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Tables T

Table T is a mixture of three materials: Corian Illumination Series, DuPont as the main material, metallic painted, powdered or galvanized holding structure and massive wood as its’ standing parts. The point was to combine Corian with other materials, and try to make it stable without its’ usual under-construction.

Tables-T-By-dsignedby-03-T-Large-759x507 Tables T / dsignedby

T Large – © dsignedby

The most difficult part was how to incorporate the metallic holding structure with the Illumination Series solid material without seeing it when switching the light on. The construction became the visible part of design, with its’ function to hold Corian table top and reinforce the table stability. Led light is passing through the white semi-transparent surface leaving the linear graphics behind. Led light power supply-rechargeable battery or electrical cable.

Tables-T-By-dsignedby-06-T-Big-759x507 Tables T / dsignedby

T Big – © dsignedby

Inspiration came from working with Corian, DuPont solid material throughout the interior design projects. It is sustainable and gives many possibilities, it just needs some engineering experience and experimenting. The point was to combine Corian with other materials, and try to make it stable without its’ usual underconstruction. It reflects delicate designs by combining smooth lines and materials. Built in led strip will be the bridge light source between a romantic candle light and futuristic feeling of Corian illumination Series DuPont as the main material, metallic painted holding structure and solid wood as its’ standing parts.

Tables-T-By-dsignedby-07-T-Medium-759x506 Tables T / dsignedby

T Medium – © dsignedby

Tables-T-By-dsignedby-09-T-Medium-759x506 Tables T / dsignedby

T Medium – © dsignedby

It is an outdoor or indoor design table. It is made out of sustainable, durable, antibacterial,water-proof, heat-proof material Corian, Dupont. It exists with incorporated led light or without depending on the clients needs. Could be used with a rechargeable battery for outdoor use, or with an electrical power supply.

Tables-T-By-dsignedby-12-759x569 Tables T / dsignedby

© dsignedby


A collection of tables made out of Corian®, Dupont™ combined with wood and metal for indoor or outdoor use with led light strips incorporated. Rechargeable battery or electrical cable can be used as energy source for led. It is available in solid and illumination series Corian® in 3 sizes, small/medium/large size.

Tables-T-By-dsignedby-16-759x759 Tables T / dsignedby

© dsignedby

Corian®, Dupont™, as a high-end solid sustainable material used in home as well as in retail, hospitality or medical environments comes in the boards of 6-19mm of 93/76cm x 365cm.

It is cut, prepared and glued with the Corian® liquid glue in precise color manually for later-on CNC cutting and forming the 3D structure of the table. To get the sleek final result, tables are polished manually with 5 different granulations of the abrazive.

Tables-T-By-dsignedby-19-759x591 Tables T / dsignedby

© dsignedby

The metallic construction is made also manually, coated in any RAL or Pantone colour or galvanized into brass, copper or stainless steel. Solid wood of the Table T® collection is manufactured from the high quality solid wood.

Tables-T-By-dsignedby-21-759x506 Tables T / dsignedby

© dsignedby

As the size of the table varies, the construction changes. Table T size L has four verticals due to its’ width of 92cm and length of 160cm. Table T size M has one vertical due to its’ width of 75cm and length of 75cm. Our non-standard size BIG/ 240x92x72cm/ has six verticals to support the Corian table top. The metallic construction is dismantled easily and the wooden part could be unscrewed from the upper part for easier displacement and packing of the table.

Tables-T-By-dsignedby-24-799x1200 Tables T / dsignedby

© dsignedby

The dimensions are picked to suit the width of standard Corian boards, so the material is used without many left overs. The paint used for the metallic construction suits the sustainable idea of the table- all the materials used are sustainable.

Tables-T-By-dsignedby-28-759x507 Tables T / dsignedby

© dsignedby

The project started in 2012 in Belgrade, Serbia and finished just before Salone del Mobile in April 2013 where it was exhibited for the first time. Later it was exhibited during Paris Design Week, IMM Cologne, Tortona Milano and Belgrade Design Week.

Tables-T-By-dsignedby-31-759x504 Tables T / dsignedby

© dsignedby


Name: T
Type: Table
Materials: Corian Illumination Series, DuPont, solid wood, metalic construction galvanized or RAL powder coated
Materials Combination: Wood + Metal, Polyethylene / Plastic / Fiberglass + Metal, Polyethylene / Plastic / Fiberglass + Wood

  • Table T® size L dimensions : 160 x 92 x 72 cm
  • Table T® size M dimensions : 75 x 75 x 72 cm
  • Table T® BIG dimensions : 240 x 92 x 72 cm

Colors: Mix / Multi Color
Year: 2016


  • 2016 – The German Design Council Award – German Design Award – Category: Excellent Product Design > Furniture – Nominee
  • 2015 – A’ Design Award and Competition – Category: Furniture > Decorative Items and Homeware Design – Golden
  • 2015 – The German Design Council Award – Iconic Awards – Interior Innovation Award

The people:

Furniture Designer: dsignedby – Internacionalnih Brigada 20, 11118 Belgrade, Serbia
Manufacturer: Self-production
Text Description: © Courtesy of dsignedby
Images: © dsignedby


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Tables T / dsignedby
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