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group - © Efasma + Eliot Postma

First Furniture Range / Bureau de change for Efasma

Efasma uses natural materials and processes, traditional techniques and quality craftsmanship as a platform for responsible innovation. Efasma’s first furniture range, designed by London based architects Bureau de Change, uses clean and elegant solid wood frames, which amplify the depth and texture of handwoven surfaces...
group 05 - © From the Source

Sustainable and eco-friendly Furniture collection / From the Source

From the Source, as someone who is interested in woodworking and just the beauty in naturally finished products, it’s a really cool place to check out. They make furniture using different types of wood. It’s all handmade and it highlights the natural beauty through simplicity. Sanding and clear coats of sealant that showcase the grain while bringing out the natural colors...
Hotel 01 - © San Giorgio Hotel

San Giorgio Hotel Mykonos / Annabell Kutucu & Michael Schickinger

The San Giorgio Mykonos is designed for those who seek simple pleasures like waking up to views of the sea, sharing good food prepared with love and care, and feeling the euphoric energy of a crowd dancing under a starry sky. This project is not established by a classical interior design company but find his spirit in the collaboration of Annabell Kutucu, Interior Stylist and Michael Schickinger, Creative Director Lambs & Lions (former Creative Director, Design Hotels AG)...
The Surroundings - © Dedon Island Resort

Dedon Island Resort / Jean-Marie Massaud & Daniel Pouzet

Created in collaboration with celebrated designers Jean-Marie Massaud and Daniel Pouzet, the villas, pavilions, pagodas and lounges of DEDON ISLAND are the perfect expression of our ideal of barefoot luxury. Utilizing only local materials and local craftsmanship, integrating seamlessly with the surroundings, dissolving the boundaries between indoors and out, embracing traditional architectural style while thoughtfully incorporating the finest modern amenities...
© StokkeAustad, Andreas Engesvik

‘The Woods’ Glass Object / StokkeAustad and Andreas Engesvik

From Oslo designers StokkeAustad and Andreas Engesvik, The Woods comprises clusters of glass bubbles with differing proportions and coloured tints, supported on solid glass stems. Each set comprises seven trees in two clusters. One represents spring with a mixture of greens and the other represents autumn with a combination of pinks, oranges and greys...
© Bokja Design

Colorful Bohemian Furniture / Bokja Design

Bokja Design, a company owned by Beirut based designers Hoda Baroudia and Maria Hibri, A gorgeous mixture of Middle Eastern and Asian influenced fabrics take the cake on these vintage furniture pieces; with no real apprehension for busy patterns or crazy mismatching happening at all. Not only are the colors and patterns insane, but don’t forget to pair the pieces with an eclectic mirror and colorful draperies to get the most out of these unique furniture items...
© Hong Kong Tourism

Golden Moon / LEAD

LEAD created Golden Moon for Hong Kong Mid-Autumn Festival - The event, which attracted over 400,000 visitors last year, features a Giant Lantern, “Golden Moon”, with colourful LED lights and sound effects. The lantern’s design and construction is the result of a design competition organised by Hong Kong Tourism Board in conjunction with Hong Kong Ambassadors of Design, Hong Kong Designers Association and the Hong Kong Institute of Architects...
Altdeutsche Hand Painted Furniture - © moooi

Altdeutsche Hand Painted Furniture / Studio Job for moooi

Moooi presents ‘altdeutsche möbel’, a new collection of furniture consisting of a blanket chest, grandfather clock and cupboard. Designed by dutch-belgian duo studio job, the aesthetic aspect of the pieces are derived from the decorative manner antique frankish furniture, translating old german hand-painted objects into playful designs...
© Massimo Pessina

Collection #1 / Colonel

The first collection of Colonel is inspired by outdoor furniture (beach, camping) aesthetics. It is a contemporary re-reading of this universe mixing colors, rhythms and patterns. It is mainly composed of wood, textile materials and surprising colors. The collection evokes summer, relax. It consists of two lights and two armchairs...
© Visiondivision

Chop Stick / Visiondivision

Chop Stick, created by the Swedish architecture duo visiondivision, provides visitors to 100 Acres a place to sit, swing, and enjoy refreshments in an outdoor pavilion crafted almost entirely from a single tree. The 100-foot-tall tulip tree—the state tree of Indiana—was found in a forest near Anderson, Indiana, and transported to 100 Acres with a large portion of its limbs intact...
© David Irwin

‘M. Lamp’ / David Irwin for Juniper

Northern Ireland-born and young designer David Irwin has collaborated with a recently-established Brooklyn-based furniture label Juniper on this series of reduced, transportable table lamps. Simply called ‘M. Lamp’, the design was inspired by the lamps used by the 19th-century miners in England and is made of aluminium and powder-coated steel...
© Johan Holmquist

Wooden Toys / Permafrost

Norwegian firm permafrost has shared images for one of 30 small ‘nordic dioramas’ created for the new nordic architecture and identity exhibition at the louisiana museum of modern art in copenhagen. These toys depict elements of modern industry and technology. The wooden toy project came about when exhibit organizers invited Permafrost to create a small “Nordic diorama” to be featured among 30 others pertaining to the show’s theme...