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Sinnerlig collection

SINNERLIG is an upcoming collection designed by Ilse Crawford. The beauty is in the details. Bring a soft touch to your home with SINNERLIG collection made of natural materials such as cork, ceramics and glass. Designed to engage your senses, this harmonious collection explores the beauty and pleasure of natural materials, organic forms and soft tones. Bring balance and well being to your home.

Sinnerlig-collection-By-Ilse-Crawford-for-Ikea-03-759x892 Sinnerlig collection / Ilse Crawford for Ikea

© Ikea

“We have designed a furniture, lighting and tabletop collection of around 30 items for IKEA, exploring natural materials and simple, useful forms that fit into everyday life. They are helpful, background pieces, not showstoppers. We worked with cork, ceramic, glass, seagrass and bamboo; tactile materials that appeal to us because they feel as good as they look. We worked with all aspects of the IKEA system and the many experts within it. We developed the range together with the material, production, sustainability, design and logistics experts, making sure at every step that no part of the process was compromised. Ultimately our goal with the collection is in line with IKEA’s own mission: to make affordable design reach as many people as possible.” – Ilse Crawford

Sinnerlig-collection-By-Ilse-Crawford-for-Ikea-04-759x758 Sinnerlig collection / Ilse Crawford for Ikea

© Ikea

The SINNERLIG collection consists of more than 30 pieces for the home and can be loosely categorized into three groups: working, dining and lounging. Although the collection works neatly in these settings, the furniture have an open use design; it’s up to you how you wish to live with them and how they fit into your life. With attention to the smallest details, these pieces are designed to engage our senses and connect us to our homes. They don’t just look good, they feel good to touch and use. They are objects that support and enhance the many ways we live today.

Sinnerlig-collection-By-Ilse-Crawford-for-Ikea-10-759x569 Sinnerlig collection / Ilse Crawford for Ikea

© Ikea

Sinnerlig-collection-By-Ilse-Crawford-for-Ikea-17-759x759 Sinnerlig collection / Ilse Crawford for Ikea

© Ikea

“We have observed that the more digital our lives become, the more we crave the physical. It’s about balance. Today, we are always close to a digital device, constantly connected no matter where we are. We can see changes in workplaces for instance, moving away from hard surfaces towards more tactile materials that engage the senses such as wood and more natural materials.” – Ilse Crawford

Sinnerlig-collection-By-Ilse-Crawford-for-Ikea-20-759x569 Sinnerlig collection / Ilse Crawford for Ikea

© Ikea

Sinnerlig-collection-By-Ilse-Crawford-for-Ikea-26-759x880 Sinnerlig collection / Ilse Crawford for Ikea

© Ikea


When everyday life at home is comfortable and runs smoothly, life itself will be more enjoyable and balanced too. This IKEA philosophy taps into Ilse Crawford’s mission as a designer who puts human needs and desires at the centre of all that she does. Products that bring tactility, touch and warmth to a home have therefore been the guiding star for all pieces in the SINNERLIG collection.

Sinnerlig-collection-By-Ilse-Crawford-for-Ikea-29-749x1000 Sinnerlig collection / Ilse Crawford for Ikea

© Ikea

“It’s so important to get human qualities like warmth, well-being and care into the end product. While this might sound fluffy, in practice it’s a rigorous process. It’s about constantly going back to the principles of how a product will be used and analyzing its dimensions. It’s about addressing how we move intuitively, how we come together socially, understanding the things that connect us on a human level. It’s about thinking about how each of the products will be used so that you can make a real, physical, human connection as well as the visual and logical criteria. When you put the two together, that is really exciting.” – Ilse Crawford

Sinnerlig-collection-By-Ilse-Crawford-for-Ikea-33-759x759 Sinnerlig collection / Ilse Crawford for Ikea

© Ikea

The SINNERLIG collection was born from a collaboration. The many departments at IKEA, Ilse Crawford, the material suppliers and third party manufacturers have each shared their expertise from beginning to end. Working together has been both challenging and inspiring. While we share the view that the home is the most important place in the world, our approaches in the design process have differed, meaning we’ve learned a lot from each other.

Sinnerlig-collection-By-Ilse-Crawford-for-Ikea-35-759x380 Sinnerlig collection / Ilse Crawford for Ikea

© Ikea

Sinnerlig-collection-By-Ilse-Crawford-for-Ikea-37-759x380 Sinnerlig collection / Ilse Crawford for Ikea

© Ikea

One of the most striking features of the collection is the use of cork. It comes from the bark of the cork oak, a noble tree with extraordinary properties that grows in Mediterranean regions. Since only the bark is used, no cork trees are ever cut down. All of the harvested bark is being taken care of in production – nothing goes to waste. Jan Ahlsén, specialist in natural materials at IKEA, talks passionately about his love of cork:

Sinnerlig-collection-By-Ilse-Crawford-for-Ikea-42-749x1000 Sinnerlig collection / Ilse Crawford for Ikea

© Ikea

“It is a beautiful, warm material that feels natural and precious at the same time. It is durable, a thermal insulator and an acoustic softener. It is waterproof and easy to clean. We believe it is perfect for home furnishings.”

Sinnerlig-collection-By-Ilse-Crawford-for-Ikea-44-759x787 Sinnerlig collection / Ilse Crawford for Ikea

© Ikea

The dark brown expression is the result of a natural steam treatment, a colour that stands comfortably with the lighter cork furniture.

Sinnerlig-collection-By-Ilse-Crawford-for-Ikea-47-759x496 Sinnerlig collection / Ilse Crawford for Ikea

© Ikea

IKEA is a curious company that always seeks different ways to bring in new ideas, knowledge and perspectives that contribute to our ongoing development. Which means that we constantly take on new challenges, meeting new kinds of needs and aspirations. All in order to be interesting and meaningful – aiming to fulfill the IKEA vision: To create a better everyday life for the many people.

Sinnerlig-collection-By-Ilse-Crawford-for-Ikea-52-759x991 Sinnerlig collection / Ilse Crawford for Ikea

© Ikea


Name: Sinnerlig collection
Type: Furniture Collection
Materials: cork, ceramics and glass
Materials Combination: Mix / Multi Materials, Eco / Recycled / Green
Dimensions: Varies
Colors: Mix / Multi Color
Year: 2015


  • 2016 – Wallpaper Magazine Design Awards – Best of the rest design Awards – Category: Best Basics – Winner

The people:

Furniture Designer: Ilse Crawford – 162-164 Abbey Street, Studio 1, Neckinger Mills, London SE1 2AN United Kingdom
Manufacturer: IKEA – Tulpanvagen 8 Box 702. S-343-81. Almhult Sweden
Text Description: © Courtesy of IKEA, Ilse Crawford
Images: © IKEA

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Sinnerlig collection / Ilse Crawford for Ikea
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