was conceived with architect Cheong Yew Kuan in a rice field full of tall Umbul-Umbul flags. Inspired by the natural curve of the bamboo, they tied the tips of the poles together into a towering arch and constructed the showroom of the John Hardy Jewelry artisan compound. Her father was the driving force behind many projects, even constructing a traditional Sumatran clan house out of bamboo!

Sharma-Springs-By-IBUKU-29-Rio-Helmi-759x505 Sharma Springs / IBUKU

© Rio Helmi


Sharma Springs was designed for the Sharma family as a jungle fantasy escape. It is a 6-level, 4-bedroom 750sqm home overlooking the Ayung river valley, built almost entirely of bamboo. The entry to the house is via a dramatic tunnel-bridge that brings you directly to the open air living, dining, and kitchen spaces on the 4th level.

Sharma-Springs-By-IBUKU-38-Rio-Helmi-759x505 Sharma Springs / IBUKU

© Rio Helmi

The staircases circle around the central tower to the levels below: kids play room, as well as four bedrooms and a library that each enclose for air-conditioning with full length spinning glass windows. The 6th-floor lookout has sunset views over the Ayung river valley and Green Village.

Master metal smiths custom-built the shower stalls, stone carvers from Java carved boulders into counter slabs. Our team also custom designed each item of the furniture for this house. The gardens are also by Ibuku, based on permaculture design principles.

Sharma-Springs-By-IBUKU-35-Rio-Helmi-759x505 Sharma Springs / IBUKU

© Rio Helmi

About IBUKU:

Bamboo can change the way we build, because of its strength, flexibility, and rapid growth cycle. We have developed distinct treatment and construction methods that have greatly enhanced bamboo’s lifespan as a building material. Our story is a captivating one that began in a community of design innovators in Bali. In 2006, renowned jewelry designer John Hardy gathered a team to build the Green School from bamboo in order to inspire future green leaders worldwide. In 2010, John’s daughter Elora returned to Bali to continue the bamboo design revolution under the Ibuku brand. Today, our team of experts, led by Creative Director, Elora Hardy, has designed over forty structures.

Sharma-Springs-By-IBUKU-56-Rio-Helmi-759x506 Sharma Springs / IBUKU

© Rio Helmi

Project Data:

Project name: Sharma Springs
Location: Jl. Tanah Ayu, Sibang Gede, Abiansemal, Badung, Bali, Indonesia
Coordinates: -8.574041, 115.215794

  • Type By Characteristic: Green & Sustainable House, Tower House, Tropical House, Tree House
  • Type By Site: Countryside / Suburb House, Forest House
  • Type By Size: Large House – (more than 650 sqm)
  • Type By Materials: Wooden House

Gross Floor Area: 750 sqm
Site Area: 2,602 sqm
Construction Start: Jan 1st, 2012
Status: Completed
Completion Date: June 30th, 2013

The people:

Client / Owner / Developer: Sumant Sharma

  • IBUKU – Jl. Tanah Ayu, Sibang Gede, Abiansemal, Badung, Bali, Indonesia

Principal Designer: Elora Hardy
Main Contractor: PT Bamboo Pure
Interior Contractor: PT Bamboo Pure
Interior Design Consultant: Yajaira Smyth
Landscape Consultant: Orin Hardy
Civil & Structural Consultant: Ashar Saputra,Phd. – Ketut Sudarsana,Phd
Mechanical & Electrical Consultant: Mr.Fix It
Lighting Consultant: Wilson & Associates
Bamboo Engineer: Ashar Saputra, PhD
Foundation Engineer: Ketut Sudarsana, ST, Ph.D, AU
Mep Engineer: CV Solusi Strategis
Text Description: © Courtesy of IBUKU, architecturaldigest, TED
Images: © IBUKU, Rio Helmi, Errol Vaes, Catriona Mitchell

Location Map:

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Sharma Springs / IBUKU
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