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The Box

Eric Kellerman is a Briton who has lived near Nijmegen in the Netherlands for just over half his life. In 2008, he retired from academic life to spend even more time on photography.

The-Box-By-Eric-Kellerman-02-759x758 The Box / Eric Kellerman

© Eric Kellerman

The-Box-By-Eric-Kellerman-03-759x765 The Box / Eric Kellerman

© Eric Kellerman

He works almost entirely in the studio and uses digital equipment from camera to print, although image manipulation is limited to darkroom-like processes. Specialising in the nude, he has a regular team of female collaborators, most of whom have a serious interest in movement (dance, drama therapy, athletics, martial arts). Sometimes, when there is no model available, he photographs vegetables and fruit out of desperation. He is doing more fashiony things these days too.

The-Box-By-Eric-Kellerman-06-759x758 The Box / Eric Kellerman

© Eric Kellerman

The-Box-By-Eric-Kellerman-08-759x762 The Box / Eric Kellerman

© Eric Kellerman

Kellerman used to consider his work to be distant, abstract, melancholic, ‘unerotic’, despite its subject matter. Now he’s not so sure. He emphasises line, geometrical form, texture, implicit movement, and above all, chiaroscuro. He likes to create ambiguity in his photos, so that the viewer is sometimes unsure what part of the body is being looked at. In this way, he attempts to free the female body of its conventional associations.

The-Box-By-Eric-Kellerman-09-759x762 The Box / Eric Kellerman

© Eric Kellerman

The-Box-By-Eric-Kellerman-13-759x758 The Box / Eric Kellerman

© Eric Kellerman

The-Box-By-Eric-Kellerman-16-759x706 The Box / Eric Kellerman

© Eric Kellerman

He has been influenced by surrealism (Dali, Magritte, Delvaux’ nudes and railway stations) and the Canadian ‘magic realist’ painter Alex Colville, whose occluded bodies in essentially intimate scenes can create a surprising sense of alienation. This partial view, the ‘privileged peep’, fits in with Kellerman’s particular aesthetic very well.”

The-Box-By-Eric-Kellerman-20-759x793 The Box / Eric Kellerman

© Eric Kellerman


Name: The Box
Type: Photography
Year: 2012

The people:

Artist: Eric Kellerman – Wyler 5, 6572 BC Berg en Dal, The Netherlands
Text Description: © Courtesy of Isabel Sousa Silva
Images: © Eric Kellerman

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The Box / Eric Kellerman
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