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Snoozebox The Portable Hotel

Snoozebox is the portable hotel that delivers on-site event & festival accommodation; putting guests close to the action. In order to attract a range of customers the team developed a flexible room that could offer an exceptional guest experience for a variety of accommodation uses.

Snoozebox-The-Portable-Hotel-By-Tangerine-02-snoozebox-lorry-759x506 Snoozebox The Portable Hotel / Tangerine

© Snoozebox

Custom lorry trailers deliver six expandable rooms measuring 3.6m x 2m x 2m. Rooms can be adapted internally to suit a range of customers, providing a day room as well as seven different en-suite sleeping configurations ranging from a double, a double with singles, to a twin or four bunks. Tessellation of space & form around custom folding mechanisms maximizes space for guests and allows rooms to compact by 50% for transport. 100 rooms can be deployed in 24hr ready for guests. Custom furniture & textiles mixed with specified flooring & walls create a premium feel within a small space.

Snoozebox-The-Portable-Hotel-By-Tangerine-03-snoozebox-759x443 Snoozebox The Portable Hotel / Tangerine

© Snoozebox

Bespoke six room trailers, which transform externally and internally, deliver a day room and 7 different en suite sleeping options. Tessellation of space and form around custom folding mechanisms maximises guest space and lets rooms compact by 50% for transport. Custom furniture & textiles mixed with specified flooring and walls create a premium feel. A 100-room hotel can be setup in 24hrs.

Snoozebox-The-Portable-Hotel-By-Tangerine-05-snoozebox-4bunks-759x443 Snoozebox The Portable Hotel / Tangerine

© Snoozebox

The project was chosen for a Bronze award among more than 1,700 entries from around the world—as IDEA marks its 35th year and IDSA celebrates its 50th anniversary. The winners can be viewed here.

Matt Round, tangerine’s Creative Director who led the project says, “We have worked closely with Snoozebox to create a sophisticated and extraordinarily flexible room, which now positions Snoozebox with the opportunity to lead in their market with this new product.”

Snoozebox-The-Portable-Hotel-By-Tangerine-09-snoozebox-750x1000 Snoozebox The Portable Hotel / Tangerine

© Snoozebox

Snoozebox launched its first portable hotel at the British Grand Prix in 2011 and has since pioneered the market, providing accommodation at events, music festivals & sporting occasions in the UK as well as internationally. The first generation of rooms was built in shipping containers, with four rooms transported on the back of a lorry trailer. In 2014 Snoozebox briefed a 2nd generation with the aim of repositioning the hotel as premium accommodation & to increase the capacity of each room without increasing the footprint or cramping guests. Rooms had to be flexible to attract different consumers & offer day rooms, twins, double, triple & quads, in the same space and be transportable by lorry.

Snoozebox-The-Portable-Hotel-By-Tangerine-12-Chris-Everard-759x570 Snoozebox The Portable Hotel / Tangerine

© Chris Everard


“Snoozebox is about bringing an innovative new concept to the hotel and events market. We accommodate our guests right at the heart of the action, making their event experience bigger deeper and longer. It has taken leadership in design and innovative thinking to create a truly portable hotel” – says Lorcán Ó Murchú, CEO of Snoozebox.

The brief for Snoozebox would have given many designers sleepless nights. But the Design Council recommended tangerine knowing its team positively thrives in tight corners and small spaces.

Snoozebox-The-Portable-Hotel-By-Tangerine-14-Chris-Everard-759x570 Snoozebox The Portable Hotel / Tangerine

© Chris Everard

The product was a portable hotel room offering outstanding accommodation right at the very heart of the action; a sophisticated, private space for people attending an outdoor music festival or sporting occasion, for example.
The tangerine team was told each Snoozebox would measure just 3.6m x 2m x 2m. The room had to offer adaptable configurations, ranging from a king size and singles to a twin or four bunks – all ensuite and with the beds folding away to provide a day room. And to make the design challenge really interesting, the whole thing must fold in half for easy transportation!

Matt Round, tangerine Creative Director, dug deep into his huge experience of delivering outstanding experiences in very tight spaces. He was part of the team that produced the world’s first fully flat airline business class seat for British Airways, an award-winning design that had seen tangerine become a go-to company for airlines looking to squeeze extra value from the confines of an aircraft cabin.

Snoozebox-The-Portable-Hotel-By-Tangerine-19-snoozebox-759x503 Snoozebox The Portable Hotel / Tangerine

© Snoozebox

Round took the brief from Snoozebox’s Ian O’Doherty as he was about to take off on a flight to Tokyo. “As the wheels left the ground, my pen hit the sketch pad,” Round recalls. By the time he landed in Japan, he’d come up with an ambitious proposal that went far beyond the original demand for a series of adjustable beds. His idea was to redefine the whole room experience – everything from the design of the fixtures and fittings to the colour palette and the atmosphere.

From initial sketches, the tangerine team began the process of creating Snoozebox. Ollie Price and Lucas Tretout worked on the engineering alongside senior designer Dan Flashman. Monica Sogn was the ‘colour, material and finish’ expert.

Snoozebox-The-Portable-Hotel-By-Tangerine-21-Chris-Everard-759x502 Snoozebox The Portable Hotel / Tangerine

© Chris Everard

“Relationships are key to getting design right,” says Round, “relationships between space and mass, light and shadow, form and structure, texture and tactility, people and place, customer desires and business objectives. These relationships become even more important when designing small spaces.”

Snoozebox-The-Portable-Hotel-By-Tangerine-22-snoozebox-759x503 Snoozebox The Portable Hotel / Tangerine

© Snoozebox

The design process moved from drawings to two-dimensional computer-aided design (CAD), to the latest three-dimensional CAD and full-size cardboard models.

Then, in a process Round describes as ‘loving into shape’, the tangerine team, Snoozebox and coach-builders ASGB began constructing the actual hotel rooms. It proved a tough task. “The effect of one small change can have huge ramifications which can lead to a whole series of significant changes which affect the entire space,” Round explains.

The biggest challenge was the fold down beds. The design concept had them hidden within super-sleek metal frames integrated into the walls. Initially, the idea was deemed impossible by the coachbuilders. But by exploiting the specialist laser-cutting and folding processes of manufacturers PressFab, tangerine’s ideas became reality.

Snoozebox-The-Portable-Hotel-By-Tangerine-27-snoozebox-759x503 Snoozebox The Portable Hotel / Tangerine

© Snoozebox

Now, when guests first enter the room, they are greeted with a finely upholstered sofa on one side and an elegant writing desk on the other. The beds, cleverly concealed in the structure, can be accessed with pull-down handles disguised as shadow lines. So when the time comes for sleep, the space transforms into a bedroom for up to four people in a variety of configurations. Shelves and hanging space are also incorporated in the design.

The bathroom is no less innovative. The space has been designed as a luxury wet room with a flared wall giving a sense of spaciousness and freedom of movement, but also ingeniously providing a dry hanging area for towels and clothes. High-tech tiling comes with a built in flexibility to withstand the vibrations of transportation.

Snoozebox-The-Portable-Hotel-By-Tangerine-room-plan-render-759x506 Snoozebox The Portable Hotel / Tangerine

room plan render – © Tangerine

The flexibility of the Snoozebox accommodation is reflected in three different finishes to suit different clients: Industrial Chic, Neutral Couture and Fresh Perspective. Colour, material and finish expert Monica Sogn has sourced flooring and fabrics from some of Europe’s top fabric houses including Kvadrat and De Ploeg with textiles specially commissioned from Botany Weaving in Ireland.

Sogn even looked to South Africa to find just the right botanical prints for the cushions. The 1952 classic Norwegian ‘Birdy’, re-launched by Northern Lighting in 2013, provides the feature lighting with LEDs recessed into the walls. “The whole experience,” she says, “now offers grand-scale sophistication in the tightest of spaces.”

Snoozebox-The-Portable-Hotel-By-Tangerine-diagram-Tangerine-759x452 Snoozebox The Portable Hotel / Tangerine

diagram – © Tangerine

For tangerine Snoozebox represents the latest success in the agency’s mission to deliver ‘ground breaking innovation and design that makes consumers happy and businesses profitable.’ “We have worked closely with Snoozebox to create a sophisticated and extraordinarily flexible room,” says Matt Round, “which now positions Snoozebox with the opportunity to lead in their market with this new product.”

Snoozebox-The-Portable-Hotel-By-Tangerine-render-04-box-759x506 Snoozebox The Portable Hotel / Tangerine

render 04 – © Tangerine

Project Data:

Project name: Snoozebox
Location: delivers on-site
Type: Hotel Interior, Automotive
Hotel Size: 6 Rooms, 7.2 sqm/room (3.6m x 2m x 2m)
Project Year: 2015
Status: Completed
Completion Year: 2015


  • 2015 – Australian Good Design Award – Category: Architectural Design – Overall Winner
  • 2015 – Radical Innovation Awards – Finalist
  • 2015 – Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA Award) – Bronze award
  • 2015 – International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA)

The people:

Client / Owner / Developer: Snoozebox Holdings PLC
Interior Designer: Tangerine – Unit 9 Blue Lion Place, 237 Long Lane, London, SE1 4PU, United Kingdom
Project Team: Matt Round, Monica Sogn, Lucas Tretout, Ollie Price, Daniel Flashman
Text Description: © Courtesy of Tangerine, Snoozebox, Good Design Award,
Images: © Tangerine, Chris Everard, Snoozebox


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Snoozebox The Portable Hotel / Tangerine
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