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hand craft

© Hong Kong Tourism

Golden Moon / LEAD

LEAD created Golden Moon for Hong Kong Mid-Autumn Festival - The event, which attracted over 400,000 visitors last year, features a Giant Lantern, “Golden Moon”, with colourful LED lights and sound effects. The lantern’s design and construction is the result of a design competition organised by Hong Kong Tourism Board in conjunction with Hong Kong Ambassadors of Design, Hong Kong Designers Association and the Hong Kong Institute of Architects...
© Paco Camus

‘Private Collection’ Luxury Furniture Collection / Paco Camus

PRIVATE COLLECTION was created by Valencia-based designer Paco Camus, a significant representation of products which perfectly describe brand positioning and philosophy in the High End market. Timelessness, Investment, Quality, Art and Singularity...
Eco Pendent Light Design - © Ross Gardam

Eco Pendent Light Design / Ross Gardam

Created by Australian designer Ross Gardam, Ross Gardam’s Pendent Light series is a simple and sophisticated design that is as subtle as it is eye-catching. It is minimalist light fixture, the Pendant Lamps will nevertheless add a modern touch to living spaces everywhere...
bow coffee table 04 - © Tom Raffield

Spectacular Wooden Furniture / Tom Raffield

Tom Raffield is a conjurer of wood. His furniture pieces are works of art that bring timber to life. Structures metamorphosise before your eyes into beautiful refractions of their natural state; spirals and curves make the strongest form fluid, seeming to grow towards the light, or bend with the wind...
coffee table & side table 11 - © Sebastian Herkner, ClassiCon

Bell Table / Sebastian Herkner For ClassiCon

The Bell Table by German product designer Sebastian Herkner is a furniture piece that fuses aesthetics with function. Decorative and delicately designed, this table is a compact and colorful option for any design-savvy home...
© Chilote House Shoe

Chilote House Shoe / Stiven Kerestegian and Francisca Apparcel

The Chilote House Shoe’s highly innovative low-tech manufacturing methodology and aesthetics speak directly to the conscious consumers’ sensibilities that expect highly responsible and ethical production models to manifested noble, useful and beautiful products...