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© Biomega

OKO electric bike / KiBiSi for Biomega

OKO is Biomega´s first electric bike in many ways revolutionized this segment with a fantastic design, integrated engine and a new frame technology. Through original IPR this super strong carbon bike comes fitted with integrated front and rear mudguards, a natural extension of the original diamond frame design. Combining the very best materials, Biomega also stays true to their heritage in that the bike is chainless, and is fitted with an ingenious carbon belt drive...
© João Soares

Vilamoura Public Bikes / AND-RÉ

AND-RÉ enthusiastically accepted the challenge of developing the design of the Public Bikes for the Portuguese city of Vilamoura. The office was responsible for the overall design of the VILAMOURA PUBLIC BIKES, a system of shared bicycles in Vilamoura. The current city philosophy, with several collaborations of AND-RÉ on various previous projects, consistently aims to the humanization of urban space, thereby returning the city to people...
© Cykno

Cykno – Vintage Electric Bicycle / Bruno Greppi + Luca Scopel

Cykno - Vintage Electric Bicycle is the result of an idea – a dream – of Bruno Greppi, a great engineer and innovator in the motorbike field, in collaboration with the Luca Scopel a designer who is specialized in the development of concept and luxury products. Cykno is the tangible outcome resulting from the collaboration between Gianpietro Vigorelli and Riccardo Lorenzini, gurus of Italian advertising over the past 30 years and through the active participation of some managers of finance...
© 4 Strike Bike

4 Strike Bike / TSG Essempio

Dutch studio TSG Essempio has realized the ‘4 Strike Bike‘, an unconventional bike with which you can pedal with hands and feet at the same time. The 4StrikeBike is an innovative bike that both the arms and the legs is driven. The user will train both the chest, back, arms and legs...
(2012) CHAMONIX PURE 7-SPEED - © Gazelle Bicycles Australia

Gazelle Bike Collection / Gazelle Bicycles Australia

Market leader Royal Dutch Gazelle is the largest, oldest and most well known bicycle brand in the Netherlands. Gazelle has been making the highest quality bicycles for the most critical cyclists for 118 years, this has led not only to a long list of national and international awards, but also to an extensive collection of innovative bikes. Gazelle Bicycles are available in Australia. The new XT electric bike will also be featured & Winner 2012 Australian International Design Award...
© Christian Vivanco

Rem Lamp / Christian Vivanco

A stunning lamp called “REM” that means brake in dutch. The perfect light for the bike enthusiast, just squeeze the handle for off/on operation.. Designed by the creative studio Christian Vivanco...
© Jeongche Yoon

Z Fixie Concept / Jeongche Yoon

Proposing a new configuration setting whose shape is inspired by the letter "Z", a small spotlight on the lovely "Z-Fixie Bike Concept", an interesting study of style around a concept bike type "Fixie". Envisioned by the designer Jeongche Yoon...

“Chicara Art” at the MB&F M.A.D. Gallery / CHICARA NAGATA

Japanese artist Chicara Nagata is showing “art pieces, most commonly known as motorcycles” at MB&F’s M.A.D. Gallery in Geneva until February, 2013. For the past 20 years, Chicara Nagata has been dedicating his entire energy “to the creation of art pieces, most commonly known as motorcycles.”says M.A.D. Gallery. Chicara draws...
© BMW Group

The BMW 2012 Olympic Park Pavilion / Serie Architects

When Award-Winning Design Meets BMW for the London 2012 Olympic Park Pavilion, you get a stunning mirage of vehicles on display inside of a spectacular structure.To kick off the 2012 Olympics, BMW unveils their London 2012 Olympic Park Pavilion with several new MINI and BMW cars for visitors to view including the new BMW i8 and i3 Concepts...

Opel RAD e-Bike / KISKA for OPEL

The "RAD e" is designed by Kiska which is the first e-bike designed around automotive production methods. The RAD e is aimed primarily at urban people at a time when e-bikes are predicted to play an increasing role in future integrated urban transport concepts...
© Audi

Audi e-bike Wörthersee

Audi’s e-bike Wörthersee prototype presents a new standard in electric bikes. The German automakers will unveil their highly advanced, versatile design at the 2012 Wörthersee tour in Austria–a carbon fiber-reinforced sporting bike technology that marks new limits in categories of design, construction, networking and electric mobility...